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MySelf Nipple Piercing And Repiercing

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It all started maybe when I was thirteen when all the piercing and tattooing caught my eye. My mom got a tattoo to cover her birthmark and ever since then I've wanted a tattoo, which I plan on getting almost my whole back done when I turn 18 (I'm 16 now). But as for piercing they only things I ever saw were basic ears noses and such nothing extreme. Until I got a computer and found BME and then I saw everything. The only things I want to pierce are my tongue which I want a venom style pierce, maybe doing one ear all the way up, my nipples that I did myself, and my navel which I plan on doing soon. But for now I will share my nipple experience.

I guess it all started when my best friend had his friend pierce his nipple for him and looking at pictures on BME, when I became interested in piercing my nipples. Since I knew my parents hate his kind of stuff I figured the only way I could get it done was if I did it myself. It took a few tries before I actually went throughout with it all. First I knew I need jewelry so I went to the mall (yay!) and went into a little store that I knew sold good jewelry for good prices and bought two 18g CBR's. Then next step was a needle couldn't find any real piercing needles so the first time I tried a normal needle, after numbing with Anbesol (lol i don't recommend because it doesn't work!) That first attempt failed i got scared and was in pain so i stopped put some bacitracin on my nipple and put a band aid on it and let it heal. I may have tried 2 more times with safety pins and other various sharp objects until i found an old box of lancets my mother had from testing the sugar level in her blood. I was chewing on one (they have plastic coatings on them) and i chewed all the plastic offend looked at it and said "hey this is really sharp and its 18g and surgical steel this is perfect!" So a week or two later i gathered all my piercing things together, like all the info i found on BME which was extremely helpful, alcohol, ice, the lancets, a lit candle, and the CBR's. Well i tried and wussed out yet again.

Later that night i was laying in bed around 11 or so and i looked at all the stuff sitting around and said to my self " F* it I'm really gonna do it this time" i went to get some ice cubes cleaned my lancet and numbed myself. I always started with my right and never had any luck so i started with the left this time. I squeezed my nipple and put the needle on the right side and pushed i felt it go through, the feeling wasn't that bad, i held the ice on it to keep it numb and I closed my eyes, pushed and hoped for the best, I felt it crunch through the flesh. It felt weird not really painful. The needle still wasn't all the way through so i closed my eyes and pushed again. I looked and saw the tip coming through! I was so excited that i finally did it after so many tries so i pushed it all the way through to make sure it was fully pierced.

The next step was the jewelry. This is where it was the most painful i heard that barbells were the best to heal with so i just quickly found some earrings they were silver and I put it through. As I pulled the needle out it started bleeding I stood up and remembered the blood dripping from it. I covered a tissue in blood. Meanwhile i still was putting ice on it to ease the pain. I eventually and painfully got the stud through my nipple. Now came the time for the stubborn one. I iced the right nipple, cleaned my little lancet again and started putting the needle through. This one was more difficult it was halfway in and it seemed a little tougher but i stuck with it i figured i made it this far why stop now, closed my eyes and hoped for the best again. This one wasn't as good it went in the middle and came out near the tope but i didn't really realize this at first.

Then came putting the stud through the worst part, but i got it over with quickly because the hole was diagonal it took longer and hurt more but i got it done put bacitracin on them and Band-Aids and went straight to sleep. By the way it only took me about 45 minutes for this whole process. Well for the next few days a little sore nothing bad. On the second day i went to my friend's house with my nifty Band-Aids still on. Went online to the piercing index and aftercare and realized silver, ointments and Band-Aids were bad. So when I went home I attempted to put the CBR's in, How painful must I tell you!!! This had to be the worst considering I wasn't properly caring for them and they were fairly fresh. I poked around in my nipple with the rings for what seemed like hours. I was sitting on the floor, thank god otherwise I would have passed out. Then someone had to use the bathroom so I had to leave with half a CBR and a stud hanging out. I went in my room and poked around in my nipple for and hour finally it went through and I cleaned it and left it alone.

Now the evil nipple the right one this one wasn't easy at all it was so painful I put the lancet through it and put two earring studs on either end and left it at that. Then I soaked them with the warm saline dried them and fell asleep. After a few days I finally got the CBR through the right one another painful experienceÂ…Actually now that I think of it might have been the other way around but I'm not sure I might have gotten the right one through first. But anyhow I realize how screwed up the right one was and realized it needed to be redone. I realized it in the shower when I would bend over and they would hang down and the right one would hurt a lot. So a few days later right before work on a Friday afternoon I got the lancet and the ice and out it through the original hole and aimed lower, of course it aimed lower and crooked so I pulled back a bit and tried again and it went through fine. Then I tried with jewelry oh for get it first it went through the wrong hole and started bleeding then the other wrong hole so I left the lancet in again. The left one was doing great but now the right one had to go through the initial healing phase again. Let me tell you that hot saline was my best friend. It seemed to take away the pain I loved it. I was scared for a few days that my right one was infected but I cleaned it with my antibacterial soap and piercing cleaner and kept god care of it and it was fine. It's been three weeks for my left and two for the right. They both are doing great I still wash them with the soap and cleanser and daily remove the crusting with alcohol swabs and put vitamin e on them because the band aids made them dry and so does the alcohol. I haven't been able to test them yet though, according to one of the piercing benefit things I found on BME it says it feels good sexually and stuff but I haven't played with them for fear of infection. Everyone I showed likes them too they think its cool and all. My parents still don't know they might figure it out eventually but they don't need to know anyway.

But they healed fine so far and look great. I don't recommend really doing them yourself. Especially if you screw up like I did I was lucky that nothing horrible happened I check everyday for lumps and stuff too cause I read that they can develop so just to be safe I check every once and a while. It still gets crusties on the rings that come off quite easily in the shower or with and alcohol swab. You always have to appreciate the little ring imprints when you take your bra off too. I was thinking about stretching them to 14g maybe I dunno for sure though.

For everyone looking to get their nipple done I say do it just be careful and take good care of them because that's the only way you'll benefit from getting it done. Have fun and email with any questions!

Jayde XxSLeeTHxX@aol.com


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 April 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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