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Close encounter of the small-breasted kind.


Speaking online definitely helps one keep from being squeamish, so I'm not afraid to tell you all... I have small nipples! My mother's side of the family is cursed with inverted nipples, as well! I was extremely unhappy with my breast shape and usual condition, but until recently I did not think something like body modification could increase both my self-esteem as well as my sex appeal.

Browsing around online about a week ago, I read about some of the great benefits of having one's nipples pierced—- the nipple is locked into a kind of excitory state, it becomes more sensitive and responsive to erotic touch, and in some cases the breast as well as the nipple have become larger (that part's a bit anecdotle, I think, but I wouldn't mind!). These piercings would be a win-win situation for me, as long as I cleaned them properly and took good care of myself.

I, however, am enrolling in college as a Freshman this year, and the last thing I wanted to do was spend outrageous amounts of money on any "cosmetic" procedure. After reading the testimonies about Black Hills Tattoo and Piercing on this site, I called around to the few piercing shops in town and got price quotes and information on their equipment and sterilization procedures. It came down to BH Tattoo and a new-ish parlor called Gypsy Rose. I didn't know much about the Rose, so I was skeptical upon calling and finding out that they were administering piercings for half the price of their competition. I was given an internet address over the phone so that I could look at their work and decide for myself.

My mind was made up when I saw the name of the piercer—Jeff Thrash. This guy has an incredible reputation around town for his tattoo shop, Thrash's Living Art. Those who have had work done by him know Thrash to be very careful and conscientious of his work, and especially to be CLEAN during his procedures. If I'd trust anyone in town to do work on me, it'd be him.

I called back and told Jeff that I'd be in later that day to have both nipples pierced, and that I just needed to clear a ride so that I could take some pain meds. Not that I'm a wimp about pain, I'd just heard about the absolute agony breasts go through for this and I was NOT ready to be bawling in front of everyone there. My friend picked me up on his way into town, and I got to take some excellent, fast-acting Tylenol with Codeine.

As it turns out, the piercings were half-price to promote the shop's new location in a strip mall. The only downfall I could find in the shop is that there isn't a curtain around the piercing area to give more privacy. At the same time, though, I was the only other customer in there besides two friends getting tattoos from James Ann Barlean. I filled out my paperwork, got a pamphlet about aftercare to look through while Jeff set up, and we talked about the do's and don'ts of cleaning and whatnot. When I was ready, he sat me down and asked me to take off my top and bra and put them behind me. I would normally be prettttttty squeamish about taking my top off for a perfect stranger, but something about Thrash's nature kept me calm and practically natural-feeling about it all. He showed me the tools he would be using and pointed out which had been autoclaved, and which were disposable, etc. I would be pierced with a 14 gauge needle to give room for the stainless steel barbells (which I highly recommend for your first nipple piercing—much easier to clean, much faster healing time). My nipples were swabbed down with iodine and alcohol, and then he had me stand up so he could place the marks. Obsessive-Compulsive disorder runs in our family, so I was pretty concerned about getting these as perfectly horizontal as possible. He understood, and did his best. I got to inspect the marks with a mirror on the wall (facing away from the other customers, of course) and we made adjustments as needed.

Once we were both satisfied with the markings, I sat back down on the chair and prepared myself for The Clamp. Thrash saw my wary eye and clamped it around his gloved finger to show that it really didn't have much pressure, it would feel like more simply because of the sensitive area. That helped me focus on the fact that the clamp wasn't so bad, and in turn it felt much less harsh than the other stories I'd heard here—more like a light pinch than anything else. I took deep breaths through my mouth and out my nose, but the breathing and Codeine still didn't prepare me for...


As I breathed out, I felt this awful pain sweep through my left side via nipple, and I squeezed the sides of the piercing chair to keep from punching him. My GOD, that was harsh! He assured me that I was doing very well (I didn't even bleed much) and that I just had to focus on remaining calm so that I wouldn't feel it as much. I stared above the picture frame behind him to try and keep my mind wandering away from my...RIGHT BREAST! The pain from the right piercing wasn't as bad as from the left piercing, but that might've just been shock setting in. Thrash assured me that I was doing a great job, and that the worst part was over. He kept close watch on my eyes to make sure I wouldn't pass out or anything, and then reached for the jewelry. He showed me the barbell and explained how he'd basically exchange the gauged needle for the jewelry, so it wasn't painful or dangerous. I nodded my consent, and he was able to proceed. I must say, the only sensation I had was of a pinch inside my breast when he pushed in the bar. He wiped down each area and told me to lean back against the chair if I wanted to—- it was pretty much over, aside from screwing on the other ball to close the barbell. Jeff gave me another look, and I realized I was shaking—- my blood sugar had dropped during the piercing, and I was turning pretty pale. He pulled out a bottle of glucose tablets and had me chew a few of them, explaining that this happens pretty often during piercings and tattoos, so putting some pure blood sugar back in my system would be a great help. James Ann Barlow overheard and asked me if I wanted some water, and got me one of those travel-size Arrowhead bottles. Both assured me that I was looking great, and I just needed to give myself some time to recoup. Jeff closed the barbells, swabbed me clean, and then folded a couple of Kleenex into squares. This, he told me, would keep stains off my bra as the piercings might make me produce discharge on top of spotting from the wounds. I carefully put my bra and shirt back on, thanked him, and shakily walked to the front. I had done it! I had nipple piercings! And...WOW, they hurt!

I paid $53 with tax, and he graciously accepted a $5 tip for being so kind and careful about everything during the procedure. My ride showed up soon after, and I got to tell my friend all about it.

The first few hours will feel the worst, so don't ignore the urge to go swim in ice. I found that the swelling went down rather fast and that I was able to function much better after holding a grocery bag full of ice cubes over my breasts for about two hours (you have no idea how amazing that feels 'til you try it). Here it is, day two, and I'm hardly uncomfortable with a bra and tight shirt on! As Thrash said, "you'll be pretty aware they're there for about a month or so, but as long as you take care of them, you'll heal up nicely."

Oh, and by the way, if you're wondering how I got my hands on the Codeine, let's just say that this piercing had NOTHING on the pain that comes from having wisdom teeth removed.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Jeff+Thrash
Studio: Gypsy+Rose+Tattoo+and+Piercing
Location: St.+Patrick+St.-+Rapid+City%2C+SD

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