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"Oh God, we have to do another one!?"

I decided that it would be best to wait a considerable amount of time before doing a write-up about my nipple piercings. I feel as if this type of body mod means so much more emotionally than physically, and I needed time to see how my life would be affected by two little 14-gauge barbells. After eight months of having them, I feel confident enough to give a good story-and maybe explain to people why they mean so much to me.

I've never liked my breasts.  My mother had double-Ds and needed a breast reduction to reduce the pain they caused her, so I knew that I never wanted very large breasts. But I expected them.  Most daughters end up with breasts comparable to their mothers', and my small Bs were a slight disappointment.  Nor were they perky or round enough for me-when you have a certain body part that society links to sexuality, you want it (them) to be perfect.

But my breasts weren't the only things I didn't find perfect about myself.  I have shapely hips and quite the booty for a 5'2" white girl-and I felt unbalanced without the right proportions on top.  Though I loved to look of nipple piercings on other women, I didn't think they would look right on my body.  I always put off doing it by setting up goals like losing 10 lbs or getting down to 130 lbs before even considering them.

Then, something changed.  I started dating a girl (also with small breasts) that mentioned she wanted piercings as well.  Trying to impress her, I dared her to get them done with me that weekend.  She was game, but I started to worry.  I was on my period and was feeling generally sore and achy-I knew this would intensify the pain. After getting advice from friends as well as piercers, I decided that if I didn't just do them this weekend, I would continue to put it off.  So, with a group of friends in tow we went to a shop called Skinquake, where I'd been pierced before.

Sarah was afraid she would chicken out, so she made herself go first. While waiting for her to be done, I glanced down at the business card my piercer gave to me. "Painless piercings by Scotty D"...it didn't fool me. When Sarah was done and came out, she didn't give me any impression that the pain would be unbearable-I started to get braver. I went in the back with another friend who had pierced nipples, and she held my hands through the whole procedure. The cleaning, the placement, and all of the preparation was like any other piercing, so I'll spare the details. I lied down on the table, held my breath, and waited why my right nipple was clamped and pulled...then came the pain. The sensation of a needle going though my nipple was stronger and more intense than anything I've felt in my life. I'm pretty sure a flash of light came over my eyes, like when you can't feel anything else in the world but that sensation. I yelled out in pain-something I've never done before for other piercings or tattoos. And though I don't remember saying it, all of my friends tell me that I said (quite loudly), "Oh god, we have to do another one!?"

I've read that the second piercing hurts more than the first because your adrenaline wears off. With this in mind, I paced around the little room, topless for nearly five minutes before I got the courage to lie back down, so Scotty could finish the set. Now in all honesty, I couldn't tell you if it hurt worse. It just hurt-they both did.

But the pain was worth it. I had figured that it would be fun to have secret piercings that no one would expect of me. But I couldn't keep them secret. I had to tell all of my friends and I had to show all of them. With one procedure, I went from hiding my breasts to showing them off at every opportunity. It's a little embarrassing to admit that I was going around flashing people, but it felt amazing to be proud of my body for once.

Now, eight months later, I still see the effects that the nipple piercings had on my life. I walk taller, have better posture, and feel good about myself. Other people can see it too. When I meet people now, they are quick to state how confident I seem. Some people even ask them what my secret is. I can't say that getting a body modification is what will change a person's life, but for me it was the catalyst that I needed to get off my ass and realize how beautiful I really am.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Scotty+D
Studio: Skinquake
Location: Bloomington%2C+IN

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