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No Regrets!!!

I had wanted to get my nipples pierced for years. Not as an act of rebellion or for anyone else's satisfaction. My nipples had always been so-so in the sensitivity arena and have minimally added to my sexual experiences. My thought on the piercing was that it would heighten the sensitivity of my nipples, therefore adding to my sexual satisfaction.

So, three years ago my doctor detected a lump in my right breast, which he wanted to monitor through ultrasound every six months. The time came to remove the "foreign breast mass" and I decided enough was enough. I wanted the piercing and I wanted it now. Three weeks before the surgery, I bit the bullet and scheduled the piercing with my tattoo artist. He said that three weeks was long enough to be able to replace the stainless steel rings with plastic spacers to wear during the surgery. OK. I had decided. I had committed. I had paid. He was ready. I was ready?

My partner was with me all the way and was excited about the prospect of a "nipple pierced girlfriend". We went into the back room where I immediately started to sweat. My nerves had nothing to do with the nudity issue, because I am totally comfortable with my body. It was just beginning to register that I was about to let a relative stranger stick a twelve-gauge needle straight through my nipple. And I paid him to do it.

Dale instructed me to stand in front of him to spot the piercing placement with a marker. I am OK but a little chatty. I was then instructed to lie on the "dentist" like chair and "relax" (an oxymoron if I have ever heard one). Unfortunately, I was not given the option of having my nipples pierced simultaneously. I was ready.

After the instruments were prepared, I braced for the experience. As I stated before, my nipples had never been sensitive and my earlobes are very sensitive so I knew it would hurt in the same way it hurt to have your ears pierced, right? Here we go. My left nipple first, on goes the clamp, ouch, tight, not bad. Then...Oh My God. I cursed every four-letter word known to mankind as the sensation of a hot poker burning off my left nipple sent shock waves from my nose to the tips of my toes. I was absolutely in shock with the intense pain I felt and continued to feel. I was sure I had made the most stupid decision a person could make and was not going to subject my right nipple to the same fate as the left. How could I? This was insane.

Dale, meanwhile, was quickly preparing for the right nipple. He laughed at me a little and said, "I thought you said they weren't very sensitive". In this moment I pondered the prospect of VERY sensitive nipples and what may lay in my future. My head was spinning and I was in true pain. My back was stuck to the chair with my own sweat as Dale moved to my right. The next thing I know, the right nipple is clamped and Dale is making sure I want to continue. I did, I think? I hurt. Here we go again. Breath. Breath. Then again. The shock waves went from the tip of every hair on my head to the tips of my toenails. My face hurt, my arms hurt, I was sure my nipples had been ripped right off my body. My whole body was tingling and I wanted to get up, right now. Dale was all smiles and insisted that I stay in the prone position for a few minutes so I did not pass out upon standing.

When I stood up, I wanted to see. My large breasts (36DD) felt the immediate need for support as they hung in pain. Where was the mirror? Ahhh, that's really cool, I can't believe I did this, it's over, it hurts. I put my bra on. It hurt. I took my bra back off. It hurt. I put my shirt on without the bra. Ouch. The bra finally won over due to the needed support and that we had many errands to run before the prospect of lying flat in my own bed, at home. My partner listened closely to the care instructions and was given all the necessary paperwork. I was to stop by the day before my surgery to have the plastic spacers placed in my nipples. The thought of the upcoming removal and replacement, at that moment, was beyond my imagination. I was in pain. I held my arm under my breasts for added support and we exited the shop. I had accomplished a long awaited aspiration and was not delighted, yet.

The weeks passed and I dutifully washed with Dial soap several times a day and moved the rings as much as I could tolerate. When the day came for the plastic spacers, I was glad to let Dale see how the girls were progressing. I was OK.

After the surgery and after my jewelry was replaced, I began to notice little things in a whole new light (like the wind and chill bumps). It took a while for it to be OK for them to be touched by my partner, but it was worth the wait. I have no regrets and am totally glad that I made the choice to pierce my nipples. They are my own little piece of secret pleasure that I wear daily and nobody knows. How cool is that.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Aug. 2007
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Dale
Studio: Mythical+Markings
Location: Knoxville%2C+TN

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