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Ange's Spring Break Poke Fest

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During my sophomore and junior years of high school, I desperately wanted my navel pierced. But unfortunately, I had a few delimas to overcome. I was only sixteen years old and under the supervision of my Very aged, stubborn, and traditional grandmother. I thought about having my navel pierced constantly. I thought that it was attractive and it wasn't common. I would be original( at least to my peers). I started to think that I'd never be able to pull it off, I thought about alternatives to the actual needle. I bought a clip-on and hated it. It looked fake(although it fooled my peers because they had not been exposed to such things). And because it was fake it wouldn't stay on my skinny, little navel. I decided that I would have to pursue the real thing. I looked in piercing and tattoo magazines and in books on the subject(there are very few) to find information on the proper procedures and things that I should know. After reading from ample sources, and devising a master plan, I got my belly pierced at the age of seventeen at the end of my junior year of high school. I did and still do love my pierce. Finding the little information that I did only made me more curious about the piercing world so I sought out more books and mags. One book that I found listed the numbers of parlors to aid one in their search for more information. One of which that I called gave me the website address to BME during my senior year. BME is great. I come to this website on a regular basis. While looking a pictures on BME, I started becoming interested inmore piercings. I started thinking about piercing my nipples. My friends think I'm crazy to want to pierce such a supposedly sensitive area. But that's my problem my nipples have very little sensitivity. Not only do I believe that nipple piercing are sexy, I also want some of this sensitiveness that everyone else has. What a great way to accomplish two things at once.

This year is my first year at college. I didn't know that after my first Spring Break that I would return to school a newly pierced girl.

For Spring Break, I hooked up with a girl that lives in my dorm and went home with her on the first day of the break: a Friday. The Tuesday of the next week , we met up with two of her friends in her home town of Charolotte, North Carolina to our Spring Break destination of Daytona Beach, Florida. It was so cool everybody stayed out late every night. Everybody walked around in their bathing suites all day. And pierced navels were at every turn(including mine). One of the girls that my friend invited, was like I was a few years ago. She wanted her navel pierced very badly, but she and her mother had plans to go and be poked together this summer(Isn't that cool! I wish my grandmother was that cool!) The more pierced bellies she saw, the more she wanted it. Not to mention that there is a shop that does piercing on almost every corner in Daytona. It became too hard for her to resist. She called her mom and asked if she minded if she got hers now and her mom said it was OK. I started thinking of my own plans and how cool it would be to pierce my nipples during my first Spring Break. I wasn't sure if I could do it. I am a wimp and I am very afraid of needles(I have a terrible fear of shots). Inez had her mind made up. That morning, we went to have breakfast, to the ATM machine so Inez could get money for her pierce and I went to a cfonvience store to buy bactine and motrine just in case I grew balls and decide to do it. After breakfast Inez says,"I'm ready to get my belly pierced." This was my moment of truth(or should I say guts). Inez choose a great place. They didn't just pierce, they had it all. The place was called "The Corner" on North Atlantic in Daytona. They sold swimming suites and othe summer clothes. They had a live DJ mixing music and two large leather couches in front of the DJ for people waiting in line to be poked or people just hanging out. This place was mor like a party then a clothing store. They also had an artist there who could paint movie-quality temporary body art. And of course they did piercing..

While Inez paid for her pierce, I was still thinking about mine. I knew that it was something that I wanted but could I, not to mention my boyfriend, handle it. After a small debait, I decided to do it and paid my money. Inez and I looked at clothing while we waited for our turn. When Inez was called, I went into the room with her so that she wouldn't be alone. One minute later she was pierced and thrilled about it. When the piercer asked her what she wanted, he joked about how much it woud hurt. So Inez told him what I was getting and he stopped mid-sentence to smile and say how bad my expierience would be. When he was done with Inez I was very nervous. To make matters worst some guy went in next before I could so I had to wait my turn. The anticipation was bad the waiting made me more nervous. I went and sat infront of the DJ to listen to his music. I thought maybe that would calm me down. After a few minutes I was cool. I was rocking to the beat of the music when I turned around to see the piercer calling me to his little room with his fingers. I said,"Oh God!" All three of my friends came into the small space to comfort me. I undressed as the guy got out fresh tools.

He turned around and cleaned my nipples with alchol swabs. This had a double purpose: one, to clean the area; and two, to make me uuuh, perky.

I told him not to tell me what he was doing. "Just do it. Don't say a word." I watched him clamp my left nipple with some forceps and then I closed my eyes.

I felt a sharp poke and then the needle sliding through. I sighed at the sensation. It hurt for only a second. That's all it took. The left one is now halfway done. Then I felt the clamps on my right nipple. This doesn't hurt at all. Then the sharpness the the needle. He starts to insert the jewelry into the right nipple. I felt it. But it wasn't pain. It didn't hurt at all. Only then did I look. I only watched him put in my left ring this had a small amount of pain although the right had none. The worst was definitely over. I watched him use his pliers to close the rings and add on the little balls and it was over. I felt slightly nausous so I sat in the chair for about four minutes. After that I felt fine. I wasn't in pain.(I also took a motrine before I got there) My nipples were tingly, which I kind of liked. My left nipple bleed a little but that stopped before I could get out of the chair. I stood up and looked at my new holes and I loved them just as I love my navel ring. I was pierced on March 10th. Today is March 21st. I haven't had any problems so far. I was them with antibacterial soap and use bactine once a day. They were sore for the first two days but since then I have had no pain what-so-ever.(well, unless some strong force PURPOSELY charges at me with the intent to cause pain. I have not expierienced that thank goodness.) I seem to be doing well. I'd recommend that anyone get their happy nipples pierced. My expierience was good hopfully yours would be too.

Questions? (Positive ones) E-mail me at Amoniquec83@Hotmail.com


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 April 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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