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My nipple pircing done unprofessionally

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I've always wanted an eyebrow pricing, and a tongue piercing, but

when I met my friend Rick who likes to price stuff I decided to get my nipple priced it all started as a joke then came the day when I really got it done...

I also decided to let him price me even though he was an

unprofessional cause he was only charging me for the jewelry which was $20 and I figured I could get a lot more piercing for that price.

Well, I talked to him on the phone often and he said he would pierce

it but he needed to get clamps he already had, had the hollow needle and jewelry. So all I had to do was wait for the day when he got the clamps.

It was odd cause I wanted it, basically cause I wanted a piercing,

but I actually fell in love with the idea of showing it off and saying I had a piercing, and besides it wasn't something I had to convince my dad about cause he wouldn't see it. And also not really anyone I knew had one. I also wanted to have it pierced so it wasn't up and down on left to right cause I wanted to be different, so I had it pierced on an angle but more up and down.

When I told my mom about me getting it done she said OK...but she

didn't actually believe me, and when I got it done and showed her I thought she was gonna pass out, but all she said was "man your crazy!" But she didn't really get mad or anything actually to my surprise she seemed pretty interested in the whole experience, it was odd.

Finally the night came when my friend Rick told me he had got the

clamps, a lot of things went through my head that night. I was pretty exited about it before that, but once I got that phone call I was kinda scared/nervous. And I got basically no sleep the night before.

When I went to Rick's house after school, I was VERY scared!  He kept

asking me "Are you sure? Are you sure?" and of coarse I wasn't gonna flip out and say no so of coarse I replied yeah I think so. I didn't say yes cause I never lie, and besides I didn't want him to think I was chicken cause I liked him, A LOT.

When I got there I was more scared then ever, his room had manson all

over it, and I loved manson so that calmed me down a lot. Then when he took out the needle and the stuff he would need I started to flip out.

Then came the time where he put the needle up to my nipple and began

to push it through he told me it wouldn't hurt but I did, so I told him to stop and made him get ice. When he came back I was full of blood, I dunno why cause he barely did anything but I was. Then since I kept flipping out he made me lay down, and that made me a lil paranoid. Then he tried again and I started to scream, so he gave me a pillow so I wouldn't make too much noise. (how nice of him) Then he told me to take a deep breath, and he shoved the needle right through it must have took less then 3 seconds but it seemed like forever, and I think breaking my arm was less painful! Anyway, after that I wasn't bleeding at all it didn't even really hurt when he but the barbell in. And on my way home it just burned a lot for about an hour or two. I guess I was pretty lucky, I hear it can bleed a lot and all.

The first day it was kinda burning like, the second day it was kinda

painful, but not really, like it was only painful when I hit it. and the third day I was fine.

Oh yeah and just to worn you all its good to read up on something

before you do it, cause there's some really bad infections you can get from nipple piercing.

But anyway that's my nipple piercing experience and man was it

interesting. I would only recommend it if you can take pain well and just so you know its only for a few seconds, but the people who say it feels good are crazy. Cause I sure as heck didn't think it felt good, but that's just me. If you have any questions please e-mail me at SiNiStErGr@aol.com *Christine*


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 June 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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