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My entry into the world of piercing

was about 11 when I (I'm male) got this fascination about rings in my ears, and having grown up in a very stern home, this was strictly out of the question. (to even wonder about it) Anyway, I would occasionaly take pins and pierce my ears, only to take them out again. This was very exciting, and I did it quite a lot.

Then one day we were in a coastal city, and we as a family were walking along on the beach, when I saw this dude with two nipple rings.. I was stunned. Before this the thought of piercing anything else than my ears hads never even entered my mind, all I could do was stare. I probably offended the guy as well..

As soon as we got home after the weekend I took one of these studs you use in a piercing gun? and pressed that through my left nipple. It was sore. Very sore. But I had done it! The feeling I had was one of exhiliration so much that I got all dizzy from it. I kept that in for a day, but had to take it out again 'cause I was still living with my parents.

Some time had passed, and later when I moved out of the house into my own apartment I went and bought a proper needle, and pierced my nipple again, this time for keeps.

I still remember the joy I had when I took that needle in my hand, and brought it up to my nipple, my other hand trying to hold my nipple as still as I could. I stalled for a minute, I was trembling with anticipation, and fear, and exhiliration, and excitement, but then I put the needle up to my nipple and started pushing. when I reached halfway trough, I stopped. I had to first take a breath, or pass out. I was trembling so much I couldn't keep my hands aligned. After a while I started going again, and when the needle started pushing through skin on the other side of the nipple I stopped again. Now came the worst part. I was trembling worse, but started pushing again, the needle going through the skin on on the other side. It felt like all eternity. the thing that made me feel worst was not the pain or the sight, but the sound of my flesh cutting. It was kinda gross.

Somehow it was less painfull back then when I used the stud...

Ok, now it was very sore again, I was sweating like something else, and now was time to get the jewelry in. At that stage piercing was very much unknown in my country, so you couldn't just get jewelry anywhere, and if you did, it cost you a fortune. I made jewelery with silver decorations I bought at an art shop. it worked quite well, except for the fact that it got dirty inside the piercing often.

I kept it like this for a while until I could eventually get someplace to buy jewelery. I bought a proper BCR, and that's the way it stayed. for a while...

I wasn't content with the thin little (16ga?) piercing, and decided I wanted it stretched. this procedure is pretty boring, except if you stretch too much at once. Well, I kept going at it and kept stretching it.

The most difficult thing about my stretching was that I continously had to find proper stuff to stretch it with, since proper jewelery was really hard to come by. The people at the tattoo places didn't want to sell, and for me the whole thrill of everything was in doing it myself. having someone else do it for me would have been like I didn't experience the whole thing.

Anyway, I kept stretching it, using mainly parts of a radio antenae, the parts fitting over each other nicely. After every month or so I "upgraded" to a larger part of antenae, until eventually I had to find something else again. A larger antenae. ;)

Today I sport a nipple with an 8mm tunnel inside of it, but I'm not done yet.

My goal is to have a nice, large tunnel with a largish ring through it. My other goals are to get a septum, labret, another tongue stud, a proper ladder, and an ampallang



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 March 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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