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My Poor Nipple and Piercer

I have always been a fan of body modifications and I was always checking BME for ideas. I have always had a line up of peircings that I wanted but my family was never into it so I was always trying to convince them. I got a few in my ears and ended up getting my belly button done a long time ago. Had my nose done a while ago too but that ended up getting ripped out (ow!!)

A friend and I decided that while we were in the city that we would head over to Pic Mans and get a piercing. She decided on getting her nipple done and I was thinking more of a Monroe or a Labret. She went in first while I was deciding on what kind of piercing I wanted. My boyfriend didn't care for the Monroe so I was leaning towards the labret. So while she was in the room I was trying to convince him to let me get the labret. He kept saying "I don't know". I was getting frustrated so we both just kept looking at the tattoos on the wall. ( I ended up getting a tattoo at Pic mans, I cant remember his name but he did an awesome job, would recommend both places for tattoos.)

My friend came back from getting her nipple done and she was so excited about it and she showed me and I thought it was the neatest thing ever. It was sexy and my boyfriend was up for the idea. (he was paying for it so I couldn't piss him off haha). So that was it I was going to get a nipple piercing. I was getting all pumped for this cause she kept saying that it didn't hurt at all just a lil discomfort. And im thinking ya... right! haha

So Josh came out front and got me to fill out the form and then I followed him into his little room with his piercing stuff. He did all the normal things that a good piercer would do.(My moms in the health care business so I know all about gloves and autoclaving and all that clean stuff). He asked what I wanted and which nipple was to get done. I told him my left and I pulled my shirt down so he could mark it and everything. I then laid down on his table and held my boyfriends hand (I'm scared of needles but love peircings haha, get that one eh!) So, I was gripping my poor boyfriends hand for dear life when Josh said just keep deep breathing ( I told Josh my fear and he said he would do it when I was breathing and he wouldn't count down so that it would be easier for me, man that's how I do all my peircings now with him). So all of a sudden I feel this sharp intense pain and I jumped, like I mean really jumped. I ended up bringing my leg up that it almost knocked poor Josh out. Since I did that he ended up making it crooked but being the professional he is he pulled it out n made it perfect. Josh teased me the whole time and made it seem more relaxing and like I wasn't going to have this needle shoved through my nipple. I teased him back so it was awesome.

Josh got my boyfriend to grab a juice and a sucker (my blood sugar drops drastically when im pierced or tattooed). So I'm on my way to passing out after looking at my nipple n smiling. After I felt better I hoped up and went out to talk to my friend. We compared nipple rings and was so happy bout it. Gave me a sheet of aftercare and told me how to take care of it and to come back in 6 weeks to check on the bar bell. I bought some Dragon Mist (best stuff for peircings and other things too!). I couldn't wear a bra for a couple days but I didn't mind. I was so in love with my piercing. I ended up going back to get it checked on and I needed a longer bar bell so he checked it to make sure it was healing good and no infection and then popped out the bar bell n slipped in a new one. (I'm not to sure if he charged me anything for the new one. I don't think so :S haha)

I go to him for all my peircings and I'm surprised he still wants to pierce me but he still teases me. I would recommend Josh to anyone who wants to get pierced. He now has his own shop with some of his friends. 333 Half Evil. Definitely go to him, but you got to have a sense of humour as he's a silly guy.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Josh
Studio: Pic+Man+Tattoo
Location: Saskatoon%2CSK

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