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Long awaited first ever piercing

I have long had a fascination with nipple piercings and PA's, finding them highly attractive and presenting interesting play possibilities (I'm in a committed D/s relationship with my partner of 9 months).

Until nine months ago I was married to a lady who strongly disliked any form of piercing on a man - so never got around to doing anything about it beyond research. My [new] partner however has a rather different view and from our very first conversation made it clear that she would not find nipple piercings unattractive.

I recently came to a turning point and decided I was going to do something about this fascination after seeing a friend's new nipple piercings. the friend in question (larry) had had both nipples pierced both horizontally and vertically using bar-bell type fittings and they looked very good. I decided I was going to get it done as a birthday present to myself.

I did however decide I didn't want it done in the run up to my birthday or on my birthday as I didn't know how sore they would be afterwards - I'd heard conflicting accounts and didn't want to risk it.

In the three weeks since he's had his done I've visited a few piercing parlours in the area and spoken to the piercing technicians there to view the facilities and review pricing.

Many friends were recommending skin'n'ink in mansel street, swansea but I found their tech to be unfriendly and unhelpful with the questions i was asking (re. nipple play in a BDSM context) he was however helpful with advice on what would actually happen and aftercare - I suppose this is the bread and butter advice that they need to give but was somewhat disappointed with the lack of help on my specific interests especially as this is THE premier piercer and tattooist in swansea offering many piercings that the other shops do not. They were also unwilling to offer a discount for getting both nipples pierced at the same time, which all the other shops were willing to do.

I had settled on Tat2u in oxford street as i'd seen their piercing room and knew it to be clean and hygienic, and had also talked to the piercer several times before and found him to be very friendly and helpful - they are also the most reasonably priced in swansea @ £15 per nipple, with a 10% discount for both (or a higher discount if i had more). this was also where Larry had his nipples done. When I got there however I was told the piercer had taken an impromptu holiday - wouldn't be back for two weeks... would be back for two days (during which he was fully booked) and then would be gone another four weeks on another holiday... that was that plan out the window.

My partner suggested we go check out Blue Banana - a nationwide chain that sells alternative clothing and does most forms of piercing. This was where she had her navel piercing done.

We are regulars at Blue Banana and buy most of our clothes and accessories there - they also helped my partner out for a Uni project - allowing her to take over their shop window to do a display for three days for her photography project - as such we're on very good terms with all the staff.

Upon entering the shop and being greeted by a couple of the staff as soon as they found out I was there to get my nipples done they all swarmed me! Most of the members of staff had had some form of piercing done by Emma the resident tech there and several were keen to show me - I was shown a couple of nipple piercings (Gaz, trainee piercer & the manager's partner whose name I forget) - the manager's partner even took me up to the staff room to show me his brand new PA which she'd done a week ago as another example of her work.

Everybody was shocked that I wanted my nipples done as a first piercing and told me it would really hurt and that I would be unlikely to have any other piercings done after the experience - very nervous at this point... but decided to press ahead anyway - helped by the fact that my partner offered to have her clit hood pierced then and there if i went through with it... that was a clincher lol.

the manager showed me several different types of jewelry i could have... I wanted a CBR - she picked out three different sizes and gave them to Emma - who went and sterilised them all while I filled out a consent form.

I had to pay up front for the work - I don't know if this is standard practice, but it was understandable. The manager knocked £25 off the total price of my partner and I's piercings.

I was given an aftercare leaflet and a bottle of tea-tree oil and went outside with my partner and a few of the staff for a cigarette - which turned into two because of the nerves.

going back inside we were taken to a different piercing room than I had previously seen - much smaller - but equally clean and clinical looking. we were asked if it would be ok for Gaz the trainee piercer to watch our piercings - we consented.

Emma spent a few minutes explaining about the procedure, aftercare, telling me that the clamps & jewelry had been freshly sterilised, and showing me fresh needles which she opened from a packet in front of me.

I was asked to stand up so she could mark my nipples, alcohol swabbed first, then marked with a blue pen - the markings were double checked by myself, Gaz & my partner - triple redundancy lol.

I was offered Xylocaine numbing spray but was told it would have a negligible effect - I opted not to use it.

I was told that I could sit on the bench or lay down, but Emma would prefer I lay down as this was a first time piercing. I followed her advice and got as comfy as I could - the bench being pressed against the wall and it being a short room I had my feet braced on the opposite wall... but I was stable and comfortable.

I was asked if i had a preference for which nipple was done first as apparently a lot of their customer who opt for both nipples at once don't go through with both - or at least not in the same session.

I have a major OCD about symmetry and said that I was having both done today even if it killed me... so she opted to go for the nearest nipple first.

from here there was no messing, as soon as i was comfortable she got my nipple in the clamp - needle pushed through - I only felt a slight pinch - not pain as such - omg - this was no where near as bad as i thought it was going to be. the sheath was snipped to length, then the ring was pushed through the sheath - off with the sheath... all done and dusted... took less than a minute...

she didn't even give me a chance to breath and was onto the second nipple - much like the first, but the piercing stage did involve a little pain - she said that the skin seemed much tougher on that one. i think it has something to do with the fact that my partner bit it hard a couple of months back and it was sore for about three weeks - scar tissue maybe?

sat upright, dressings were applied...

and it was onto my partner's piercing.

I would definitely recommend Blue Banana to anyone having this type of piercing. they were so friendly and helpful - they were professional, but fun with it.

It was a bit more expensive than independent piercing studios, but I think the quality of the experience mitigates that somewhat.

I'm now considering having that PA done, and have my first tattoo scheduled for two weeks time :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 Aug. 2007
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Emma
Studio: Blue+Banana
Location: Swansea%2C+United+Kingdom

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