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Nipple piercings times four!!!

My name is Steph, and I have submitted many experiences to BME but this one may be my favorite. I got my nipples pierced for the first time about ten months ago; I went with a friend of mine who was getting her nose pierced, and I got bit with the bug bad, and my piercer suggested getting my nipples pierced because I was concerned about my parents being upset about another piercing. I considered it and decided I would do it.

Now, since I didn't choose this piercing myself, I hadn't done any research or anything on it so when I showed up I was very nervous, but afterwards it raised my self esteem in a way I can't even explain, all of a sudden I felt ok being me. Yes, I can stand to lose a few pounds but I loved myself so much more because of these piercings. I can't even explain how much better they made me feel about myself.

So when I was trying to convince a friend of mine to get her nipples pierced I was trying to explain to her how well they worked for me, and she kept saying she didn't want to do it but I could tell she was considering it. I had been considering for a while getting my nipples pierced a second time; I originally got both of my nipples pierced horizontally, and I had been considering getting vertical done as well. So she told me to get mine done again, I gave her the ultimatum that I would pierce mine if she would pierce hers, convinced she would say hell no and we would be out the door. I was chatting with my piercer when she said "ok, we're doing it!" I just kind of stared at her lol.

Don't get me wrong, I had been dying to do this but I, once again, hadn't had time to do research which made me nervous and I was worried (as I always am because I'm a wimp) of the pain. Now these two piercings were my 17th and 18th piercings, so you'd think I would be over this whole fear of needles thing but oh not so true. I always freak out first then end up thinking "oh, it wasn't that bad!"

So anyway, my friend went and filled out all of the paperwork as I talked with my piercer explaining to him that I was very nervous, I wanted to make sure I would be getting what I want also. With my piercer, usually I don't even have to say it out loud, he just knows what would be best and explains it to me, this time was no exception. He said he would be wanting to do them deeper in, just in case they started to move at all with the reduction of the swelling or something that they wouldn't push against the original piercings, and I was getting barbells that matched the barbells in my original piercings.

My piercer and I decided that my friend should go first because we wanted to make sure she actually went through with it, so she got her nipples pierced, everything was wonderful of course! Then it was my turn, I took of my shirt so he could mark me and I got on the table thing and braced myself, he asked me if I wanted to hold my friends hand and I said no because I hate holding people's hands when I get pierced, I always feel like I would make a huge deal out of it and squeeze really hard when it wasn't really a big deal, however when he came to me to just check the markings I flinched and he told me I had to hold her hand lol.

So, I squeezed her hand and he came toward me with the first needle, in a flash the first boob was done. I remember squeezing my friends hand, and saying "Jesus Christ!" but immediately afterward I thought "that didn't hurt!" I was amazed but didn't want to say that out loud because I thought it might jinx the second piercing. My friend told me right away that they looked really good and I was going to love them. So he got ready to do the other piercing, and this one felt like it took 8 years! I actually yelled at him "Are you done YET?!?" I can laugh about it now but at the time I felt like I was being pierced forever.

When I got both of them done I had kicked my legs around and during the second one I actually moved some of my piercers paintings around on the wall (OOPS!) but I found out later that the reason the second one took so long was because I kept kicking which would move my boobs so he had to wait until I was still before continuing to pierce me.

Now, when I got my boobs done the first time, after they were pierced, I felt absolutely no pain again, not while inserting the jewelry, not cleaning them, nothing! So when these were a tiny bit sore, I freaked out lol but these new piercings had the exact same effect on me as the first ones.

I felt so much better about myself and I just couldn't stop looking at myself in the mirror which is so different than I normally am, I used to avoid mirrors to all extents so I couldn't look at myself because I was so self-conscience but now, it is so different. I walk around naked and I am proud of my body. My ex-boyfriend used to tell me when we first dated that he hated body piercings (this was back when I just had my belly button and a few in my lobes) so when I began to get piercings I was nervous as to how he would feel about them, but once I got my nipples pierced, I realized that it doesn't matter what he things, I mean don't get me wrong I would completely take all that he says into consideration and I completely respect his opinion, but it is MY BODY and if I want to do something it is up to me.

I couldn't be happier that I got these done, and I even told my ex to see how he would react to it and he told me he loved them even though I know he's probably just saying that to make me happy but thats ok with me! :0) While usually most people start their piercing addiction with ears or facial ones, I began mine with my nipples. Before I got my nipples done the first time, I had three piercings in each lobe, my snug and my belly button. Then I got my nipples pierced and less than a week later I got my VCH done then a deep hood piercing (you can look that up on bmezine encyclopedia) now I have 18 piercings and I'm definitely not done!

I don't know what it is about piercings but they make me feel better about myself and I definitely plan on getting many many more and I hope that this experience helps others to do what they love, no matter what anyone else may think!! Do it for YOU!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Aug. 2007
in Nipple Piercing

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