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A piercing party (my nipple)

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Although I had been thinking about getting my left nipple pierced for

quit some time I never mustered up the guts to go by myself. All my friends had offered to come and watch but I still wanted to go with at least 1 other person getting pierced. So for the longest time I went without my nipple ring. Then one day I was talking to a friend who said she was getting her tongue pierced, when I asked if I could come she said only if I was getting something pierced. It was the perfect chance, at first it was just me and her going but by the end of the day we had picked up one more member for our piercing trip. He was going to get both of his nipples pierced.

Waiting in school the next day took forever, when lunch come around I

learned that another person would be joining us to get her labret pierced. My after noon classes went by in a blur as I ran over the idea of getting pierced over and over again in my head. After class I felt like I was gonna puke so did my tongue piercing friend. The only one who didn't seem a bit nervous was the other guy going. We picked up the 4th member of our party and we were off to Artistic Tattoo.(NOTE: there are too placed to get pierced in our hick town, one is a greasy biker place and the other is a studio like place. We choose the studio)

    So the rundown of the piercing's is

Amber=Tongue Mandy=Labret Me=Left Nipple Andy=Both Nipples.

Since Amber knew what she wanted in her tongue she choose her jewelry

and went first. Jigs the piercing guy said it was best to do the paired nipples last so he wanted to do Mandy's labret next. After watching my friend to the tough "I'm not gonna cry act" it was my turn.

I selected a straight 14 gauge barbell and went to the back.  After

removing my shirt and wondering why I was doing this again I finally sat down in the chair. By this time was sweating like hell, sweat was pouring from my armpits onto the chair. After a few minutes and swabbing and clove changing he clamped my nipple, so far no pain, a little uncomfortable but not painful. Jigs positioned the needle and said I would feel a little prick. "THAT LYING SON OF A BITCH" it hurt like hell. Luckily my blood started flowing and the pain only lasted a second or two, but he still lied. After letting my check it out in a mirror he tightened the balls and let me gather myself for a second. Seeing my face turn white was almost enough to make Andy walk out. But he still went through with it. Although I had watched Amber and Mandy with great interest Andy's nipples were just a blur to me (adrenaline I guess) We all paid and went on our way.

After getting pierced me and Andy went to get the anti-bacterial cream

we were told to get. I'm not sure how many of you have gone into a drug store with only one other guy and start asking about ointments, I would have to say it doesn't look to good.

I went home praying I wouldn't be ask about being home so late from

school. Lucky for me my parents didn't ask. Even though I was wearing 2 shirt I still though my dad would notice. After eating and having a nice talk with my parents I went to the bathroom to clean my new toy. I also realized that my parents would not find out unless I showed them.

As for cleaning I have been using and anti-bacterial cream on it twice

and day and giving it a salt water soak every other night. The salt water soaks are doing wonders, after I do one my nipple stings a bit but all the crusty shit is gone. I've had my nipple ring for about 6 weeks now and I've cut down to just the cream once a day. I only problem I've had is my habit of hooking my school bag on the edge of the bar.

When I show people the reaction is either cool or ouch!  Most the girls

say ouch and start to shield their breast as if some how the bar is going to jump out of my nipple and into theirs. One of my female friends had a totally different reaction. She went and had her left nipple pierced about a week later, we call it our "secret team" piercing's. We are always arguing about who's nipple is better. Everyone says her's is, but I say "If I had breast mine would be just a cool"

For anyone thinking about getting their nipples pierced it hurts like a

son of a bitch but its worth it. If you have any questions e-mail me at nin101@hotmail.com peace, love, empathy jay


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 April 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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