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            Possibly the most frequent question asked of body

modifiers. We all have our own answers ranging from the filpant to the metaphysical, we answer depending on who we are speaking to and the mood we are in. What struck me having read Bme for a while was not only were the answers (the true ones if there are such things) unique to each of us but they are unique to each modification as well. So here are the reasons I had my peircings done.

    It all started a couple of years ago, I was earning my living as

a juggler in 'new circus' following bad experiences teaching when we had a one month show in which we were pirates, eyepatches bandanas and of course big gold earings, which I attached with spirit gum (there was lots of leaping around). After 3 days or so my ear was inflamed and painful so I stuck the earing to the other ear and waited for the weekend.

    I settled for a stainless steel stud which was put in by the

usual ear peircing gun, by a friend who just happend to be a piercer. after a week I removed the stud and put in my pirate's gold earing (not very sensible I know especially as it was gold over nickel) and finished my run as a juggling buckaneer.

    After the show was finished I put the stud back and let my ear

heal. When the healing was finished I found that the jewlery transmitted sensations in an incredible way something I had not been prepared for. I thought about this for a couple of months and eventually having read a short story titled 'Holes' decided to go back to my piercing friend and take the step of having a nipple pierced, after all if I didn't like it I could take it out.

    That was possibly one of the scariest mornings of my life, made

worse by the fact that the shop was full of teenaged liverpudlian girls wanting 'Belly Button rings' and there was me waiting for my nipple to be pierced. The choice of side was determined purely by sensual reasons (I'm left hand dominant so it made sense to pierce the right nipple). After a week there were these amazing sensations when a fornight after it had been done my poor abused nipple got cleanly struck by a well thrown juggling club I thought that a might faint (I didn't) scarcley a month later I was hanging other rings from it It felt great, it passed beyond all expectation, I was on top of the world.

    However the abuse so early on lead to infection, which meant a

painful week of salt washes three times a day the skin going dry (too much salt) and fear that I would have to lose my beloved nipple ring.

    It was about then I resolved to have a matching ring on the

left, I felt out of balance out, of true. This would be my first piercing that was done for mostly asthetic reasons and to date the only one done for primarily aesthetic reasons.

    Next time I went to see a piercer it was to take the grand step

of a genital piercing. For various reasons a P.A. was, and is still, out so I wavered between a Hafada and a Guiche eventualy I settled for a hafada (as a Keen unicyclist I thought 6-10 weeks out of the saddle was too long). Sat on a train about a week later I realised that though I looked like some sort of bog standard 20ish office worker, but under the suit was a collection of steel in places most people wouldn't think of looking

    Just recently (april) I was forced by a combination of

circumstances to change profession so now here I was after 3 years of entertaining sat in a temp office looking for an office job, I got one and became the companys IT dogsbody, I was now a Suit. I couldn't really cope with this concept so I decided to get my nasal septum done, that way I could wear a little keeper (nearly invisible unless you look up my nose) to work and when I needed to rebel stick a 6" bone tusk through and feel like my old self again.

    This really seemed to be full circle from my first earing, which

was done in order to keep a job to my primative septum done so that even in the corparte environment my identity would always be my own. I come come from the most prosaic of reasons to one of the most profound, and I could share this with those whom I chose.

            Anam Nov 1997


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 Nov. 1997
in Nipple Piercing

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