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Paired nipples pierced at Peforations in D.C.

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A couple days ago I made a trip down to D.C. to get my nipples pierced. They would be my second and third piercing, an industrial having been done only three weeks prior. I made an appointment for rush hour on a Friday afternoon. Let me tell you, there is nothing you want less then to be caught on a subway hungry and with a couple fresh piercings.

So anyway, I arrive at Perforations and as usual it is unbelievably clean. Since I had had a piercing done there so recently the piercer recognized me and handed me off to an apprentice to get the piercings done. After about a half-hour of waiting for my appointment time, Aaron, the apprentice, called me back to his "office." He chatted and this helped relieve some of my nervousness. Anyway, he made the markings, remade them, and finally I gave them my seal of approval. I then hopped up on the chair and resolved to let Aaron do his thing.

First things first. He applied the clamp to my left nipple, and I gotta admit this hurt a fair amount. Certainly not an unbearable amount, but a good precursor to the pain of having a needle driven through the nipple. And just for those of you out there who claim that the forceps are the worst part, not for me! The needle dwarfed the pain I felt here!

Then the breathing exercises came. I did the traditional three deep breath routine and then Aaron pushed the needle through. It didn't take long at all, but Christ did it hurt. After the industrial I didn't expect it to really hurt. It took me by surprise. However, the pain only lasted a few seconds and once the ring was in it faded entirely. That wasn't so bad! Time for nipple number two!

My head was spinning a little bit and Aaron gave me a little while to recover. After a minute or two I asked him to continue. He applies the clamp to my right nipple. This time he took a couple tries getting it on correctly. This was more annoying than painful, but hey, I want him to make a perfect pierce even more than he does. On his third try the clamps fit perfectly. In truth, it was probably that I shifted and screwed up his previous clamping.

Same deal as before, breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. On the third exhale the needle went in to the nipple. This hurt a little bit more than the previous nipple and I nearly flinched. Afterwards I looked down and saw the needle poking through my nipple and silently uttered, "Cool." Everything was a bit surreal, partly because of my seeing the needle and the endorphin rush I was riding. Aaron then slipped the ring in through the pierce and proceeded to drop the bead for the CBR on the floor. He quickly recovered it and after a few seconds worth of sterilization in a solution placed it in the ring.

Fish (one of the pro-piercers) came in and took a look at his handy work. He approved, I approved, everyone was happy. I tipped all the people involved and got the hell out of dodge. After my two-hour metro ride home, I crashed for the night without the partying I did after I got my industrial. I have rarely felt so totally spent as after I got the nipples done. Took more out of me than I thought at the time, I guess.

Anyway, maybe it's just me, but after three days my nipples don't really hurt at all. Maybe it is the fact I own some loose shirts, maybe I'm just lucky. There has been little bleeding, almost no lymph, and the rings have rotated relatively easily in the nipple. Cleaning has been a breeze since the rings don't hurt much and they rotate easily. I even managed to roll over and sleep on my stomach last night without walking up.

I am a little disappointed that they don't hurt. It does make them relatively easy to recommend to friends however. I expect that one or two of them might even take my advice. Ah well, just another day in the life of the newly pierced. This piercing has behaved so well that I am even beginning to look at an ampallang or maybe another pair of nipple piercings when I get restless.

I thoroughly recommend to anyone who has any interest that they get their nipples pierce. Although it hurts more at the time than a lot of other piercings a guy can get, it is so much easier to live with during the healing period than other piercings my friends have gotten. And you can't beat the feeling of a short rubbing on the rings when you walk down the street! Until next time...


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 April 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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