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^*^My Nipple Piercing Story^*^

K it started off freshman year(I am now a senior). I wanted my tongue pierced so I begged and begged but it only made my mom really pissed an she said to me if you don't stop harrassing me im gonna tell your father...so nevermind that idea. So next I tried for my eyebrow haha no. So I jus stuck with piercing my own ears 45 times. Then came senior year 98 99 the year everyone an their freaking mom decided to get their tongue pierced which was really making me mad so I said "Fuck It" I need something pierced. So I thought hey my nipple she'll never see that. So I talked my friend into it too so I wouldn't be alone.

Today is the day its a Thursday in November I called up the guy Gypsy he does

body piercing in his house an you don't have to be 18. I felt weird saying hey can I come in to get my nipple pierced so I jus said uhh can me an my friend come in at 6:30 he said ok yEs! I was so excited yet so scared. Around 5:30 my friend Crissy picked me and my friend Jackie and her boyfriend up.

Then off we go of course we get losted but I wanted it so bad so we didn't

turn back we found the place 45 minuets later. We walk up to the door an knock an a guy with a beard long frizzy black hair an no shirt on answered the door hey that made me feel great HI im here to show you my tit! Sike We jus walked in an his wife was chillen on the couch very normal looking it was weird. He walked us down to the small basement with pictures of people an what they got pierced all over the wall an a stool an a back car seat against the wall I though(Oh Shit I must be on crack). Gypsy goes what do u want pierced I said eh my nipple he said which one it took me a min to think so I said my left ok he cleaned all his stuff took then took the ring and the needle out of the package as I was standing there shaking like mad my friends sat down.

Now its time I laid down on the car seat thingy an he knelt down next to me

an I jus laid there he said uhh whenever your ready an i jus kept shaking then I said I am he handed me this little sand thingy to squeeze yes man an I lifted my shirt up an pulled my bra down thinking I feel retarded. He then cleaned it with some stuff then I jus closed my eyes an he clamped it I thought he pierced it but I was wrong so he said take a deep breath when I tell you to so he said it an I did As the needle went through I screamed a little I got some tears in my eyes then he told me he was done he jus had to put the ring in I said no way I was still waiting for the most horrible pain to happen then he put the ring in as I was shaking so bad an put the ball on an I was done I was so happy it didn't really hurt. I got up an felt a little dizzy an I had this high feeling it was cool. I looked at it in the mirror it looked descent it was jus burning a little like when you get your ear pierced. I gave him the 20 bucks he gave me a little sheet on how to clean it an I was off.

 We walked out to the car an I had this really cool feeling but i couldn't

stop shaking we got in the car an I was to scared to move to change the radio station I jus sat still the whole way home. I walked in the door an my mom an sister were jus sitting there I must have been acting weird cuz they were staring at me like what did you do. I walked down to my room an checked it out I loved it.

That night I took a shower an washed it with anti bacterial dial soap an turned it an stuff there was little blood but it wasn't that bad it was still burning though Before I went to bed I put some peroxide on it an then a winnie the pooh Band- Aid soo cute an put a sports bra on so it wouldn't get all moved around or whatever.

An I've had it for um 4 months now an I showeda few friends an evryone I showed jus grabbed themselves saying owwwww u nutts. It doesn't hurt at all I forget its even their till I get nailed with the ball at soccer OUCH an a week ago I brought this pretty ring but it was a 14 g I didn't realize it till I took it out. I tried putting it in an it hurt like a bitch so I stopped then said what the hell its sooo pretty an tried again it was in an it felt like I got it pierced again but that went away after a week an everything is cool.

 I love it cuz its something I have an no one else really knows but sometimes

it shows through my shirts an I jus get some weird looks but its cool. So that's my story as detailed as possible If your thinking of getting something pierced do it you only live once if ur parents find out they'll get over it an don't beg jus go out an do it without saying anything they cant yell an say I told you not too ok ill go now thanks Jacky :o)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 March 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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