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Red Headed Devil

weeks ago I got my nipples pierced. 3 years ago I could never have imagined I would do such a thing. When my roommate got her nose done I thought she was being truly obnoxious.

Suddenly, out of the blue 2 years ago, I decided that I had to have my nave pierced NOW! So as a birthday present, a friend brought me to the tattoo parlor in town and had my navel pierced. I remember the giddy joy I felt as I presented my driver's license and signed the waiver form. I was led to the back of the tiny studio into a room separated by a curtain. I sat in the chair, unbuttoned my jeans and raised my shirt to bra level and I closed my eyes tightly. With 3 tattoo artists, (all men) and my best friend (a man) standing there, I got initiated into the world of the pierced. My friend told me that is was one of the most sexually exciting things he had seen in a long time. I got my navel done with a 12g curved barbell in purple niobium.

On the drive home, I had to pull over to the side of the freeway because the endorphins rush was ending and I almost passed out. I sat there on the side of the road and just thought of the incredible thing I had just done with my body.

It was at that moment that I discovered that piercing is more addictive than tattoos.

7 months later, on the day after Thanksgiving, I had Neil at Loops and Pierces in Santa Rosa California do my tongue. I had wanted to do it since the day after I got my navel done. My husband and my daughter and I went to the studio and had the whole procedure explained to us by a very nice, very professional and very beautiful woman. I showed my license, signed a waiver and sat in the waiting room. My daughter asked me if she could come in and watch me get is done, and I let her. I was so excited.

I went into the room, hopped up on the chair, and Neil explained everything to me again and asked me if I had any questions. I stuck my tongue out, got it dried, marked clamped and pierced. It only took a second and didn't hurt at all. I was as shocked as anyone when I barely felt it. I had heard that the pain compared with childbirth. My husband and daughter seemed slightly shell shocked, but were okay with my decision. We walked over to the supermarket for the Listerine and went home. My tongue healed really well and I only hurt it once when I got it stuck in a fork.

9 months later, I had my Tragus done by Neil. This was to date the most painful piercing I had gotten. I chose a pretty little blue 14g mini ring with a pearl bead. As usual, Neil was fast and professional. He was very honest and upfront when I asked him about the pain. He told me what to expect, and how long it would last. He was very honest, and it helped. I asked him not to tell me, just to pierce it. It hurt like hell, but it was fast and the endorphins hit quickly. I couldn't keep my fingers off of it, and it did get infected. The infection cleared thanks to a great bunch of advice from Neil. He answered all of my questions on the phone and told me to come in if it didn't clear up in a couple of days, 4 months later, I bout myself a Christmas present and had my almost closed gun pierced earring holes stretched to have a 12g set of purple rings in them. 2 weeks later, I had those rings moved up to the second set of holes and had some 10g steel rings put in the bottom holes. That was heaven, and they will be made larger when I get the cash to do it.

2 weeks ago, I finally got up the courage to get my nipples pierced. I called Neil and made an appointment. They answered all of my breastfeeding questions and other concerns over the phone. Again, my husband and daughter and I went to the studio and waited in the waiting room. Neil's studio is set up in what used to be a doctor's office. It's really very cute to walk into the doctor's office, talk to the receptionist behind the glass sliding window and then go into an examining room to get the pierce done. My husband and daughter chose to wait in the waiting room for this pierce. I walked back with Neil and we talked about migration for a bit. He felt my nipples and told me that there as very little chance of migration because of the nipple size and density. I chose to have the right nipple done. I took off my shirt, got marked, clamped and pierced and had the 12g steel ring put in. It took less than a half of a second to do it, but it was the most intense, awful, wonderful pain that I have experienced. I put my bra on; got all of the after care instructions and we walked over to get ice cream. The pain was awful for the first few days, and the 4th day the pain was lessening. That day, I went after work and got my left nipple pierced. I couldn't stand the lopsided way they looked. The second hurt less to be done and has consistently hurt less.

I am so pleased with my nipples. I have always loved them, now it's even harder for me to keep them hidden. They are beautiful and sexy. As soon as they heal enough, I am getting a chain to put on them.

Piercing has become a way of experiencing my body. I play with my rings and they remind me how incredibly wonderful my body is. They give me a way to express myself. The pain turns me on. I love to look at myself in the mirror with them. I love to explain to the guy at the fair or other events why I am setting off the hand held metal detector. I love everything about them. Next I am planning a Madison, and either a hood piercing or a labia pierce, as well as getting my ears done more. I have big plans.

Red Headed Devil red_head101@hotmail.com


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 March 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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