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Discovering The Piercing Pleasures

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I loved nipples since I was 13. In fact I would masturbate on pictures taken from my mother's fashion magazine, and showing those female nipples I so much liked. Then when I was 15, a natural instinct would I say pushed me to somehow brutalize my nipples. So, I took a needle and pierced the areola from side to side. The needle was 1mm in diameter but I felt great towards the idea of getting something into my body. I decided to do something else. I introduced the needle from the areola and got it out from the nipple. I've loved piercings since then. One week later, I thaught about something more daring and scary for me as I'd never heard of piercings, being that I live in a very conservative country. That was piercing my nipples from side to side. I was really afraid of the pain that I had already experienced in my previous piercings. I took a handful of ice, put the cubes in a piece of cloth and squeezed it against my nipple. That was too good to be true; it worked like an anestethic. The nip got blue, then red, then erected like a broadcasting antenna. I took a deep breath, and pretty scared about the thing I was going to do I began inserting the needle horizontally in the nipple, then removed the metal piece and inserted a barbell-like earring I stole from my mother's jewellery box. I kept it on for the night. I had fairly trouble and pain sleeping with this thing in my body. Next morning I woke up (we were in the easter holidays) with no pain at all. There was some crust around the holes. I cleaned them as well as I could. I took a bath avoiding water getting on my piercing. I kept the barbell on for a month being to afraid of removing it, but I noticed it was becoming loose, so I removed it. I was hungry for more. But unfortunately summer was coming and I would definetly have to go to the beaches with my friends. So I postponed my piercings for the next fall.

The first rains fell and the beaches season was over. I could resume my unfinished work. But wait!

There was the medical check our school always performed at each year's beginning! I had to wait a couple of weeks the time we got the check. You see, how would my friends look at me if they only knew!

So, I realised all the ice operation again and this time stretched the piercing to 4mm using a gold plated brooch (the earring was hardly 2mm). I felt my nipple was going to explode, so hard it was stretched. The healing took three months. I was daily playing with the piercing and admiring its beauty.

I had no further nipple piercings done. But I did have a genital piercing. I didn't enjoy it that much.

I removed the jewel and let the piercing heal. But instead I began hanging weights from the piercing. That was a good sensation too. But last year, while I was changing my clothes, my mother entered my room and saw my piercing hanging from my chest. She was astonished for a minute and couldn't say a word. Then, she began yelling at me blaming my foolishness and stupidity of doing that. She said she couldn't imagine why someone would hurt his body for such a stupid thing. I replied that was my fantasy, my dream. I didn't really care. I promised her to forget this only to calm her down but I kept wearing my jewellery in secret.

After all, what's the use of the nipples if not for piercings?!! I really encourage everyone who agrees with my opinion to get a piercing, as this will improve sensitivity and pleasure. But please avoid self-piercing as this would seriously threaten your health.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 April 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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