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Nipple at "Body Piercing Specialists" in Auckland, New Zealand.

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This wasn't my first pierce. My first was a self done frenum in December 1997. My friend Stephanie was down here for the Christmas break, so we had lunch together and caught up on old times.

She had found out about my having some "weird" interests through a mutual friend in Auckland, so I broached the subject of body piercing. Steph said that she didn't see the point in sticking holes in yourself, but admitted that she never realised that some piercings could be "functional" for both parties.

During the 15 minute trip from Napier (where I work) to Hastings (we I live and her mother lives) I mentioned that I kinda wanted to get my nipple pierced, she gave me this incredulous look as if to say "you're nuts" but said that if that's what I wanted then that would be fine. I then said that I had hoped that she'd go with me for moral support, Steph thought about it for a few moments then agreed on the proviso that she didn't have to watch!

There is only one place in Hastings and one place in Napier that do all the standard pierces. Dragon Tattoo Studios in Hastings was where I chose because I know the piercer, Wayne, from a local pub.

I went in one Saturday morning and made an appointment for Easter Saturday because Stephanie usually comes down on public holidays to see her family. I emailed Steph with the date only to be told that she couldn't make it because her twin was going up to Auckland and she'd agreed to visit a Sci-Fi convention with her. Bummer. Steph suggested Queen's Birthday Weekend as the earliest she could make it.

This didn't exactly make me feel too great as I'd been really looking forward to the steel work.

I was going to be in Auckland for a day or two mid-March to see Jewel in concert and Stephanie suggested that I get the job done up there. Ok, good idea.

I went to BME to find the link to the APP website. The APP list had only one member in NZ, Body Piercing Specialists. So I emailed BAS asking their prices and a few other general questions.

I don't know if they get huge amounts of email or if they just took me for a time waster, but they were anything but fast responding to email!

It's Monday 15th March.. I go to Auckland on Friday.. Shane won't be there on Saturday and Jane didn't respond to me asking her to do it before I left Friday morning.

I picked up my brother from Napier as he was my relief driver and we started on the 5 - 6 hour trip to Auckland. My brother knew of the Frenum (the only family member to know) but had and still has no idea about the nip.

We parked the car at Stephanie's flat and had a look around town. BAS is a long way from where we were so I was guessing that I might have to settle for one of the tat parlours along K' road. Steph had suggested this place called Tatu, though it looked a little too flashy or groupie to me. It had neon lights outside!

I went to the concert with Stephanie and one of her flatmates, Angela. We decided to call it a night at only 1:00. Boring. My brother left earlier that night to stay with another friend, which would keep him out of my hair.

Saturday 20th March 1999. Steph surfaces at about 9:30 and we have a long chat. During breakfast she asks me if I'm sure I want to go through with it and I assure her that I really am. As she takes a shower I check out the phone book for piercing places. There are a couple of places that catch my eye, including a few that look like cowboy outfits. One crowd was very keen to promote "free anaesthetic, taking the Ouch out of piercing", had to smirk at that and wonder about how many folks they get. For me the pain if anything was something to add to the personal value of the piercing, to get anaesthetic would be like cheating yourself.

I saw Body Piercing Specialist's add, nice add. Mentioned private, air conditioned piercing rooms. I rang them up and explained who I was and that I had been talking to Jane via email. The girl on the line was very friendly and became even more so when I mentioned that. I made an appointment for 11:30 that day.

Stephanie and I walked into town and caught a bus that passed through Newmarket (the area where BAS was). I was in very good spirits and very ready for the pierce, I'd been preparing myself since Wednesday.

We arrived about 20 mins ahead of time. "Where is this place again?" Asked Steph. I'd forgotten to take note of the location! We decided to wander along the street, if we could find a phone booth we could check the address in the phone book. We'd only gone 5 paces when we saw a sign right in front of us pointing upstairs. That was easy! There was a large upstairs mall across the road on a corner, filled mostly with eateries. Still 15 mins to go. We wander down the road and find a place to sit and talk still more. It seemed that Steph still couldn't imagine I'd go through with it and I was mildly surprised I wasn't nervous yet.

We go to BAS about 5 mins early. The lady behind the counter had lots of visible pierces, all look really nice. It turns out the lady was Jane, one of the piercers. My piercer was to be Lance, as he remarked, a great name for a piercer! The shop was on the second floor, it had a really cool marble texture paint for the walls and the upper walls and ceiling were black. The lighting was subdued in the waiting area but bright around reception.

Lance asked me what I was after, even though he already knew. He reached under the counter and pulled out two lollipops. Stephanie had a confused and alarmed look on her face, I grinned and said "get those blood sugar levels up!" Lance laughed and we talked about what jewellery I wanted. After I chose a black Niobium CBR with SS ball he gave it to Jane to autoclave whilst he gave me a release form to fill out and sign. After the form I paid for the pierce, $90, and we talked some more on what type of pierces he won't do. The more we talked the more certain I became that I made the right choice.

Stephanie and I took a seat and I read the aftercare instructions. There was a large mirror opposite us and I pointed out that we were sitting below a picture of a pierced sausage! An ordinary sausage, like the ones you cook! To the right was a pierced rubber nipple. I had to laugh at this and Jane looked over and smiled, all this time Steph still looked nervous. I guess seeing the pictures of some genital piercings in the portfolio scared her a little, it's not what she was expecting.

She asked if I knew what was going to happen and since she sounded a little worried I decided not to joke about. Just as I was finishing outlining the standard procedure Lance appeared and invited us in.

The piercing room was well set out and very clean. Lance closed the blinds on the window looking into the waiting room. On the right hand wall was a very large mirror. Roughly left of center was a large table like a physiotherapist would have. Along the left wall was a comfy looking bench, it looked large enough to hold at least 6 people! The air was chilly from the air con.

Lance asked me to take my shirt off and he got a chair for Stephanie, since the bench was on the wrong side for what I wanted.

Lance cleaned the area with an antiseptic pad and then marked out two dots. There was barely a moments silence and his bedside manner was absolutely excellent. He mentioned that he once spent almost 45 minutes marking out one girl. After the third attempt at marking he said he was happy and invited me to check the placement in the mirror. He even used a spirit level to ensure that the pierce would be level, in marking the dots he used some vernier callipers to ensure the mechanical stress against the CBR wouldn't be too great. I was very happy with the marking and with his explaining everything he was doing.

I lay on the table with my shirt under my head. Stephanie was holding my right hand. Lance was disposing of the marking equipment and changed gloves. By this time it was so cold that I was shivering. After I mentioned that I was getting a little too cold, Lance turned off the air con and changed his gloves.

Lance again outlined what he was going to do and went through the breathing exercises. Still no nervousness. I was starting to expect more pain than the "shit" I told Steph to expect, but that thought was strangely comforting. It really helped me stay calm having Stephanie there.

Lance puts on the clamp, the clamp position moved so he put on more rubber bands. Lance then explained more to Steph than me that he'd be using a cork receiver and that it's job was partially to prevent the egress of blood borne pathogens, he said this because she had been asking lots of questions most of which were technical. It seemed as if by this stage Stephanie was getting really interested. Lance puts the needle against the left side of my nipple and presses firmly. "Ok, deep breath in like we said and then let it out in one gush." I take a couple of seconds to finish my mental preparations and then deep breath in, and out in one quick gush. It was over faster than you could snap your fingers or blink an eye. I didn't even have time to react. About a second after the needle went through I calmly said "that was an interesting sensation", to which both Lance and Stephanie looked on in disbelief. Stephanie exclaimed that I didn't even flinch and Lance said with disbelief and almost disappointment that he at least gets a flinch, often a "shit" and sometimes a scream. I was the only one he'd seen who didn't react. About that time I'd analysed the experience, you could feel the release of pressure as the needle entered and transgressed followed by a flash of pain as the needle exited. I'd say the pain was about 4 out of 10 but over before you could do anything; In contrast my frenum took about 5 seconds and was easily an 8 out of 10 for pain.

Lance changed his gloves yet again and inserted the jewellery. I did curl my toes a little as the ring grabbed on exit. "Ow, that hurt a little" I said still calmly and only with a slight flinch.

I asked if there was much blood as I couldn't see from my position. Stephanie sounded very surprised when she said there wasn't even a drop and Lance offered to draw some if I liked, which I declined. Lance then put a small container of liquid on my nipple saying it'll take the burning away. What burning?

Lance asked me to slowly sit up, he wiped the liquid from my back and asked me to walk over to the mirror and tell him what I thought. The placement was absolutely perfect!

I was surprised by how deep he had gone, but it looked fantastic! Out came another two lollipops.

Lance went over the aftercare again and stressed that if there were any problems to contact him immediately. I asked for a dressing on my nipple because I'd worn the shirt the night before (hey I was travelling light and only had two shirts), Lance said that they don't normally put a dressing on because of air flow etc, but he'd put one on for me.

Lance had another guy waiting for a nip and jokingly suggested that I limp out holding my nip in obvious pain. The poor chap looked nervous enough as it was.

Stephanie and I went to the mall on the corner and settled down at McDonalds. Stephanie bought me a hot chocolate and I mentioned how I was a little disappointed at not having a shaky legs type endorphin rush. As we drank our chocolate I started to smile. The rush was starting to hit.

She asked me if I was ok, I just laughed then apologised and explained that the endorphin rush was different to my last pierce and I couldn't help but smile like a maniac! I was absolutely euphoric!

Steph asked why I got the frenum, she only found out about it when I was talking to Lance. She seemed happy with my explanation or personal healing, aesthetics, etc.

The euphoria lasted for about 3 hours afterwards! It was like being high except that your mind was clear.

We had a good wander around and Stephanie shouted me a ticket to go up the Sky Tower, the tallest building in the southern hemisphere.

By the time my brother caught up with us the endorphin's were wearing thin and Steph was starting to understand why somebody would put holes in their body.

I think that having a very trusted friend of many years along with me made the piercing such a pleasant experience.

If you're thinking of getting a few holes in your body my advice is don't worry about the moments pain, if you've got the support of a close friend you may be lucky enough not to even feel it.

It is now two weeks and 3 hours (4 if you include the end of daylight savings) since I got the nip done. I love it.

I had a little blood the first night, but that's fine because I did hit my nip quite hard and did spend some time in the night air. Nipple expansion and contraction, not good for the first two days.

The crusties ended after two days with the fourth morning having only a few. The tender sensation when rotating the jewellery moved very rapidly to the center of the nipple and by day 10 there was no tender spot left. Now I have been crusty free for many days and free of tenderness for several days. I don't want to try and rotate the CBR without lubricant for a while yet, but after drying the area and getting dressed the CBR can still be rotated without discomfort.

The pinching sensation with nipple contraction and expansion has subsided to just a slightly tight feeling.

The flaky skin around the nip came at day 11 and went by day 12.

I'm really proud of my new nip and am extremely pleased with the results. I can't wait until I next see Stephanie to show her my progress.

Jon Hastings


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