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Multiple Piercings

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I have been intrigued by body art, especially piercing, for quite a while now. Ever since I saw my first nose ring on a female, I have been amazed at how aesthetically pleasing piercings can look.

Soon after my eighteenth birthday a few of my friends and I decided to go to Burlington, Vt. to get pierced. If I remember correctly, there were to be two tongue, a navel, and a nipple piercing. I had been toying with the idea of getting my nipple pierced for quite some time, and being away at college gave me the perfect opportunity. So off to Burlington we went. All of us had thoroughly researched what we wanted, and we spent the agonizing four hour drive discussing what we were to have done. By the time we arrived, could wait no longer, and quickly signed the waivers.

After about a half hour, I was lead into the piercing room to be pierced. The room was not at all what I expected. It was cleaner than some doctors offices that I'd been in, and had some really cool decorations. Apparently the Katana and the Claymore in the corner were for awkward customers :-). The piercer sat me down, and carefully marked where I was to be pierced with a purple fine tip marker. I don't remember much of this visit since it was so long ago, but I do remember the feeling of the needle penetrating my flesh. As I have since found out, the clamps are usually the worst part of being pierced. The clamps hurt so much that I thought that my chest would go numb. Anyway, the piercer counted to three and I felt a prick. The prick was quickly followed by an incredible pushing feeling which sucked the breath from me. It didn't hurt as much as a expected, but the pushing feeling that I was about to get addicted to, was certainly unusual. I went out into the waiting room, oblivious to most of what was now going on, and enjoyed the endorphin rush while my friends got their tongues pierced. The piercer then came out and told me the usual cleaning routine, and we all left to go back to school.

My left nipple ring was awesome. It was a twelve gauge, CBR with a hematite bead. Unfortunately the piercing was not to last. After 8 months, the piercing started to migrate, and I decided to take it out. I wasn't the only person from this trip that had to take out a piercing. One of my friends had to take out her tongue ring because she lost feeling in her tongue and was unable to speak.

The following fall I decided to stop at Burlington on my way up to school to get both my nipples pierced. When I arrived, I discovered that the guy who had pierced me had been fired. I can only imagine why. Anyway, this time I decided to go for a larger diameter ring, since I liked the look. Once again I was lead into the same white spotless room and had my chest marked with purple permanent ink. The piercer and I elected to do the re-piercing first since penetrating the scar tissue would be more difficult than a fresh piercing. The piercing was to be a little less deep, and I prepared for the pain. She wasn't kidding! The pain was not only more, but it lasted a lot longer. Maybe that was because I knew what to expect, or maybe it was just the difference between skin and scar tissue. Quickly the other nipple was pierced, before I became more sensitive to the pain. My new rings looked so much better than the single smaller one. Once again I was given the cleaning speech, and I continued my trip to school. Not only did I get a kick out of my nipple rings, but my girlfriend did also. After much deliberation and research, she went to Burlington and got her tongue and nipples pierced. I think that she tied the record for the most number of piercings at the store in one sitting. Anyway the repierce healed really well, but the right nipple started to rotate out. I removed it not long after Christmas.

Over the Christmas break, a body art and fetish studio opened up closer to school. Both my girlfriend and I were addicted to piercing at this point. She had been toying with the idea to get a nostril piercing, a cartilage piercing or a medusa, but because she was about to accept a job offer as an engineer she decided to get her ear pierced and be conservative. However, she decided to be a little unusual in her conservatism by getting her tragus pierced. I, on the other hand decided to get my tongue pierced, and my right nipple redone. Rather than getting a traditional piercing, I decided to get my web done since it would be less likely to be noticed unless I wanted it to be. So off we went. Both of our piercings were the first of their type at the studio. The tragus was a little bloody, but looks awesome now that it has healed. The nipple piercing went smoothly, and was a little deeper than the one that rotated. The tongue piercing was interesting. The only thing that I noticed was the clamp. The clamp made my tongue go nub, and then it went all prickly when sense returned. The only thing that I felt when being pierced was a small prick. The interesting part was that the piercer's assistant kept making me laugh while the clamp was holding my tongue out. Laughing while someone holds your tongue with a clamp hurts, and I wouldn't recommend it unless you like that type of thing :-). Despite the bruises of the clamp on the tongue, the curved barbell looked amazing, and gives me something to play with instead of chewing on pens.

Healing took no time, and Anti Plaque Listerine really works. Despite my tongue being sore and a little swollen for a few days, I was amazed at how little it hurt. I am considering getting a traditional tongue piercing to complement the web ring.

Now I really am addicted to piercing. Last weekend I plucked up the courage to get my foreskin pierced. I have been pondering this idea for almost as long as nipple piercings. I just like the look. I decided to get two CBRs, one on either side of my foreskin.

I headed down the the local studio, and made an appointment. There were two girls in the waiting room getting a henna tattoo, and discussing tongue rings. We got talking and I showed them my nipples, and discussed what I wanted to be done. They thought that the nipples looked really cool, and one of them wanted to watch me getting pierced. I declined the offer out of modesty, but if they ask me to show them, if I see them again, I probably will. The foreskin experience was interesting. The piercer paid careful attention to the shape and size, as well as the vein pattern of the foreskin itself. Four holes were marked with the ubiquitous purple ink, and the clamp was placed on left side. The piercer counted to three, and there was a a quick sharp prick. The prick was similar to the initial penetration of a nipple piercing, but because the foreskin is not thick there was no tugging sensation. The ring was in, but the piercer was having trouble putting the bead in. We joked about her spending so much time playing around with my penis, but it was all in good fun. By the time that clamp was in place for the second ring, the endorphin rush had worn off from the first piercing, and I was feeling a little sore. This time the prick hurt. No tugging feeling, but the prick was far more painful than the first time. In fact it made my eyes water. Anyway, the bead was in in no time on the second ring, and we discussed the cleaning and healing times. On my way out the piercer joked about me getting a pubic tattoo, or of her tattooing my penis itself.

Maybe I will get the tattoo to complement the foreskin rings after all. We'll just have to wait and see.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 May 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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