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An awesome experience!

I thought about getting my nipples pierced for a year now. I knew I liked the look of it and I felt I would enjoy the feel of it.

I have had a navel piercing before and had to take it out due to an infection so, I wanted to make sure I was given all the right information before I got my next piercing.    I first did tons of research on the internet.  I went to different websites mostly those that dealt with breastfeeding to make sure it would not be affecting my life later on.

The way I found the place I eventually got my piercing at was by looking at a shop connected with the place I received my tattoo. My friend had also gone to this shop to get her first tattoo so I knew the place was reputable.

I did not however know the guy and decided I would rather take the time to get to know Dave and ask questions before he put holes through a sensitive area. I decided to go and talk to Dave for a half hour first just to ask my basic questions and figure out if I was making the right choice. I really liked Dave and he was able to show me lots of pictures of his work so I was excited about getting it done. I found out that he recommended a 14 gauge ring, used separate needles for each breast and used surgical steel rings. He said that he recommended rings because they are easier to clean than bars. He told us to go and buy dial soap that was not scented to wash the piercing twice a day and to not touch the piercing unless I was cleaning it.

I went back to the shop a week later to get both nipples pierced at the same time on (9-7-07).  I decided I would rather have them both done rather than get one and wait for the other.  I filled out some information while the guy prepped his room. There was an apprentice there who asked if it was okay if she watched me get my piercing which did not bother me at all.  I felt that if I had more people watching I would have a reason to not scream.  When I went in he showed me two packages that held two needles and the two bags containing my rings.  He then placed on his gloves, cleaned the area for the piercing and marked the spots where the needle would go through.  Dave then told me to look in the mirror to see if I agreed with the placement.  I was a little nervous so I also had my husband look at them because I really was only thinking about the needles at this point.  I then sat back down and he placed a clamp on my left nipple.  He told me to relax and all of a sudden it was over.  The funny part was that my husband had not even realized he had pierced me because it was so quick and I didn't react that much.  If I were to compare this to the navel ring I had done three years ago I would say this one hurt a lot less.  Maybe it's because I knew what to expect or maybe Dave was just that good needless to say I was impressed with his work.  He placed the ring through the nipple and moved to the right side.  He told me to relax again and then it was again over.  I was so excited and relieved to feel little pain.  He placed the beads in to close the ring and started to describe how to clean the nipples.  I was told to use dial soap without any special additives and clean it twice a day in the shower.

The funny part was that my body decided I had in fact gone through bit of pain fairly quickly. I started to feel a little light headed and they told me to sit back down for a minute while he talked to my husband in more detail. After I minute the light headedness faded and I was fine. The prep really wasn't bad and I was amazed when it hurt less then the navel piercing. My toes curled up a little bit and it pinched but Dave was really good and helped me feel calm. Like I have read so many times really good piercers take the time to talk to you and calm you down. It was still a little sore a couple hours after it happened but amazingly not that bad. I'm really happy I did it and most importantly that I took the time to find a reputable place. It is now four days after I had my nipples pierced and they look great. There is no redness or swelling it looks as though I have had them for a while. I really think Dave did a great job and did perfect on the placement.

I recommend that you research on the internet to find a place like this that looks reputable and where the artist can show you a portfolio of his or her work.  You should never go to a place where the needles are not in packages or if they use the same needle for multiple piercings.  The artists should be open to talk to you and answer any questions you may have.  If you feel hesitant in any way maybe now is not the right time for you.  It is much easier to go through with the piercing if you can relax and know that this is something you choose to do.

I also would like to say that if the only thing stopping you is the pain it only last for a couple minutes and then it's all over. I was told however that I was one of the best people the guy had ever pierced and he told the apprentice not to expect that with most of their clients. If you really want it bad enough the only person stopping you is yourself. Enjoy it and have fun!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Dave
Studio: Gary%27s+Skin+Grafix
Location: North+Carolina

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