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oh what a disobedient daughter

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being a minor in a country with all kinds of laws preventing us young'uns from getting pierced, tattoed and going to bars, after piercing my nose and having my parents tell me that that was it for my piercing career while living under their roof, i'd originally decided to wait until i moved out.

i had plans for my next piercing. i was set on a either a lip or labret ring for a while, but then, out of the blue, the idea of a nipple ring started to seem tempting. my plan was to wait the two years and get it done on my eighteenth b-day.

i was over at a friend's house five weeks ago and that plan changed. one of her friends was over, and he was talking about how he pierced. not at a studio or anything, but from his house. he'd been doing it for a while, and he'd done most of the regular piercings, except for a femal nipple. he asked if any of us wanted to get our nipples pierced, since he wanted to add the experience to his piercing history.

that was the wrong question to ask someone who'd been planning on getting her nipple pierced in two years and who was finding herself ever more susceptible to the piercing bug. i cracked under the pressure. so, i set up a piercing date - the following saturday i would add another hole to my body. the week went by in a blur. all i could think about was getting my nipple pierced. all i could talk about was getting my nipple pierced. my friends were getting slightly annoyed. they couldn't wait for me to shut up about the whole thing.

well, saturday finally rolled around and i found myself on the subway feeling slightly nervous. i was prepared though, i brought juice and a chocolate bar for after my piercing was done since i'd had a bit of a crash after my last piercing.

i got to his house,went downstairs and we just sort of sat and chatted for a while. my best friend was there too, cuz she was getting her tongue pierced, so the two of us were sitting around listening to music while scott( the piercer) got ready.

he asked who wanted to go first. i insisted it be me. i wanted to get this over with as soon as possible. he told me to lay down on the futon/bed type thing and stay calm, so i did. then he said he couldn't very well pierce my nipple if my shirt was on. so, i got half-naked, and felt incredibly self conscious for a little bit. the first few minutes were awkward, but he was really good about piercing me, being unexpectedly doctorly and businesslike. the clamp was applied to my left nipple, and it didn't hurt like most people say it does. there was a bit of discomfort, but that's about the extent of the pain. then came the needle. again, no pain. a pinch, but based on all the stories i'd heard, it should have been a lot more painful. he pushed the needle out with the ring, but it moved out a bit too fast,so there was a bit of discomfort for a couple of minutes while he had to find the other end of the hole with the ring. but then, before i knew it, the ring was in, and he was coming at me with these scary looking pliers. they looked a lot scarier than they were, cuz i didn't feel them at all. he just used them to adjust the ring to fit the bead.

i was ecstatic! i had broken the "contract" i'd made with my parents, but unless the family suddenly joined a nudist colony, they'd never know! i drank my orange juice,ate my chocolate bar, and watched my friend get her tongue pierced. then i went home and crashed.

well, it's been three weeks, and i'm so happy with my new piercing. i can sleep on my stomach without bothering it, and it completely suprised me cuz the crusties have been practically nonexistent. and i feel like such the rebel, cuz my parents have absolutely no clue! my advice- go get your nipple(s) pierced. it's a really cool thing to have, because unlike facial piercings, you get to decide who gets to see it. nobody asks you the mundane, routine questions like: did it hurt?, and why would you want to do that to yourself? and when are you gonna take it out?, etc.

plus, they look really cool, and they feel good too :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 May 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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