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My first piercing

Strangely I'd always waited to get piercings done until I was actually an adult. I always wanted to be sure that I knew the implications of what I was having done, and that the things I got done were things I'd want to keep.So I was eighteen when I had my first piercing done

I'd always wanted my nipple pierced, and on my first day in halls of residence in uni my flatmates and I were sitting around discussing various bits we'd like things poked through. One of my flatmates, a former wigmaker, pornographic actresss and multiply pierced and inked girl, knew a decent place to get things done in brighton and so eight of us set off on a winters morning to go get some metal. I'd decided on my left nipple with a ring, and in the rest of my party there were two tongue piercings, one nose, one other nipple, and one vertical clit hood.

Anyways, got to studio, paid the money (£25 for a titanium 12g CBR and the piercing) and we all sat around in different degrees of nervousness waiting to go be punctured. Through luck of the draw I was destined to go last, and so I had the pleasure of watching, and providing moral support and handholding to the guys before me....As an aside,let me tell you that there's nothing like holding a girls hand while she gets cold steel shoved through her genitalia to help form a bond with her...

I should mention, at this point, that I have joint hypermobility syndrome, which causes me to experience regular dislocations of my fingers, shoulders and toes...As such I have an incredibly high pain threshold (I relocate fingers and toes myself and haven't had to have sedation or pain meds to get a shoulder done for years)....So I wasn't contemplating this hurting.

The guy who was piercing me was a nice guy, took the piss out of my 'piercing virgin' status and basically put me at my ease...He did warn me it was going to hurt and was horrified when I said 'nah mate, I have a high pain tollerance (Snaps finger at second joint 90 degrees sideways and then pops it back with a crunch, my usual party trick)....In fact the guy did go rather pale and remark that was 'one of the oddest things he'd ever seen'... It was good to have someone who was willing to take the time and have a chat and put me at my ease. He explained what he was going to do, and we decided on my left nipple, for no real reason....

Anyway, he marked up my left nipple with a sterile marker, unpackaged his wide bore cannula onto a sterile field, retrieved his clamps and my jewelery from the autoclave which had just finished it's cycle and dumped those on a field too, and changed his gloves before giving me a good swabbing with a steret and then clamping me up.

The clamp wasn't at all uncomfortable, maybe a little pressure but not pain. He asked me if I was ready, then it was a quick 'needle through, shank out, jewelery through, cannula out' which basically registered with me as 'somethings happening there' but not the pain which most people seem to get! No bleeding, nothing really...

Anyway, thanked the guy, tipped the guy, went out into the cold air when a wave of something which could basically be described as 'toothache in my nipple' hit me....But this soon passed.

Aftercare was simple, just sea salt soaks and gently cleaning the crusties off with a cotton swab soaked in saline...Changed jewelery about 6 weeks afterwards with no problem, piercing was basically healed by that point. Two years down the line the fistula is permanent and due to my job I don't tend to wear jewelery in it most of the time, and it shows no sign of closing.I still love the piercing but Its just not practical to have in all the time when I've got people grabbing at my front in work.... That said, I've given it some pretty vicious tugs and pulls in my time and nothings really happened to it. Over the last couple of years the piercing has migrated forward from where it initially sat and my nipple is visually distorted from what it looked like originally....In an odd way it's now much more female in appearance. I think the migration is probably due to the fact I stretched it out to 10g and wore some pretty elaborate and heavy jewelery in it sometimes.

Anyway, this first, overall positive experience has led me to go on and have multiple other piercings, a few of which I've done myself because, basically with sterile equipment and a knowledge of anatomy (I'm now a nurse) it's not that bloody hard!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Nipple Piercing

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