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How depressing.

I had been wanting a sexy piercing for a long time, but I was too chicken to go straight for the hood, so I opted to get my nipples done instead. Unfortunately, I kept putting off getting them done, since I didn't have the extra money to invest in a piercing. For my 19th birthday, though, one of my friends decided to take me to get them done, so I was all about it!

So we head out to Just Another Hole in Broken Arrow, which is probably my favorite shop in the Tulsa area, albeit a long drive. I made my friend go with me, in case I wouldn't be able to drive afterwards due to the adrenaline.

Conveniently, my birthday was midweek, so there was only one person in front of me waiting to get pierced. I left my buddy in the waiting room and headed back to the back after I signed my waiver.

The piercer was nice enough, although he wanted to pierce me with a 14g ring, rather than the 12g barbells I wanted, and nearly had the needle unwrapped before I asked what size he had in his hand. I stood up shirtless to get marked, checked his placement, and then laid back on the table.

He rolled over on his chair and leaned over me. One, two, ouch. It was definitely the most painful piercing I have had done... He slid the barbell through and screwed on the balls. He checked to make sure that I was okay, and asked if I was ready for number two. I nearly backed out, but a little pain never hurt anyone, right? So one, two, ouch, and then the other nipple is done. Barbell is through, and I wobble upright, to look at my lovely new piercings in the mirror.

I was definitely lightheaded after that, too. Thankfully, I'm not a bleeder, so there's never a problem with that. I was a little annoyed that my barbells were slightly crooked (higher on the outside on both) but I was in no mood to restab them right then. In retrospect, I should have be annoyed that he didn't use clamps (which seem to be standard?) but in my experience Oklahoma piercers like to freehand everything. I decided I was still okay to drive, though, so I took my buddy out to lunch.

I had done a lot of research here on BMEzine and online about nipple piercings prior to going in. My sister had had hers done before, but her left nipple kept migrating out. I hadn't heard much about nipple piercings being prone to migration, although I had read that barbells and a larger gauge are less likely to migrate than rings and a smaller gauge, especially on larger chested women, which is why I wanted 12g barbells in the first place.

Now, my chest is not huge or anything, but they're big enough (D's) to make me a little worried about it. I knew that I would be running the risk of migration simply by not being able to go braless often enough.

I made it a point to carefully clean my barbells with Provon in the shower. I kept hoping that I would beat my sister's track record and be able to keep my nipple rings. In the 14 months that I had them pierced, I grew to love them dearly. I liked to show them off to my friends... But I couldn't ignore the fact that they were, without a doubt, migrating...

In 14 months, they never healed completely. They would always be fresh-piercing crusty and sometimes ooze a little blood. My right nipple continued twisting, moving ever closer to growing out of the bottom on the inside. And my left nipple was slowly pushing towards the top, which, quite frankly, terrified and worried me. It's the last thing I want to have them grow completely out and leave that much scar tissue behind. I love my nipples--I don't want to lose feeling in them!

So I finally admitted to myself that they were migrating... and convinced myself, after much arguing, that I needed to take them out. I removed them, to my dismay, a few days ago. The right one immediately closed up, and the left a few hours later.

Now I am left with only four piercings, and I am very depressed about the whole thing. I want to repierce them, but I hate the thought of them migrating again... I think that perhaps I will try a smaller barbell, and possibly a vertical rather than a horizontal piercing. I'm in another town now, and the piercer here, David at Main Street has been piercing for over 20 years now. I had a long conversation with him the other day when I was buying hood jewelry, so I am definitely going to trust him with my next piercing... which will hopefully be a happier ending than this one :-)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Dunno+his+name...
Studio: Just+Another+Hole
Location: Broken+Arrow%2C+OK

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