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Lady Piercing Pioneer

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I guess you could say that I'm a piercing pioneer of sorts. Currently at the ripe old age of 45 years, I've had pierced nipples for 25 years! Here is my (rather long) story:

I got my ears pierced when I was about 12 or 13, when the ear piercing craze swept through my school. I really liked them, I thought the looked really pretty, but I was also fascinated with the IDEA that one could put a hole in their body and it would stay there permanantly - in some ways I was more interested in the hole than the jewelry. As time went on, I was the first girl in my high school to get double pierced ears, and right around graduation, I got a third pair. I was sort of a hippie, and wore huge hoop earrings, or heavy dangly things - I liked the feel of the weight in my earlobes, and wore about a zillion hoop bracelets on my wrist. I was a real period piece.

I went away for college, and although I cultivated the look and demeanor of someone who might bomb an army recruiting station, I was really quite sedate, bookish, and kind of a loner. I liked being apart from everyone else - behaving and looking "different". The ear piercing thing became sort of my trademark - Multiple piercing was becoming more popular, so I kept adding holes to stay ahead of the pack, and ventured into the cartilage zone. After a couple of years I had ten holes in my left ear and six in my right. I did about half myself, and half were mall gun jobs. I'm lucky I still have ears!

I thought that my ears looked cool, and even kinda sexy (the idea of permanent holes in the flesh was starting to have sort of an erotic appeal to me). However by this time I was running out of space, but still wanted more holes in my body. I had seen Indian women and even a few western women with pierced nostrils, and thought that looked cool, but for some reason, couldn't bring myself to do it. I was starting to think about my career, and figured that a pierced nostril wasn't compatible with that (yeah, right. And sixteen earrings WAS compatible? Go figure...).

Anyway, I lived alone, and didn't date much, and one Saturday night, after a few glasses of wine, I was undressed before going to bed. I was looking in the bathroom mirror trying different earring combinations and trying to decide if I should add number seven to my right ear. I was getting kind of silly, and a some point just for fun, I took a small hoop earring and hung it over the top of my nipple. Cool! Then it hit me: If you can pierce and ear, or a nostril, why can't you pierce a nipple? I got REALLY excited! I was already perceiving permanent holes in the body as being mildly erotic, I wanted more holes, and what could be more erotic than a hole through a nipple? I took an old pair of hoop earrings, pulled the ear wire out, and spread them apart just enough so that I could sort of clamp them on to my nipples - they looked really great. I wore them to bed, but they fell off in the middle of the night. However the seed was planted, and I thought about it more and more for about another month...Could I do it? Most importantly, could I stand the pain? I decided to go for it.

One Saturday night I drank several glasses of wine to get relaxed (bad move), and got naked. I took a sewing needle that I had boiled and soaked in alcohol, put it up against the side of my left nipple, took a deep breath, and pushed! OWWWWW! I stopped after about five seconds. It was only about halfway through, and I was already in agony! I was starting to feel a little queasy, but gave it another push. The little bud was hard to hold, and I was now trembling, but after about another 10 seconds of agony, the point came through the other side of my nipple. I looked in the mirror - I had a steel needle through my nipple - I couldn't believe it! I thought it looked incredible, really sexy!

OK, now what? I was feeling really nauseous and was trembling, so I lay down for a while. After about a half hour I felt better. I pushed the needle farther through so that the thickest part of the needle was in the nipple, and tried to rotate the needle. Hmmm. Now I had to get an earring in there somehow, so I finally pulled the needle all the the way out (bad move no. 2), and tried to insert an earring into the remaining hole. OWWWW! Of course the hole had closed up. I probed and probed with the ear wire, and eventually got it about halfway in, but it was really starting to hurt and bleed, and I was getting nauseous and shaky again, and finally pulled it out an gave up. I was heartbroken, exhausted, sore, and ready to puke.

But I had learned that I could push a needle through my own nipple, and could stand the pain (barely). I immediately started planning attempt number two. About three months later on a Friday night, I tried it again. This time completely sober, I had two needles, both much thicker than the previous one, an eraser (to give me something rigid to push the needle into), and two hollow hoop earrings from which I had removed the ear wires. I pushed the first needle into my left nipple. This time I pushed much harder and more quickly, but the thicker needle was harder to push through. I kept pushing and it finally went through my nipple and into the eraser. I left the needle in, and did the same with the second needle in my right nipple. It had REALLY hurt, but I looked pretty wild with a big 'ol needle sticking through each nipple! I put a piece of eraser on each needle point, put on a loose smock, and left them in for twenty four hours. The needles kept catching painfully on my smock, so I stayed on my back for most of the time. The next night, I cleaned to blood deposits from the needles, pushed them almost all the way through, and used the hoops to push the needles out (see? I was already learning advanced techniques!), SUCCESS!!! I had pierced my nipples!!! I kept repeating the words "I have pierced nipples!" over and over, because I loved to hear the words - it sounded so shocking! I bent the open ends of the hoops together and looked in the mirror. VERY SEXY. I went to bed with a smile on my face.

My nipples took about a year to heal. I cleaned with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol (yes, I know, I know. But what else could I do? There was no RAB FAQ in 1974!), and had a lot of trouble, but I stuck with it. I was lucky that the holes were aligned straight, considering the primitiveness of my approach. I took a jewelry making class and made some 3/4" diameter solid gold hoops with decorative closures that were very hard to open. The rings were about 12 gauge, and for the next 20 years, I never took those rings out. My pierced nipples looked beautiful, and felt fantastic.

I started dating more. I really loved showing off my nipples, but unfortunately I went through a succession of bewildering dating experiences. The first few guys were completely repulsed, and thought I was a sicko. After they had seen my nipples, they did didn't want to date any more. But as much as they disliked them, they must have liked to talk about them, because my next phase was as "campus curiosity" - the girl with the pierced tits. Total strangers were coming up to me and asking me out. At first I was flattered, until I went out with one guy, and he got a bit inebriated, and when I took off my top, he said "Wow! Its true, they really ARE pierced!". He told me that he heard about my nipples from "a bunch of friends". Great. So for a while, I would go out with a guy once, and he would see my rings, have his fun, and probably go back to his friends and say "Yeah, man! I went out with the girl with the pierced tits last night." And I'd never hear from again.

I loved my pierced nipples, and the erotic feelings they gave me, and wanted men to appreciate them as a special erotic aspect of my being, but not the ONLY part. But I was getting guys who were either only interested in my nipples, and nothing else, or guys who completely ignored them because they didn't like them. I backed off of the dating scene somewhat, and stopped being so anxious to show off my piercings. They became my private little toys. Finally I met a guy with whom I initiated the first contact. Our relation ship developed slowly and warmly, and we didn't get intimate for a year. When we did, I was petrified that he would hate my nips, and it would be all over. Well, when he saw them, he loved them! He played with the rings to turn me on, but didn't focus on them alone. When I asked him what he thought about my pierced nipples, he said that they were the most erotic things he had ever seen. I asked him if he was shocked, and he said "Yes, at first. But it was a pleasant shock. They are part of your uniqueness. They are toys for both of us." We got married a year later, and still are today!

Today, my pierced nipples seem like they have always been a part of me, yet I don't take them for granted. Not a day goes by when I don't look at them and marvel at the fact that I carry gold rings in permanent holes in one of the most sensitive parts of my body. I exercise and keep my body in excellent condition, and I think my rings enhance me. And I love the constant gentle sensation that they give me; I love the feeling of the weight constantly tugging on my nipples (I've stretched them to 6 gauge); I love how they transmit the cold in the winter. And even though piercing is more common now, I still feel special, because I was a pioneer of sorts.

The story has now come full circle. Last year, my nineteen year old daughter (she knows about my rings) told me she wanted to get her nipples pierced, and would I accompany her? I told her the story of my nipple piercings, and she said that after she healed, she would like to wear the rings that I wore for 20 years, before I started my stretching. I was honored. I went with her, held her hand, and shared her experience by getting a Triangle piercing for myself, which my daughter gave me as a gift. Having pierced nipples for 25 years has been a meaningful and erotic experience for me, has enhanced my relationship wit my husband and my daughter, has helped me keep in touch with and care for may body, and has brought me great emotional and physical pleasure. I wouldn't part with them for all the money in the world!



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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