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Round one - Disaster - Round two - Perfection.

Something sort of exciting yet disappointing: I got my nipples pierced. Yay right? Well here goes the story .. A few friends and I drove down to Venice because I decided I was just going to do it, and one of my friends was going to have her navel pierced as well (which I was paying for because it was her birthday). I used to be against nipple piercings, I felt that it was blemish. I've always been told I have nice breasts and that they didn't need enhancing. What threw me over the edge to do it was that well .. it is something in my body that I can control, and no one could stop me from doing it. Also it was something that some stupid guy I was hung over had never seen on me, sort of feeling like he didn't know me, it is hard to explain, but knowing that he hadn't seen me that way kind of cleansed me in a way.

On to the story .. we finally got all the way to Venice, which was about two hours away, to find that Tony wasn't there. Tony has done four of my piercings, he was my perfect piercer, I trusted him with everything. He has done my tongue, my nape, my septum and my tongue web. He no longer worked there though. His 'girlfriend' worked there now. She wouldn't tell me where he moved to, she said that it was his information and not mine. Basically she was just trying to get the business for herself. She then offered the price of seventy dollars for the both of us - that is ridiculously cheap. I had a bad feeling about it from the beginning. For some reason I just was not comfortable with some random cheap chick piercing my nipples. Don't get me wrong having a random guy isn't any more comfortable. I personally just feel like a guy appreciates breasts and nipples more than a chick would. Anyways, one of my friends started bitching "Did we drive all the way down here for nothing .. blah blah." I ended up paying for them because my friend said she would only do if I do it, which for her to go through with it is huge considering we've been trying to get her to loosen up for a very long time. She ended up going first. Hers was crooked. It was the first thing I noticed. In my head I was like "CRAAAPPPP I really don't want to do this," but I had already paid for it, and there are no refunds ... it was aggravating.

Of course I didn't let the chick know I was frustrated, because then she really would have fucked them up. So I just went through the process with a smile. She didn't ask me if I wanted hoops or bars, she just assumed bars because they were "easier" to put in. Which I ended up being okay with. So first she dotted them - very quickly, and didn't even ask me to look if I was okay with her dotting. She then laid me down (a huge no no I came to find out later), clamped me very lightly, and pierced them. The left one, I thought, hurt like hell, then she did the right, which almost killed me :[ For me this was odd considering I have ten other piercings. And on top of that they both bled for like three days, which none of my piercings have ever done. The left ended up being crooked too! And later I noticed that she didn't just pierce my nipple, she had also gone through some of my areola, I was so pissed off!! Because I went through with this very personal thing that I was sort of against but did out of spite, and ended up being screwed in the end. Two days go by and I took out the crooked one, it was driving me crazy, people told me it was no big deal and that they're there to play with not look at, but I couldn't deal with it.

Since the first disaster I craved the perfection of having my nipples pierced straight. I recently went to a different place (about three months later), and the piercer had been piercing there for 13 years. They were not overly expensive, but definitely not cheap - which in a way was comforting. He asked me if I wanted hoops or bars, gave me information that helped me pick hoops (because they are easier to clean and they heal faster). He even gave me color options for the little balls, it was cute how he was trying to make me feel as comfortable as I could be. He then spent a good five minutes dotting them, asking me if I was okay with where the holes would be and what not. I then sat on his little piercing chair and within seconds he had the right nipple finished, no pain. The left nipple was sort of painful, but I've been told that is normal for the second to hurt more than the first. And no blood! They are perfect. I have never felt so relieved in my life. It has been about three weeks now, and they are doing great! I am having no problems, and can even play with them now. It ended up being one of the greatest learning experiences (considering I want to learn how to pierce), as well as piercing experience :]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Some+sketchy+chick.
Studio: All-Star+Tattoos%2FPiercings
Location: Venice+Beach.

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