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have been interested in body piercing since the mid-1970's. Though, at the time , being all of 14 years old, I had no knowledge of body piercing, as it is known today, nor was I aware that it actually existed in the "real" world.

It was at that time I thought it would look "neat" to pierce my left nipple with, of all things, a safety pin. I can remember attempting one night, only to give up because 1) the skin proved more resilient than I would have thought, 2) the pain in my untried nipple was too great and 3) fear of being found out.

The thought of having one pierced nipple (if not two) never really left me. For a number of years I had to put the thought on the "back burner" while I proceeded with what I knew as life. The intervening years saw me married and starting a family. It was with the start of a truly active sex life that put the piercing thought back in the forefront of my thinking. Again, I found myself hesitating for various reasons, fear being the primary. Knowing now that such was possible, I always thought that this would have to remain one of my many fantasies.

My dream of having my nipples pierced seemed so out of reach that it wasn't until the fall of 1998 that I finally bolstered my confidence and set a target date. This was the year I turned 40. Somehow it seemed appropriate to me that I had to begin my own life somewhere, why not now?

My birthday is at the end of October so I had a good month and some odd days to prepare. The anticipation was tremendous. I couldn't wait.

Finally the day came. I had decided that, because my birthday was in between pay days I would get it done the nearest Friday after my birthday, which turned out to be October 30th. On Thursday, the day before, I called my selected place and made the appointment. It was to be at 5:30 the next day.

I decided on a Friday because then I would have the weekend to get use to the sensations I knew I was going to experience. I am glad I did.

I picked up my husband from work and we went immediately to the shop, which turned out to be a clean, well lit little place tucked between a motel and a temporary employment agency. As with a lot of places such as this, the place was shared by two businesses, a tattoo studio and body piercing. The piercer had set up a space in the corner and had blocked it off from the rest of the store by a curtain. Seeing this I started having doubts but, as determined as I was, I knew I would not back out.

There was one other person before us so I was given the paperwork to complete while I waited. Meanwhile my husband found a place to sit.

After completing the paperwork I wandered around and looked at the tattoos on display. I didn't want anyone to see the extent of my nervousness. My mind seemed to be racing. Though a lot of thoughts went through my head I never had any regrets about what I was about to do. I had dreamed of this far to long to have any kind of regrets now. it was far too late to worry about what people would think, now or in the future. It was my turn now. I was as ready as I ever would be. My husband, who I thought would go back with me for moral support, suddenly decided that he would be better off just waiting for me. No problem.

I sat down on the table as indicated. A moment of panic rose in my heart when he asked me to remove my shirt. After a deep breath I complied. Now I was nude from the waist up. Oddly enough, I had no embarrassment at being in this state of undress before a man I had never met before in my life. He had his back to me as he prepared the equipment he would need to do the procedure. I had taken this time to explain about my diabetes and how my blood sugar has been under control for more than a year. I felt good that my piercer gave me the credit to have the good sense to know how good my health was in relation to my diabetes. It should pose no problem but may take longer to heal.

I made note of his glove changes and knew that I made the right choice. My comfort factor raised dramatically by just that seemingly little procedure. As it was, he changed several times during the entire piercing session. I don't think that any part of the session was competed without a change in gloves first. With two to do, he must have changed gloves at least 6 times, never using the same pair both nipples.

Now was the time, as my piercer came to me with supplies in hand. This was my last chance if I ever wanted to change my mind. No, I wasn't going to say anything at all. I did, however, wedge my hands under my legs. This was just to keep my hands out of the way.

First he checked my nipples as to size and shape. They were measured to make sure that the jewelry I selected was of correct size. He ended up deciding that a 3/4 inch cbr versus a 5/8 inch cbr would be needed. I requested a hematite ball be placed on the ring closure instead of surgical stainless steel. The black bead would contrast nicely with the silver color of the surgical stainless steel ring I picked out.

After the initial check my nipples were coated with an antibacterial ointment, which was wiped off prior to marking. With all the attention they were getting I had no problem with them getting hard and staying that way.

I was given a small hand mirror so I could check the proposed placement. Not having experience with this sort of thing, I said they looked fine. He said he would start with the right nipple since it was the closest.

I felt the point of the needle as it was positioned on the inside nipple surface. I watched as he brought the cork up to the outside surface, opposite the needle point. He told me to take some deep breaths and I think it was on my first exhale that he gave a hard push and I watched in amazement as the needle went through my right nipple. It stayed there a moment while he picked up the ring and fitted it to the end of the needle. the pain, which I expected to be really severe, was more like the feeling I experienced years ago when we enjoyed playing with clothes pins. It was a real hard pinching feeling, which lasted a moment or two before the burning sensation set in. My right nipple definitely knew that something had just happened.

The ring in, the bead attached, I once again looked in the mirror. It was different but it looked good. I could feel it very much.

The left nipple went much as the right one did. The needle went from the outside surface to the inside surface this time. The push through and the ring following. The bead was on and I was looking at the finished produce in the mirror. I now had pierced nipples. The excitement and anticipation were well worth it. It did kind of surprise me that the left one hurt a little more than the right one but I should have expected that. I don't think I've mentioned yet that my left nipple was mucg larger than my right nipple. I tell everyone that it is clotted milk matter from a failed attempt at breast feeding but I know that my failure to self pierce as a teenager was also an added factor. Regardless of the reason for the difference in size the left one didn't look as deep as the right one. I was still happy.

With the experience behind me I drove home. All the way to the house my husband and I talked about how it felt now that the deed was done. It was wonderful. I could feel all the minute changes in my nipples that I had just taken for granted before. I couldn't wait to get home so I could take a closer look at my new "pretties".

When I got that closer look I discovered the little differences in each piercing as I compared the two together. Nothing major but already I was planning a second piercing on each. I was anxious for the healing time to be up.

As of Friday, January 01, 1999, it will have been nine weeks since I had my nipples pierced. I still love the feel of them and have noticed many new things about my nipples. I especially love how they feel during sex.

Due to a difficulty in finding satisfactory comfort, I went back at five weeks and had my rings changed out for barbells. Just that change alone has seen a surge in the healing . I have been virtually "crustie" free since about December 14, 1998.

When I originally went in to have this done, I was told that I could be considered fully healed when there were no "crusties" for a good 30 days. So far it has been a good two weeks for the left and at least one for the right. I am anxious to go back for the second piercing. From there I am considering a stretch of the nipple itself. This is in order to fit a third, vertical piercing on my nipple, the first two being horizontal. I have already decided that #2 will be done with a circular barbell and #3 a straight barbell. The circular barbell is the best compromise between a cbr and a straight barbell.

Who knows where I'll go from here? I am thinking seriously about getting a tattoo, or several of them as I can afford them. And, my piercer has started talking about me getting genital piercings.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 March 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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