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I just got mine done!

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Last Friday I received my raise from work, and before I could even change my mind, I was at Wylde Tattoo (in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada!) handing over my $80 for someone to pierce both my nipples.

I had wanted to have done for a the past few months, it was like a splinter in my brain. I had a few reasons for getting them done.

Mostly because life in general is so out of control, and this was one thing I could control. I also liked the BDSM idea of it all but my main reason was to have increased nipple sensitivity during sexual contact, although I fully realize it's going to be a few months for them to heal yet....

I have two tattoo's, yet nothing could have prepared me for the sensation of having my nipples pierced. Before I got them done I did a lot of research on the net, and I have to say it probably saved me from infection. Being so excited about the whole thing I would have gone to the very first place I went that did piercing!

I felt reassured about getting them done at Wylde tattoo. They had a LOT, of awards and stuff on the wall. After speaking with the guy at the desk, and being surprised it was only $40 per, I said as much. He said they had lowered the price to entice people to come there and 'get it done right'. Apparently they were used to cleaning up a lot of people's mistakes, which I have to tell you, doesn't reassure me about the piercing field. I was really surprised at how busy they were, especially at 1pm on a Friday afternoon! I literally had to 'fight' my way up to the desk to hand over my money!

I was directed 'next door', which made me feel a little weird. Receipt in hand, I trekked next door to wait for my piercing. I was greeted by Dan, who actually looked kind of young (but I guess since it's more accepted now, a lot of piercers are newish to the field) As I signed the consent we discussed his job. My friend who I'd come with jokingly said "Awww comeon! Get your clit pierced!", Dan said he hadn't started doing that or penises. After reading some of the literature on the net, I can understand why! He started laying out the equipment on a medical dropsheet; Q-tips, disposable gloves, two varieties of medical forceps (all still in their sealed packaging), two stainless steel captive bead rings and two needles (both in packaging as well), Vaseline (for the needles)and a small amount of bactine in disposable cups. He led me to the back and got me comfortably seated. I remember him telling me a few times that if I started feeling faint to let him know immediately. At that point I didn't really understand , silly me! He marked both my nipples with a disposable felt pen after disinfecting them. He lightly clamped one nipple and asked, "You ready? Take a deep breath in.", and pushed the needle through.

The pain was like nothing I've ever experienced before, it wasn't bad or horrible, just different. I'm rather a purist about some things, and pain is one of them. I hadn't opted for any kind of topical Novocaine treatment. The adrenaline rush was intense, I had eaten lunch not a few hours earlier and now I wished I hadn't. I actually considered running to the bathroom, not five feet away to vomit.

Once the jewelry clamped closed (he was very gentle and extremely careful at this point which was really appreciated), Dan swabbed the area with Bactine. I was bleeding quite a bit which surprised me somewhat. The second went a bit more smoothly. As he pushed the needle through I made a moan something akin to sexual release, but it sure as heck didn't feel that way! :) He commented that I'd been the easiest pierce he'd ever done. I'm guessing because I didn't jump, or scream etc etc. After both were done and he was washing his hands, I felt very faint, a cold sweat brokeout over my entire body. I think because of the pain your blood pressure goes right up, and when it's over your blood pressure drops, causing a feeling of faintness, or it could just be the adrenaline wearing off. I said I felt faint, and Dan got me a glass of water. I took a few sips to calm myself and got my head together. My legs felt like jelly, and I was really glad I had a friend with me.

So it's been a week now, and they don't hurt, just pull a bit. They're healing really well. I like the way they look. If I had to do it all over again, I don't know if I would be so bold, I think I'd use lots of topical anaesthetic!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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