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Nipple Addiction - Pierce Away!

I'm the standard grade Nipple freak. Since I was a boy I couldn't get enough of nipple play. It's my main turn on and just playing with them would get me "satisfied". And so naturally when I came "of age" I had to get them pierced. Funny how we'll do anything we can to feel everything we can with our nipples. Well, maybe not you, but for me? - A big yes!

I had to get them pierced because, even though I loved looking at the bodies in the magazines, the pierced nipples always caught my attention more than just the bods. So, naturally I had to experience that.

My first piercing came on a visit to the Pleasure Chest in NYC - this was in the 70s. Imagine. I just strolled in to the place and found out that they pierced nips - and they did it with a staple gun! Yikes. I didn't know any better so I sat in that chair and let the guy staple away. Not much preparation and barely any sterilization. Just clamp and shoot. Sure it hurt, but the adrenaline rush was worth the price of admission. And I got to experience it twice. Heaven! And that was it. That fast. I slipped the shirt back on and trundled back to Connecticut where I was still living with my parents! And that was an even bigger thrill. Imagine, living under their roof and they didn't even realize what I'd done. Cool! People don't even flinch today, but back then it was a big thing.

As for healing, I used bentadine washes every day and night. But I just couldn't seem to get them healed. I kept them in for a couple months and then curiosity got the best of me. I had to take them out to see if my nipples got any bigger. They sure looked it. So I took them out. Bad move. Since they hadn't really healed, I, of course, couldn't get them back in. Damn! I pushed and prodded and even got myself bleeding. So much for that experiment. I had to keep them out which only frustrated me more and had me plotting to do it again. Which I did, repeatedly.

It was the best thing I could do for my psyche. Getting pierced, I mean. When your focus is so much on the nipples there's nothing better than seeing them set off by gleaming silver metal. It's a primal satisfaction, it brings out the animal. I feel more like a human animal when I'm pierced and so I just had to get them done again.

Fast forward to about 12 years later. I'm visiting San Francisco for work and I'm exploring the city, especially the local leather entrepreneurs. Love the gear, the clothing and the accessories. But one thing is noticeably missing. No piercing is mentioned anywhere. So I ask.

And I find there's a guy that everyone knows who does piercing in his home. Fine. It's about time to reclaim my animal-ness and get them babies done again. So I travel to a nice apartment building somewhere near the Castro and knock on the door. A guy named Cole something comes to the door and we chat for a minute or two and he gets to work. A very easy, comfortable arrangement. He very clinically marked out my nipples, set the needle and pushed. That easy. And I was ringed again. Yay!

I did the same aftercare. Bentadine every day. But, funny thing, it happened again. I wanted to take them out after a couple of months (I just can't keep things to themselves.). And they wouldn't go back in again. What's going on? I found out later that I needed a lot more patience. But I just couldn't wait. So - curses - thwarted again. It was a couple more years until I got more work done in other places on my bod that I calmed down and things finally worked.

There were times when I'd do "play piercings" with other people who were into that sort of thing. That's where you just buy some real nipple piercing needles and pierce away on each other. Risky? Sure. And not recommended. Then there was was the time when, in a "scene", I was pierced some 10 times in each nipple by a master piercer. And then had my belly button pierced and ringed. Talk about adrenaline! But it sure does accentuate the rush when you keep getting more needles shoved into you.

Am I addicted to the sport? You could maybe say yes. But there's so many other possibilities. Such as the septum (done!). And a P.A. (easy and done). And a guiche (again, done).

What more would I like to get? I'm thinking of an ampallang. Kind of squirmy about that one, but it's so tempting. And looks so good. And maybe some vertical bars to go with my horizontal nipple bars. Is this too much for a 55 year old? Not for me. So much to look forward to. Now about those tattoos...


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Nipple Piercing

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