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Male nipple 12 ga, with healing complications

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It has been exactly 8 weeks since I had my left nipple peirced.  I

don't exactly know why I had it peirced, it was just something that I wanted to do. For one day, I researched the web for information on piercing. BME had the best info/pics/faQs (thanks).

I also went to a local piercing place and spoke to the piercer and he

was kinda shady, in fact the entire place was shady. He was very informative, but something was not right. The shop closed down just 3 weeks ago (i'm very intuitive!). Anyway, after grilling this guy at the shady place, I chose to go to another place nearby and get it done. This piercing/tattoo place was even a member of the Better Business Beureu(sp?) And they had spore tests visually displayed. I asked the piercer about everything involved and told him I would come in the next day.

That evening I called a friend who had his tongue pierced at the same

place and I told him that I was going to get it done NOW. (he even brought a camera, unbeknowest to me, what a mom!!) So we're on our way and I ran into a female friend of mine and she came with us. We roll in to the place and I lay the money down and select a 12 ga CBR. The whole time I'm in the lobby going to my tongue-pierced friend, "Dude, am I psyched?" and his reply is always, "Dude, you already had it done, you just have to come in and pay." I was fearing the pain, big time. This banter went on for awhile until the piercer came back and said, "Are you ready?"

So all three of us are headed back to the piercing room.  This place

looked like a dentist's office. The piercer (Scott) sat me down, cleaned me up and then marked the holes. He then told me to lay back and then he put the clamps on my nipple. These hurt, but it was not a bad pain. I was thinking, "Is this it?" Next, Scott told me to breathe deeply over and over and I was thinking it was taking a long time. Then Scott says, "Now take a some really deep breaths." The pain was really sharp and I was cleanching my teeth. As soon as it came, it left. The ring insertion did not hurt and the piercing has not hurt since the needle.

Initially, I soaked the pierce with a little shot glass with salt water

in it once every 2 days. I cleaned it only once a day in the shower with some Dial Antibacterial.

I have to fight my old lady from licking it. Occasionally, I hang luggage locks from it, just for fun. The nipple is more sensitive, but is not a "light-switch for an erection." I have not played much with it with sex.

A strange thing happend to me about 4 weeks after the piercing. Its difficult to explain, but here goes. The healing process was going great. The ring would not move at all until I took a shower and soaped it up, (i hear this is typical?). Here's what happened when I was in the shower: Imagine the interior skin layer of the nipple that is around the ring itself. Think of this layer as a tube. Now imagine the tube is sectioned in half, so you have two tubes.

)===||===( <-- here is the tube, sectioned in the middle. * ^

The end marked with the "^" was stuck to the ring and when I rotated the ring it peeled off from the interior of the nipple and came out attached to the ring and to the skin marked with "*". Basically turning it inside out. This hurt a bit, not bad, and some blood showed. I rotated the ring back into place and the inside out tube was pushed back in.

I am now kind of worried because now when I rotate the ring in the

shower it feels strange in one direction. I am worried that there are all these dead skin cells in there; food for bacteria, or I am going to have some strange scar inside there. This is not the original skin left over from the original needle cut (those fell off a while ago).

If you have any solace, or a similar experience. Please email me:


Thanks, and remember, pain is temporary, nipple rings are forever!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 April 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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