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My first piercing

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The first thing I want to do is presenting myself. I am a 20 year old gay male. I came from Montr‚al, Qu‚bec, so, excuse my gramatical an spelling mistakes. Now, let me tell my story. For all long as I can remember, I have allways been attracted by guys with ear rings, it was doing a special effect on me. It was a dream to get my ears pierced but this is not well see in my family, so I continued to dream of beeing pierced. When I was 16, I started to play with some needles. I put them in my arms and legs skin to know what does piercing feels. I discovered that some men were pierced at other places than in their faces at 16 when I was walking on Saint-Catherine street on a very hot summer day. I saw two men without their t-shirts with pierced nipples. From this moment, I tried to pierced my niples but I had not the good equipment to do it. During the two three following years, I was only dreaming of beeing pierced, I didn't have the money to pay for it. But, one spring day of 1998, I found the goog piercing instrument.

This perfect instrument was a clothes pin. I did some tries from april to june and I decided to pierce my right nipple on July 20th. In fact, I decided it in the morning, when I was getting out of bed. Everyone was outside the house and I didn't worked that day. I took some clothes pin and peroxyde. I washed my hands and the pin properly with peroxyde. Then, I sat on my bed and started to pierce my right nipple. I put the pin vertically, to reduce risks of deplacing it. It was the first time I was piercing myself with the intention to keep it for a long period. The first skin layer was easy to pierce. I didn't feel any pain for that first step. The second step was consisting to go deeper in the nipple. It was a little bit more painfull and harder to pierce. The next part started about at the middle of the nipple. This one was really painfull. I had to stop for one minute to let the pain go away. Then, I arrived to the last part of the piercing, the second skin layer. It was the most painfull and difficult step to do. It took to me near the half of the time to pierce this thin skin layer. I don't know why, but it was harder and very painfull to pierce by the intside than to pierce by th outside. When I get out of my nipple, about 10 minutes after the start of my experience, I close the pin and centered it on my nipple. The feeling was particular, I was really proud of what I did and I realise that my dick was really hard. I had to masturbate 2 times to put it on a normal situation. My principal fear was the possibility of infection and the healing time.

At my satisfaction, I had only to put peroxyde on my nipple for two weeks, after it, the only problem that I had is some small blood flow during the night. It last for about 3 mounths. I have my right nipple pierced for 9 mounths and I am very satisfied of it. My boyfriend is also very satisfied with this piercing. He is thinking to get one before the summer. After my rght nipple, I didn't stopped my piercing experiences. I decided in the begining of September, to get my left nipple pierced. I did the same procedural, except that I put it horizontally. This was an idea of my boyfriend, he said that it would make original. This time, the healing time was 4 mounths, I don't know why, but it was longer. This piercing was more exiting than the first one because my boyfriend assisted me. I tried some experimental foreskin piercings on my penis and on other parts of my body like chest. It was only experiences. I really started to make body modification projects when I discover BME in october of 1998. I saw some ideas and it gives me a good overview of what I can do.

My next phase will probably concern genital percings. I want to add to my body a scrotal ladder and maybe a transcrotal piercing. The problem with a transcrotal piercing is that it is more difficult to do at home, me and my boyfriend are not experts in piercings. For the scrotal ladder, there is no problem to do it, I just need the pins that are relatively easy to find. I think I would start this phase next summer, which will probably coincide with the first piercing of my boyfriend (he wants to be pierced in his tongue or in his nipples). My life before and after piecing was not really modified. The part of my life which was really improving by piercings was my sexual life. It gave to it more fantasy and excitement. Finally, I can say that my experience with body piercing was very good and I want to explore it more in details.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 April 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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