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Decorating My Tits

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I've been interested in piercings since I was 10.  My mum is a little odd and

refused to let me get a set of holes in my ears until that point. Also, the same year, one of my counselors at camp had an eyebrow and a tongue ring. I went home and told my mum - I'm going to do that. She laughed at me, so I sat back to wait for my 18th birthday.

As soon as I turned 18, I went out to buy my first pack of cigarettes and

pierce my tongue. I have had it for almost two years and I couldn't picture myself with out it. A few months later I was at a concert with some friends with my tax return check burning a hole in my pocket. The itch to pierce something was getting fierce.

While at the show, I decided that I wanted to pierce a nipple. This was for two reasons: one, my conservative job and two, since my breasts are fairly large, I tend to show them off. My breasts are one of my favorite features so it seemed only fair to decorate. The next day I called Miraculous Creations in Worcester, Ma. They were really busy that day so they scheduled an appointment for about five hours later. I spent the whole day brooding about it, but it was finally time to go.

Two of my friends came with me. The three of us are all fairly preppy so we got a lot of strange looks in the waiting room. The receptionist especially seemed to think we were out of place, which only added to my nerves. She vaguely waved us over to a display case to pick out my jewelry. I picked out a simple silver ring that was marked nipple ring and was huffily told that it was too small. like I had a clue. I decided to go with a silver 14 gauge CBR with a sparkly blue bead.

Finally it was time to go in. Luckily, the piercer - whose name I can't remember for the life of me - was really mellow and relaxed, which helped me calm down a little bit. He gave me a little tour of the studio and showed me the autoclave. Miraculous really emphasizes how seriously they take cleanliness. I was really impressed with how he made sure I knew exactly what was going on at all times. He asked me to take my shirt off. When he cleaned my nipple off, I was pretty amazed because it had never been so hard.

I had a major attack of nerves when he started waving waving the clamps around. He was relaxed me and clamped my nipple. I couldn't handle watching beyond that. The clamps were worse than the piercing itself. When he actually put the needle through, it was a sharp pain, but so quick that it was not bad. It was intense enough that it was almost erotic. He then slipped the ring in and put the bead in place. When he put the ring in, it burned a bit, but again it was so quick that it didn't bother me.

He explained the aftercare procedure, and gave me a sheet of instructions. By this point, I has such an adrenaline rush all I could do was bounce up in down in my chair. I went to meet my friends and I couldn't talk because I was so excited. The first few hours with it were the best because the slightest bit of friction was incredibly erotic.

Three months later when I got back to school, my roommates decided we should go on a piercing expedition. (they both got their navels done.) I insisted on going back to Miraculous because I wanted to match my ring and they had been so good the previous time.

It was a pleasant surprise when they had a new receptionist, who was about eight thousand times nicer and whipped out pictures of her own freshly pierced nipples. Our piercer this time was Elton, who was really cool and laid back. He also showed us everything and made sure we knew exactly what we were doing. I volunteered to go first because I knew watching them would gross me out. I barely even felt this piercing. I was a little freaked because I heard the second one is usually a lot more painful, but this was not the case for me. I'm not really sure why, but I've heard that because it was my right nipple, it's further from my heart and therefore less sensitive.

Anyway, he told me that he was done, and since I hadn't felt anything, I didn't believe it. I looked down and saw this huge needle going through my tit - not the prettiest thing I've ever seen. He slid the ring in and I was done. I didn't get quite the adrenaline rush I had before, but I was still proud to have both nipples done. Elton tried to convince me I should get my clit done. I don't know about that one - yet, but I would definitely recommend Miraculous Creations.

Overall, my nipple piercing experience has been really positive. I love the increased senstivity - although they can be overly tender at times, work for example. I think they look really good, and the people who have played with them seem to really enjoy them.

I don't really have much to say about aftercare - wash with antibacterial soap twice a day, sleep in a bra for the first week or so, and sea salt soaks work wonders.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 April 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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