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My Nipple Piercing Experience

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I believe that throughout the course of a persons life, there are certain marked events that inevitably help to mold and define a person in both a physical and/or spiritual sense. However, the said individual must make a conscience effort to first notice the event, and then take appropriate measures to allow this change to take place. Unfortunately, I truly believe that the masses at large fail to grasp hold of this opportunity, only to forget what has happened and ultimately hurt themselves by failing to learn from the experience.

I've been thinking about getting my nipples pierced for a number of months now, but was putting it off time and time again for seemingly unknown reasons; it just didn't seem the right time to do so... until now.

Three weeks ago marked a moment in my life that will forever change me. The passing of my father, and a few short days later, the marriage of my sister. These two diametrically opposed events were the catalysts that made me realize that this was the right time. And if I didn't do it soon, the emotional impact of these two events would eventually lessen, thus making the event of the piercings less meaningful.

But enough of that. :)

I was now on a quest to find someone who I wouldn't mind poking holes through my nipples. I visited a few places in my neighborhood only to walk away with the feeling that I just wasted my time. It's not to say that they would not have done a good job, it just that feeling you get in your gut that says, "look elsewhere." I then took my search online, to the USENET group rec.arts.bodyart (1) and BME (2).

While browsing through RAB, I came across a number of threads discussing piercers in NY. More often than not, the name Keith Alexander (3) kept popping up. I mentally noted this, then hopped on over to BME, browsing through their pages and getting all the more excited about finding someone to pierce me. Somehow, I stumbled into their gallery of branding and scarification. And then there it was... images of work that Keith Alexander himself performed.

Finally, I went back to RAB and found a posting that listed Keith's web page. I ran right over there and spent a good amount of time reading just about everything that was offered. My decision was near completion.

I e-mailed Keith with a few basic questions regarding the piercing. To my ultimate surprise, I received a reply in, no kidding, about 10 minutes. I finally called the shop, spoke briefly to Keith, and was down there within the hour. My excitement was steadily rising at this point.

I finally found the place, which was named DV8, stepped past a man standing near the doorway, and walked into the store. My first impression of the place was very good. The atmosphere was a bit dark, which very much agreed with me. I detest places that are too brightly lit and and seem to overpower your senses. This place was perfect. Actually, it was almost stimulating; aisles of leather clothing and other assorted goods throughout, as well as more interesting "gadgets" behind glass windows. This was definitely something that I want to explore in more depth, and soon, but this is not the topic of this article. :)

As I walked up to the counter, and was about to ask the woman (who was quite good looking, BTW ) seated behind it the whereabouts of Keith, the man that I passed on the way in walked up to me and introduced himself as none other than... Keith Alexander. This was good. We engaged in a brief stint of idle conversation, then got to the matter at hand.

We went over the type of rings that I was able to choose from. He then asked the intended use of the piercing; aesthetic reasons, or for play. The uses, as far as I was concerned were endless. Needless to say, I went the "play" route. I was excited.

I browsed around the store a little more as Keith prepared one of the booths in the back. The woman up front and, from what I guessed was another employee, were engaged in conversation, so I thought better of interrupting and walked around admiring the merchandise. I thought to myself that I need to come back to this place and spend a little more time browsing around. Before I was able to lose myself entirely, Keith came back out and said he was ready...

I walked back and stepped into one of the booths. My first impression was excellent; the area was neat and very clean. We spent a little time just shootin' the breeze, which was quite welcome in helping me to relax and get a little more comfortable, and talked about things in general while he finalized what he needed to get done. I took off my shirt, he measured, cleaned, and marked both nipples. The time was quickly approaching...

I sat down and he began to explain that the most painful part of this ordeal is generally the application of the forceps. I remember reading other peoples accounts of having their nipples pierced and the large amounts of pain they claimed to have experienced. Having never gone through this before, I had nothing to really base the actual amount off of except for what I had read. However, in actuality, it was not that bad at all. Keith set the forceps and asked that I breath in and out slowly. I knew the needle was coming and braced myself accordingly. On my final exhale, I felt the needle penetrate. It was over in a fraction of a second; it was then I realized that the pain was actually very little. Either I have a high pain tolerance, or I enjoyed it too much that the pleasure far outweighed the pain. Keith asked if I was okay, I nodded and took a brief moment to look down at my newly pierced nipple. It was great! Keith then proceeded to pierce the other nipple in the same fashion.

When all was said and done, I was given the opportunity to spend a few moments in another booth to admire the new additions to my body. I simply stood alone, looking at the reflection of myself in the mirror, and thought back to my father and my sister. This WAS indeed well worth it... this WAS the time that I was waiting for... and I have absolutely NO regrets in what I've done...

...my thoughts then drifted to the mental image of how good it would look and feel to string a chain between the rings when they were fully healed. :)

All in all, this experience was a great one. I'm very happy with my new piercings, as well as grateful that I found a wonderful piercer, Keith Alexander. I can wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone in the NY area who wants the best.

USENET rec.arts.bodyart http://www.bmezine.com/ http://modernamerican.com/


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 May 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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