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My Beautiful Nipple Piercing

Deciding to get my nipple pierced was a big decision that I made about seven months ago. As with some of my other piercings, I waited for around five months after initially wanting it done before I actually went through with it. Although these five months were a little frustrating, I am glad that I waited because it meant that my nipple piercing was something that I wouldn't regret, and something that wasn't done on impulse.

Before describing the actual procedure, I'll give a brief outline of the reasons I wanted to get this particular piercing. Firstly, I am twenty years old and finally feel that I am becoming a woman. I felt that in getting this piercing, I was embracing and celebrating my change from a girl to a woman. Secondly and perhaps more significantly for me, I wanted to re-claim my body as my own after a fairly nasty experience that I went through a couple of years ago, the details of which are not important. I also really wanted a piercing that was just for me and that was not on show for everybody to see.

After deciding that I definitely wanted my nipple pierced, I set about trying to find a studio that I could trust and feel comfortable with. Being compulsively nerdish, I scoured the internet for advice. I looked on BME and read many of the nipple piercing experiences so that I could know roughly what to expect. I went on a dozen or more studio sites and decided to go with 'Spear Studio' in Kings Heath, near Birmingham (England). The lady who owns the studio with her partner performs most of the more intimate female piercings. I made an appointment for the following week and waited with feelings of nervousness, but mainly excitement.

None of my friends have body modifications that go further than an ear lobe piercing and I knew that my planned piercing would not be met with approval from them. That having been said, I was far too scared to go alone and so I took my best friend who I think was secretly quite intrigued, though she would never admit to it! When we finally got to the studio, I was practically shaking with nerves; although I have quite a high pain threshold, I turn into a complete idiot before getting any piercing, and this one was no different.

After I had filled in the consent and information forms, the piercer called me into the room that she had just finished sterilizing. I decided to make my friend wait in the reception area because I felt that her presence in the piercing room might make me even more nervous. I took off my top and bra and she marked my nipple with the pen. I got worried at this point because even the sensation of the pen on the sides of my nipple felt incredibly sensitive, though in hind sight I think that this was possibly just due to nerves. She then asked me to lie down on the bed. She was heavily pregnant and so I talked with her a little bit about how she was feeling about giving birth, which took my mind off things. Also, I asked her if she had her nipple pierced and if it hurt very much. She told me that she had, but had taken it out because she was pregnant. She assured me that it wasn't really that painful. I felt a lot less nervous by this point and she told me to take some deep breaths. She told me that she would say 'now' and then she would pierce my nipple. When the needle went through, it wasn't anything like as painful as I had expected it to be, but it felt like it was going a lot deeper than it actually was. I kept my eyes closed for the entire procedure and once she had put the jewellery in (I had a plain barbell) I sat up and looked at my newly pierced nipple; it was very pretty and exactly as I had hoped it would look. She put on a bandage to keep it from getting knocked and I made my way home. My main form of transport comes in the form of a bicycle and so I was a little worried about going over any bumps, but thankfully this did not present a problem at all.

The piercing wasn't painful after the initial stinging sensation that lasted for about an hour on and off after getting it pierced. The first week of having it pierced, I was quite wary of anything coming close to it because I didn't want to knock it. I cleaned it twice a day with a salt water solution for about a month and a half, during which time it healed generally quite well.

I have now had the piercing for about two and a half months. I did think for a while that the bar might not be long enough because the balls were extremely snug against my nipple but this calmed down after about 7 weeks. I still get a few crusties here and there but nothing major.

Before getting it pierced, I wondered how the piercing would affect the sensitivity in my nipple. If anything, it has made it more sensitive but not drastically. Having it touched in a sexual way feels different from when it was un-pierced and quite nice. I forgot to mention it to the person I was with and he was a little surprised at first but seems to like it a lot!

I'm really glad I got my nipple pierced and I would definitely go back to Spear Studio – they were really professional and made me feel completely comfortable. It has also (at the risk of sounding cheesy and new-agey) really put me in touch with myself as a young woman, and I feel that in some ways it has marked a complete 'start again' point in my life. I would say to any woman considering getting their nipple pierced to go for it, but to do some research first as I think that having faith in your piercer makes it a much more positive experience.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Leah
Studio: Spear+Studio
Location: Kings+Heath%2C+near+Birmingham%2C+UK

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