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Male nipple piercing

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About six months ago I finally decided to get one of my nipples pierced. I had been considering this for a long while but had never gotten up the nerve to go through with it. I had been told that the pain wasn't that bad and that the results were well worth any minor discomfort. Since my nipples aren't all that sensitive anyway, I figured this would be a walk in the park. I had a friend who was going in for an eyebrow pierce and I decided the time was now. He had gone about a month before to get his tongue done and recommended the place he had gone very highly. While my friend was in getting his eyebrow done I selected my jewelry (I initially went with a 12g, I still don't know why). After I had picked a ring and filled out the necessary paper work I was ussured into the room and sat down to do the actual piercing. The girl doing the piercing was wonderful--kind of cute too. She was very easy going about the whole thing and you could tell she'd done this many times before. I had decided (mostly for monetary reasons) to only get one of nipples done and she suggested I do the left one. She put the clamp on (which I barely felt) and asked me if I was OK. She told me that clamp was the worst part. I was just opening my mouth to say, "Well, if that's all there is..." when the needle went through. The pain really wasn't that bad, but it did hurt a lot worse than the clamp. The pierce healed very quickly and other than a little tenderness (not really any worse than when I got my ears pierced) I barely even noticed it. I would urge anyone who gets any kind of a pierce to keep after the care (cleaning etc)--I had almost no problems with infection on mine, but a friend had to remove hers because she forgot to wash it frequently enough. My only regret was I gone with 12g ring. The ring is simply not thick enough to take a lot of knocking around and the ball kept coming off of my ring, which is rather annoying. I guess if you're not very hard on your body it probably wouldn't matter, but working construction there aren't many parts of my body that don't get knocked around every once in awhile.I went back to the place where I'd had my initial piercing done. The girl who did my piercing remembered my name and checked to see that I was properly healed before tapering my hole so that the larger sized ring would fit. It may have just been the night, but I remember the taper actually hurting worse than the initial piercing. The healing from that pierce only took a couple of days and I really didn't have any sensitivity after the first night. I would suggest that anyone getting a nipple done go with at least a 10g unless their fairly certain that the pierce isn't going to get tugged on or bumped. I've had no problems with my ring since I went to the ten guage and if I get my other nipple done I will definately start with that size. I had heard stories about super-sensitivity and I'm rather sad to report this wasn't the case with me. It's probably just because my nipples weren't all that sensitive to begin with so I haven't noticed that much. I do still have to be careful to clean the pierce every once in a while so that it doesn't get reinfected. I have been trying to figure out what I want to get pierced next--I've thought about doing my other nipple but I do sort of like the look of one. I was surfing around the net looking for ideas when I found this site. I had pretty much decided I was going to do my foreskin but after looking at the pictures I think I like the look of the frenum piercing better. I read several of the stories and it sounds like a fairly good pierce as far as maintenance etc. I'm waiting to get it done until this summer--I'm going to be away from my girlfriend for a couple of months. I've told her about it and I think she's a little mystified as to why anyone would want to put a piece of metal through their dick. I told it was just for fun but I think that only heightened her confusion. (She has her belly-button and, of course, her ears done but wouldn't dream of getting anything else done.) I hope that my being uncircumcised will not make it impossible to get the piercing fairly close to the head as I think that makes for the most attractive pierce. Anyway, I'll let you know what happens.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 May 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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