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My Head First Dive into Body Mod

Ever since I was a little kid I have always enjoyed the look of body modifiers, however because of whom my parents are I was never able to get even an earring that is until yesterday. (Well I did get a pair of 10g but that's for another time, and another post)

The idea was put into my head by a rather new friend, Ashley, who I was hanging out with at a sidewalk sale that is big in my town. We went into a new tattoo studio that had just opened and decided to look around in there. (I won't mention that studio because the guy was a jerk and his work was flash at best). We began talking about body modifications and the seed was planted at that point that I should get my nipples pierced. That's right my nipples. 

We continued to walk doing the typical get to know you thing until we found our way into Thorne's. This is one of those umm adult shops to put it politely. They had a glass display case that was showing off an assortment of Body jewelry... but the rings that really caught my eye were a pair of blue pinchers that were kind buried under the numerous barbells and ball captures. That's what really drove home the idea to get my nipples pierced. 

I wanted them right there and then but my pockets were empty and I was expected home for dinner. So I had to put it off till my next day off from work. And that was one week away!!! 

Though I was completely willing to go off and do it I waited and did a bunch of research on the subject of nipple piercing and aftercare and of course I had to know if it hurt (like I really had any question on that). Though I did do research on different sites I have to say that BMEzine.com was the site I was on the most reading about people having their's done and what it felt like... 

Now after an entire week of this I had a huge decision on what studio I wanted to go to have this done. (There are 4 within driving distance of my house not including the studio I mentioned in the opening). This became a very easy matter of elimination simply by calling the studios I was able to eliminate 2 of them because they didn't have piercers and then I simply went online and decided that I didn't want my first and probably most painful peircings to be done at a place that is as commercial as one of them was. That simply left a place that I was hearing conflicting reports from... so I decided I would bite the bullet and go there and hope for the best.  

Here is the part that everyone keeps asking me about. The hour before getting my first permanent piercing I was surprisingly calm considering what they were going to be. I don't know what gave me this eerie calm... maybe it was my friend Kim freaking out for me but I don't really think so... I just felt like I was in control it was a very Zen feeling.  

Now Kim was the one that came with me to Gothic Tattoo (the place that I finally decided on) but Ashley and a friend from work was supposed to come as well but they got tied up and couldn't make it but at that point I was ok with just about anything.  

I filled out the necessary paper work and the guy (I can't remember his name but he was very good) setup and then called me back he tried to clam me down. Not that I really needed it. I pulled out a 14g needle and placed it on the tray and when I looked down at it I could only smile as it was the smallest needle I have seen. Kim however sort of cringed and my peircer (I guess we can call him Tony seeing as how I can't say that, that wasn't his name) pointed to the needle and said, "and no that is not a big needle." He pulled out a 0g needle and said, "This is a big needle" I agreed noting that this was probably an act he does for everyone. He marked my nipples which was probably the hardest part for me seeing as how I couldn't look down because it would mess up the marking. I checked them... double checked them... and triple checked them in the mirror making sure that they were even then sat back down in the chair.  

Tony prepared the clamps and set them on my left nipple first. I closed my eyes, because no matter how Zen I was feeling I don't like the idea of my nipple being run through like a Shakespearian character. The needle went in and my pain meter marked it at about a 4. This pain was gone however as soon as the needle was out and the ring was in. A warm tingling feeling went up that arm and rested all over the left side of my body. It felt so good, that I almost couldn't wait for the second one to go. Even though I knew this one was going to hurt more. He asked if I was alright and I agreed and he clamped my second nipple. I again closed my eyes and prepared to be stabbed again. This time however my mind exploded in pain and all I could think about is how much longer is this feeling going to last is. So I guess my answer is yes it did hurt. And I didn't get the cool tingly feeling like I did this time due to the fact that my endorphins had dwindled.  

It has been just over 24 hours since I've had this great experience and honestly I couldn't be happier. My new rings... are great they haven't bleed at all and the only pain is when I twist too quickly, hit the rings themselves or try to lift something that is heavier than 12 pounds. 

I strongly recommend this piercing to anyone who is considering it. Make sure you do your homework and are positive that you want to do it... Even though I would have rushed it if I had the time and money I am glad I didn't. I am so proud of my new little secrets that all my friends know about. And I can't wait for my next experience... 

And what did this whole exciting trip cost me? A measly 60 dollars including tip... which is very inexpensive for what I had done.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 Aug. 2007
in Nipple Piercing

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