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My Beautiful Left Nipple Barbell, Money Well Spent

Ever since I was young I have never really thought about getting any type of piercing or tattoo even when my brothers went to get there ears pierced I was not interested in getting mine done at the same time which I now regret not doing. I love my nipples and love touching them and causing pain to them using clips, so when I came across the pictures on BME it pushed me to go and get it pierced because they look so good and of course the nice sensation which will come with it.

I went onto the internet and found the nearest tattoo parlour which would pierce my nipple and found one quite near my college which was good as I was then able to go after college in secret. On that Wednesday during college break I cycled up there to check it out so I knew exactly where it was. On the Friday it was the end of the first term so I was able to finish college early. At that time I wasn't really in the mood for getting my nipple pierced but I had it planned so I thought I would cycle up there and then I would have the ultimatum of choosing what to do.

When I got up there I got some money and rode past the parlour twice before locking up my bike, checking who was in there and what the place was like. I waited outside for around ten minutes keep on looking at the time as I was very nervous of going in. I was in the mood for it and I knew it was now or never. I went up to the door and walked in.

There was a beautiful young girl sat at a computer in the window and as soon as I was in she asked me if she could help. I would usually be very shy at talking to a nice teenage girl especially about getting such a sexual place pierced of your body. I knew this was it. I asked her how much it would cost and from knowledge, this was one of the cheapest places at only £20 for a barbell. I waited for the male piercist to take me into the studio room after a little wait where I was then asked to remove my top. I am usually very sceptical about taking off my top in front of a stranger though the pain was on the top of my list.

When I lay down he was asked which nipple I wanted pierced which I told him my left. It was at this point I knew this was it! He marked my nipple sprayed it with numbness spray and then placed the clamp on my nipple before spraying it again. I then held the clamp until he had sorted the jewellery out and the needle. It was a very clean studio though I knew this was it. He explained how there were going to be two painful parts; when inserting the needle and then when inserting the jewellery. I was ready/ It was time. I was told to grit my teeth and then all of a sudden WHAM, there was this big needle sticking though my nipple. All I could think is o my gosh, I've actually got it done. The worst part was thinking about the pain but in fact, you don't actually feel a thing. I had experienced more pain placing a cloths peg on my nipple than I did having my nipple pierced.

The man then told me to grit my teeth again while he pushed the barbell though my nipple and screwed the ball onto the end of it. I jus couldn't stop thinking how great it looked. It was all worth it. Not a spot of blood, or so I thought. He rubbed in this clear gel over and around my pierced nipple, which of course as it was new the gel was changing a red'y colour with the blood. A round cotton pad was the stuck over my nipple area and I was free to replace my top. I then paid the man and began to cycle home. All I could think about is what I had jus got done and how good it looks as well as how painless it feels. It was the best experience of my life.

To start with I wore thick cloths to hide the piercing, though once it was healed it was my little secret piercing. After over six months though, I was going out with a friend and it was visible through my top, so I did the one silly thing and removed it. A few hours later when I had come home, the holes had healed up with two small scabs. I didn't bother trying to reinsert the piercing.

It had not really ever healed properly as the two balls on the barbell covered up the hole on my nipple not allowing any air to get in. Barbells are just not for me, well at least that one anyway.

I'm 18 now but was 17 when I got my first ever piercing (My nipple).

In October I am going to get my other nipple pierced with a ring instead. Hopefully it will heal properly this time. I recommend getting it done. IT IS THE BEST THING EVER!!

If you know any good piercing studios in Altrincham or Manchester hopefully near Manchester Metropolitan University so I can jus nip in after Uni, message me

Or if you want to hear more or see some photos jus message me.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: This+Guy
Studio: Tiger+Tattoos
Location: Sale%2C+Manchester

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