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Breathe in, Stick it, Breathe Out (All About My Nipples)

Ever since I hit high school I've always been a little disappointed in the size of my breasts(32 A). It seemed that every girl that roamed the halls of Freedom High had at least a B, and I was so self-conscious about them that I felt I needed to add a little special thing or two for my own self-satisfaction. I roamed around on the internet for a while and eventually landed here on BME. Browsing around the site I ventured into the female nipple piercing section and took a gander around. I fell in love. To me, every single girl who had smaller breasts that had their nipples done were so attractive; it added to the beauty of the female body that I decided that I wanted to get mine done.

Two months after I turned 18, $100.00 saved up, I decided that it was my time to get them done. When it comes to having someone stick a needle through me, I want the best, and I want someone who knows what they're doing. I read many nipple piercing experiences and learned what questions to ask the potential piercer. So I get into my car and drive down to a local piercing/tattoo parlor and gossip with the man who did most of the piercings, looked around his studio, checked around for cleanliness and left pretty disappointed. For future reference to anyone who is planning on getting pierced, if you're in a shop and someone who is getting pierced allows you to watch, and you see that the piercer uses the same needle for two separate holes, RUN! I thanked him for all his help and never returned to that place ever again. I call up a couple people to see where they got their piercings done, mainly to find out which places I best to check out. A friend of mine suggested Primal Expressions, so I hopped into my car and drove out there.

When you walk into Primal, it's like a typical head shop. Behind the counter there's a separate room that the piercer uses. I look around, I find it to be very clean. Unfortunately the man wasn't around so I couldn't ask him questions, so I left my number and asked to have him call me, telling them the piercing I intended on getting. He called me the very next day and we chatted for a good 20 minutes. I acted stupid and asked him exactly how he would pierce them, how many needles he would use, etc. He had me convinced, for not once did he make any mistakes (thanks to BME I knew the rights and wrongs of piercings). So I made an appointment with him, thanked him, and hung up.

The day finally rolled around and I don't think I have ever been so nervous and excited at the same time in my entire life. I knew it was going to hurt; worse than my ears, worse than my navel, and worse than my tongue{the first hole}). I scoop up my friend and we arrive at the shop 10 minutes ahead of time, just enough time to wander around the shop and to use the bathroom. To anyone who hasn't had a piercing other than ears before, I suggest you relieve yourself beforehand, it makes things so much easier for you later on when you're in the room about to get a needle shoved through your flesh.

The piercer(I've forgotten his name at the moment...) arrives and we chat for a bit, I get my ID copied, pay, and he takes me back into the room and I drag my friend along after getting permission. He pulls on a pair of gloves, lays down a sheet on the table, places two individually wrapped 14 gauge needles down, gets out a pair of clamps and sterilizes them before setting them down next to the needles.

"Alright, off with the top". I take in a deep breath, I knew this was coming. Here I am in a room with two guys, letting my breasts free for all to see. He senses that I am a little nervous after placing my shirt on the chair and starts to make small talk and gets me laughing. To me a good piercer senses those kind of things, and an even better piercer makes their customer feel comfortable by joking around and just talking to them. He tells me to sit down with my back straight and shoulders back and cleans my nipples with this really cold solution and then marks them. He tells me to check the placement to see if I like it; it was perfect, right behind the nipple and right in front of the ariola. He takes out a small bottle of clear lube and squirts some onto the paper and caps it. He changes his gloves again and places both of the captive rings I chose beforehand on the paper. He then takes out the first needle and places half of it into the lube. The time has come. He plays with my left nipple a little to make it hard and asked me if I was ready. I was. I've been waiting too long for this piercing that there's no way I'm backing out now. He clamps me and picks up the needle and places the tip of it on the first dot. "Ready?" I nod, "Go for it". He tells me to breathe in, and as I'm doing so he slides the needle right through and then tells me to exhale. Woah! It wasn't as painful as I thought. It stung a little, however I wasn't quite ready for the second one. He slid the ring in, puts the bead in place and it's already time for the second one. By this time my adrenaline has kicked in; "Just give me a second to breathe" I tell him and he nods and we make small talk some more. He was impressed that I barely flinched as the needle went it, then proceeded to tell me about a set of nipples he did of a girl who screamed and almost ripped her nipple by moving. Anywho, about 2 minutes later I tell him that I'm ready. He does the same procedure as he did the left one. "Breathe in" I do so, but this time it hurts a lot more than the first one. I didn't make a noise, just teared up and looked off at the distant corner to try and block out the pain. He slides the ring in place of the needle and it's finally all done. The left one didn't bleed, but the right one did a very small amount. He allows me to rest a bit, telling me not to stand up quite yet for I might fall. After a bit he asks me how I feel and I say I'm feeling pretty good and he asks how they look. I stand up in front of the mirror and I instantly I fall in love with my nipples. They looked so amazing that I blocked out the pain. I got my top back on and he went over the cleaning procedure and when I can change the rings to something else. I thanked him, tipped him, and left.

To anyone who is planning on getting a nipple piercing, especially you women who have smaller breasts who are looking to make them look great, I highly recommend getting your nipples pierced. The pain is really worth it. Just don't get one done, go through with the second one and you won't regret it!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Aug. 2007
in Nipple Piercing

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Studio: Primal+Expressions
Location: Bethlehem%2C+Pennsylvania

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