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Nipple at Hellion House

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/08-nipple/990401/niphh.html"> I finally decided that I had to do it; I had to get my nipple pierced and get it out of the way. I had wanted to for a while, I always thought it looked cool, but I had long ago decided that only a crazy person would endure the pain. I had endured 2 tattoos but they were small and somehow the thought of the much larger piercing needle going through such a sensitive area didn't even begin to compare.

Then a month ago my husband, Joe (who had been

wanting a PA for some time) finally got it done. He and a friend decided that they would go before the friend left for a month long trip to Australia. Neither of them had a clue where to go and since there are many options in Pittsburgh, I decided to do some research. The winner was Hellion House who's piercer Gary has 10 years of experience and is nearing the completion of his 10,000th piercing. (I remembered later that Gary had done a cartilage piercing on me about 6 years earlier.) Joe got hi PA, which is healing very nicely, said that the pain was nothing to worry about and encouraged me to go ahead and do it.

I called Gary to ask him about the procedure

and he gave me straightforward knowledgeable answers not to mention the fact that he seemed very nice. Then.I began to obsess about it! I visited the BME site several times daily and read all of the accounts of nipple piercing. I looked at all of the female pictures of it that I could find. I talked incessantly about it to my friend Jason at work and to Joe at home. So much so that Joe threatened to go and sleep on the couch on one occasion if I mentioned it again. I was driving myself crazy and I hadn't even made an appointment yet. I was sure that I wold love the way it looked since I liked the way it looked on others. Also since breastfeeding 2 children, my nipples were not as sensitive as they once were, especially the left and I hoped that the piercing would return some of the sensation. I decided that I had to get it done on Friday 2/26 after work or I would go insane. I had to get on with my life.

I called Gary on Friday afternoon and told him

that I would be in that evening. Needless to say, I was nervous at work. My stomach was in knots and I was losing patience with clients on the phone. I went home and decided that I had to go immediately. There was no way that I could sit through dinner. I ate half of a peanut butter sandwich and a small glass of milk (to keep my blood sugar up) threw some graham crackers to the kids to tide them over and headed for Hellion House.

On the way there, I was extremely nervous and I was certain that I couldn't go through with it. Oddly, when I got to the shop, I was suddenly calm. I listened as Gary's assistant (I assume that's who she was) explained the procedure to me again, gave me paperwork to sign and went to set up while I choose a hematite bead for my 14 gauge stainless steel CBR. When she returned, she got Gary and he told me to come on back. He determined which nipple I wanted and started cleaning it off with iodine or betadine followed by alcohol. All during these readying steps he was talking to me and distracting me from what was really going on. That was extremely helpful. He made marks on either side of my nipple and suddenly the clamps were on. All of my former nervousness returned. It was too late for me to stop it. He asked if I was ready and told me to take deep slow breaths. I gripped the sides of the chair and waited. I have no idea what breath I was on when I felt the needle pierce my skin and what I can only describe as an extremely hot pain in my nipple. No it was not the worst pain that I ever felt but then I've given birth to 2 children and survived 50 gallstones. Before I could even really think about the pain he announced that it was done. The ring was attached to the end of the needle in some way and he pulled it through with hardly any additional discomfort on my part.

I was done!!  I looked down at my nipple and it

looked just a great as I thought it would. I was a little lightheaded and my hands were shaking but I didn't seem to experience a huge rush like I'd heard about. He gave me some water and told me to sit there as long as I needed to. I sat for about 5 minutes and then felt ready to try out my legs again. After that I just felt drunk for a few hours. Joe took me out to dinner to celebrate. I was so proud of myself; I could now understand the sense of accomplishment that others spoke about on BME. When I got home I crashed. I must have been higher on adrenaline than I thought I was because when I came down I couldn't keep my eyes open.

It has been 2 weeks and it seems to be healing

nicely. I do occasional salt-water soaks and wash twice a day with anti-bacterial liquid soap with moisturizers. It is remarkably painless, even right afterwards it only stung for about an hour and after that I didn't even know it was there. It has already made my nipple more sensitive, I just can't wait until he can put it in his mouth.

I'm not sure what's next.  Just yesterday I had

an old tattoo altered so I think I'm done modifying my body for the time being. But if I get up the courage to get a horizontal hood piercing, I will most certainly go back to Gary.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 April 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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