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A Nipple . . . or Frenum(what?) . . . What to Do?

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PART I A Nipple . . . or Frenum(what?) . . . What to Do?

It was a cold day, just before Christmas 1979, in the east Tennessee mountains. I had just finished helping my parents move from Texas back to "home" for them. It was probably around 15 degrees outside. I was sitting in the bathroom, on the toilet, looking at my dick wandering if I had the guts to stick this really enormous safety pin into the fleshy, hanging skin on the bottom of my meat. I had no idea that the piercing I was thinking about, was called a Frenum . I had seen a picture of one in a magazine and thought it looked really neat. I was trying to decide whether I wanted to do my nipple, or my dick. Right now, I was leaning towards the latter.

The house was silent. It was early in the morning and I had gotten up to take a leak. While in the bathroom, I had rummaged through the medicine cabinet, finding a safety pin and the alcohol and had sat back down on the toilet. Now with my legs spread apart, I poured the alcohol on a wad of toilet paper and wiped everything down again and pondered what I was going to do. I had, just moments before when I was standing up, cleaned everything with alcohol, and cleaned it all again. The alcohol was evaporating and was cooling the skin of my penis, along with it, my nerve

Piercing in this day, wasn't mainstream, or even accepted in those days, but I wanted one. Now, I was trying to keep or get the courage to do one, the other, or both! I knew that a needle would be the better way to do this, but I didn't have one, and if I waited, I probably wouldn't have the nerve to do it later. While I sat there, left hand holding the now open safety pin about an inch below the point, and the right hand holding the stretched skin of my up-turned penis between my thumb and forefinger. I now wondered whether I would do it ... or chicken out.

The skin between my tightly pressed finger and thumb looked really thin and easy to poke the needle through, but... That needle was REALLY big and looked REALLY dull to my waning courage! What the hell, it was now or never! I began to push, and pushed some more. I could see the bulge of the skin as I pushed from the other side with the safety pin. IT HURT LIKE HELL! I stopped for a second thinking this wasn't going to work. During all this, I had not moved the needle. Those little sparkles of light you get in front of your eyes when you get dizzy, or feel you are about to pass out, were now flashing in front of my eyes like thousands of camera men taking flash pictures of the idiot sitting on the toilet!

It was now or never. I pushed hard again, and saw the point of the pin push through the skin. I kept pushing and more of the safety pin came through until there was half an inch sticking through the now white colored skin. I DID IT! There was no pop like you read in all the other experiences, but there was pain! The safety pin pushing through felt like it had torn instead of pierced the skin. I wiggled the pin farther through the new hole. Reluctantly, it slowly moved as I pushed. I realized that I had been holding my breath all this time and I gasped for air, trying to be quiet so as not to wake everyone.

I looked at my new hole and thought, neat! Breathing was now coming easier and the pain was almost gone. I poured some alcohol on both sides of the hole and pumped the needle in the hole. Oh! Oh! YEOOWW!! Second mistake, the 1st mistake was using a safety pin instead of a needle. I sat there for a while waiting for the alcohol induced pain to subside, then snapped the safety pin closed. My 1st piercing was now done! I sat in that bathroom wondering how long I had thought about doing this and if I was going to do any more piercing. I knew that the needle would have to be a lot sharper and a lot better than the safety pin from hell. But...if the safety pin had been a lot sharper, it would have been a lot easier to have done the deed. The nipple would have to wait until another day.

I pulled my underwear back up to my waist. I was careful about pulling, sliding it back over my penis so as not to pull the safety pin or tug on my thingie in any way. Tucked safely back in my shorts, I trodded back to my covers on the couch and climbed back in my bed. As I lay there, I reached into my shorts and felt my prick and the safety pin. I moved the pin back in forth in the new hole surprised at the fact that the hole had loosened up on the safety pin and that it would now slide back and forth with little friction. Pleased with myself, I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up to the smell of bacon frying in the pan and Mom asking me from the kitchen if I was going to sleep all day. Reluctantly, I got up and put my clothes on. It was cool in the house, and I dressed quickly to ward off the chill. When I pulled my jeans over the lump in my underwear, I felt the safety pin tug in the hole in my dick. It was different and felt good at the same time. I thought about what I had done earlier in the morning and was pleased again with myself for going through with the piercing. I went to the bathroom and washed my face and hands then unzipped my jeans, lowering them to my knees, I then pulled down my shorts. Grabbing my penis, I flipped it over looking at the safety pin. There was a spot of dried blood I washed off with the soap and water. I then dried it off good and looked at my handiwork.

I looked at the safety pin, then tugged and slid it around. There was no pain, but the new sensation was giving me a hard on. Which, by the way, was guite pleasureable. I rummaged in the medicine cabinet again looking for a sharp device to do another piercing with. Seeing nothing but another big safety pin, I put it in my pocket, and shut the cabinet. I again looked at my dick.

The hard on was going away and I looked at the hole and the installed safety pin. Was it loose, and was there an air gap between the hold and the pin? Or was it just my imagination? No, there was a gap there and by tugging on the safety pin and holding my dick by the head, I could make it a little bit larger. This was going to be fun! I was going to have to find something bigger to put in there! I wondered how much bigger I could make the hole and how long and how big could I make it.

During the following days, I pulled and tugged and stretched the hole until the safety pin was loose and the hole had doubled in size. There was no blood and very little discomfort unless I did too much at once. I could tell when it was too much stretching when it felt like the sking was tearing instead of stretching. I put the other safety pin in the hole and it slid right in with no real discomfort or pain. Now I could tug on the safety pins and make the hole even bigger! I did this when ever I had the chance to and I stopped when it hurt too much. This was and still is so much fun! It would give me a hard on that I would enjoy immensely.

I would tug on and stretch the safety pins apart, friskly aroused, I would then beat my meat furiously until I cum with an explosive orgasm. I did not want to wait to pierce my nipple, or the other things that had come into mind, but I still hadn't found anything better to do the piercing with. Plus, it was time for me to go back to my home, currently located in the watery state of Louisiana. While wandering the countryside and moving my parents, I had become homesick. I was horny for my girlfriend. I wanted to show her my new hole, and to let her play with it with her talented mouth and tongue. I wanted to play with her shaved body and her talented hole!

The nipple piercing and years of stretching for both of these pierces are yet to come in the many more stories of my experiences with the needle. Stay tuned.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 May 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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