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Nipple piercing story

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It was a few weeks after getting my lip pierced before I decided to get my nipples done. I've only had my ears pierced, so I had no idea how much pain any other piercing would entail. A few years ago, I decided to try and pierce my lip myself. What an idiot, right? I didn't keep it in more than a day, seeing as though a safety pin was my weapon of choice. When I finally had it done professionally, it was such a surprise at how little pain was involved. I was really excited to get my nipples pierced, but nervous as hell all at the same time. I'm not sure if I was more nervous about taking my shirt off in front of this dude or the actual piercing! I love to play with my husband's nipple rings. He pierced his left one himself, vertically and horizontally. It was him who gave me the final ounce of courage to go through with it. I decided to make an appointment with the guy who did my lip. He was really nice and made me feel comfortable. We got there at around 4:30, and he escorted us in. He has a fairly small studio. Once inside, I signed the necessary papers and showed him my ID. I was surprised that he needed to see it again after already piercing me before, but I guess the laws are cracking down on piercers who pierce under-aged people. He had me remove my shirt. I didn't bother to wear a bra since I didn't know how it would be afterwards. He got all the materials out while I was removing my shirt and placed them on a tray. Once I had my shirt off, I really wasn't as nervous as I thought I was going to be. He opened two brand new needles and examined my nipples to see what gauge would suit me. I was really worried that he'd have a hard time piercing them because they're so small, but he assured me that a 14ga CBR would be perfect. He cleaned them both off with some orange/brown colored liquid and wiped that off with something that smelled like alcohol. I must admit, this part kind of turned me on. It felt really weird having someone other than my husband prodding at my nipples! It was awfully chilly in there, so my nipples didn't give him much of a problem with staying hard. He started with my left one- made his little marks on each side, took a step back, shook his head and started all over again. He finally got his markings perfect and preceded to put on the clamps. This didn't hurt nearly as bad as everyone said it would. He got the needle in place and held the cork to the opposite side. I was sweating like a son of a bitch by now and I dug my nails into my husband's hand. The apprehension was killing me. I closed my eyes 'cuz I just couldn't bear to see a needle THAT close to my nipple. I knew the drill, deep breath in and... HOLY CHRIST!!!! It was one of the most intense pains I had ever felt. I don't remember if I really said anything that made any sense, but I do know that I wanted to knock my husband's head off when he said, "oh, it's not that painful." He had the ring through before I even knew it. I suppose I did get an adrenaline rush, I mean I had the balls to let him do my other one. He placed the bead on and let me regain my composure before he went on to the right one. It bled a good amount, which sort of surprised me. Same thing with the right one, only he had a bit of a harder time threading the ring in this one. With this one, the blood came right out of the tip of my nipple. He said he had only seen this happen once before, so that made me a little nervous. My piercer, who has a PA, a reverse PA, a septum piercing and a slew of other ones said his nipples were the most painful out of all his piercings. They seemed to lose their sensitivity for the first week or so, but it's going on 3 weeks now and they're even more sensitive now. I'm cleaning them twice a day with Dial Antibacterial soap and sensitive ear care solution. They're kind of sore when I rotate them, but I'm sure that will go away soon. I'm thinking of getting smaller rings. I like the 14ga, but I think a smaller size would go better with my physique. All in all it was a good experience. My next endeavor is going to be either a vertical or horizontal clit hood piercing.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 April 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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