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Nipple Piercing at Snakebite in Dublin

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It was a warm spring morning when I set out for Snakebite to get my nipple pierced. I was 32 years old and never been pierced, not even my earlobes when I was a teenager. No tattoos either. Everything was still laid out to mother natures design.

I had heard about body piercing but never thought I'd be interested in it. Then one day in the gym where I work out, I saw a guy with a small gold ring in his nipple and I knew that I had to have one too. There was just something about the way he walked around with his chest sticking out, he seemed to be really proud of it. I caught a few of the other guys checking him out then he caught me checking him out, so I simply asked him about it. He told me all about it, where he got it done, how much it cost and how much pain was involved.

 When I arrived at Snakebite, I walked past the door a few times trying to pluck up the courage to go in. Every time I got near the door something inside me made me back away. (I could feel the yellow streak down the middle of  my back becoming much more pronounced).  I eventually went in, my hart was pounding and I could hardly tell the guy what I wanted done.

I sat down for a few minutes while he got things ready. We chatted and I had a good look around the place and checked out all the albums of piercings he had performed (Quite impressive.) He asked me what sort of jewelry I wanted, I knew I wanted a ring but that was all, so he took out a selection for me to choose from. Once I had made the selection he put it in an autoclave to sterilize it.   In no time at all he was calling me into the room where the piercing would be done.  I had calmed down considerably while I had been sitting there, so the adrenaline rush that hit me when I stood up took me by surprise. As I went into the room the smell of surgical alcohol hit me. I liked it, some how it made me think "clean".

I didn't really take in my surroundings, so intent was I on telling my self that I could take the pain. Rob (The Piercer) asked me to take my shirt off, as I did so he was snapping on a pair of surgical gloves. Then he cleaned my nipple with a sterile wipe.I was trying to look at anything and everything in the room just to keep from looking at what he was doing. He seemed to know that I was nervous so he kept up a constant stream of patter. He marked where he was going to position the CBR I had chosen. Then asked me if the position was O.K.  I was drawn away from scanning  the contents of the room and back to procedure at hand. I looked down at my chest and realized that he had marked a lot further back than I actually wanted. No problem he moved the marks and asked me if I was happy. I was.  Then he put the clamp on. Rob told me that this might hurt, but I felt no real discomfort.

I was starting to get into this now. The adrenaline rush had subsided, my heart had slowed back to a more normal pulse rate and I was able to take a more objective view of what was going on.  Then he got the needle out, making sure that I saw it was from a sealed package. He told me to take three deep breaths and on the third breath out he would pierce. I started breathing and the adrenaline started pumping. I felt the pain as the needle broke the skin and as it started to travel through my nipple I felt the most amazing feeling, God it hurt like hell, but this pain was completely eclipsed by the feeling of exhilaration, then it was out the other side. He removed the needle leaving the little plastic tube in place. He explained that this was to guide the jewelry through form the entry to the  exit point.

Then he fitted the CBR. This stung a little but nothing I couldn't handle. He popped the ball into place and then with a sterile wipe cleaned off a small amount of blood which was coming from the exit site.  As I stood up everything seemed more alive more vibrant and quit frankly I could have floated out of that place. My skin seemed tingly and both my nipples had become completely erect and to top it all off I was sporting a fine hard-on. Rob explained this was just due to the endorphin rush.  As I paid for the procedure Rob gave me a leaflet explaining all about aftercare, he also gave me his mobile phone number and told me if I had any questions or problems to give him a call. The leaflet was very informative. It had information on how to clean all the different types of piercings and where to get the necessary supplies to keep the piercing clean. From the articles that I had read I was expecting it to be a lot more painful then it actually was. Now that I've been spiked once I'll have to do it again, I'd like a P.A. or Hafada, definitely nothing on the face I'm just not into that.

The next time I drop into Snakebite I will be a lot more at ease, now that I know what's involved. I think I'll be able to enjoy my next piercing a lot more and be more involved in every aspect of what's going on.  If I had known how much I was going to enjoy having this procedure done I would have had it done a long time ago. I still can't believe how short a time it took to heal. The second day after the piercing was a little freaky, I woke up to find my new nipple ring pointing straight up instead of down. I pushed it down, Big mistake, a sharp stinging sensation ensued and a drop of blood appeared at the exit site. I went into the bathroom and put some Hydrogen Peroxide on it, another mistake, This stung like hell. But it did stop the bleeding and that was that.  It seemed to be completely healed within ten days.

The first few days after being spiked, I was very wary about touching the actual piercing or the nipple. I just made sure to keep it clean, using all the procedures that rob had told me about. The first time I let it be seen in the gym I took a lot of stick, but I got over it and now no one takes a second look. Since getting my nipple pierced several other guys in the gym have followed my example. I love my one body modification and can't wait to get some more.

I have to say that I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is considering having it done. If you live in Dublin, get on down to Snakebite and ask for Rob.

Anybody in Dublin want to talk about body mods, E-mail me at herityp@indigo.ie


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 April 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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