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Nipple Stretching Experience

ell, it's been one full week since my first stretching, and I couldn't be happier. I had both nipples pierced by Jay at Experience the Beauty Body Design in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada about 6 months ago, which was a wonderful experience in itself, and it finally came time to start putting some decent-sized jewelry in.

Before I get into the details of that, I want to say how happy I have been with Jay (he has pierced my tongue and both my nipples). This is an opinion shared enthusiastically by every single one of his clients I have ever spoken to. Jay is extremely soft spoken and gentle, and inspires an incredible comfort in his clients, which in my humble opinion is THE number one characteristic of a good piercer (after safety and technical skill, of course). He has an excellent "bedside manner" as they say, and Sue (his partner/apprentice) is great too, allowing you to squeeze her hand as hard as you can during a job. On top of that, Jay is a real perfectionist-- He takes his time more than any other piercer I know of, and is very very proud of his work and is very aware that it speaks for him, and is his main source of advertising. I STRONGLY suggest that anyone getting pierced in Winnipeg goes to Experience the Beauty!

Okay, after healing for about 6 months with a few minor complications, but nothing out of the ordinary, I finally decided that my jewelry was far too wiry and thin and that I needed to put something a little more substantial in me nips. Now, I know that this may be the subject of debate among some piercers, and I understand that it may also reflect a difference in methodology between American and Canadian piercers, but Jay usually likes to heal with pretty small jewelry to get the "cleanest" looking piercing he can. Thus my nipples were pierced at 16 gauge, always with the intent of being stretched up eventually to at least 12 gauge.

I know some skeptics will say that piercers who start at such small gauges do so in order to rip off people for more jewelry as they stretch up, but Jay is one of the most honest, trustworthy people I know. If you disagree with the way he does things, I assure you that he does things his way because he has genuinely learned from his experience that this is the best way of doing it, and not because he is trying to rip off his clients. He will even urge people to buy the jewelry somewhere else and bring it to him for a free stretching when they don't believe that he is being honest about his motivations.

So anyway, my first stretch was only up to 14 gauge, and for some reason I expected it to be slightly uncomfortable for about 2 seconds and then I'd walk out feeling better than new. I wasn't really familiar with the stretching technique (I'm not sure this technique is universal, but it seems pretty basic, so...) and i'm sure a lot of other casual BME readers aren't either, so I'll go into it in a bit of detail.

First, Jay very gently removed my original jewelry, making sure that he wasn't causing me any unnecessary discomfort, which he continued to ask me about for the rest of the appointment. Once the jewelry was out-- he had to use a bit of lubricant jelly, as my piercings do not move that freely-- he lubed up a 14 gauge taper pin. The pin was about 3 inches long, maybe shorter, and was very narrow at one end and 14 gauge at the other. Once lubed, Jay began to insert the pin into my piercing (the left one first) and instructed me to take a few deep breaths. I did, he pushed the pin through, and to my (admittedly naive) surprise, it hurt. It hurt much more than I would have expected, and was a pain quite similar to the pain of the actual piercing, but quite a bit less intense. My nipple initially pushed the pin back out about half way, and Jay had to give it another extra push, then followed through with the new jewelry and it was in. Ahhh. Now just one more to go.

Nipple number two was the same deal, but this time the stretch came a little easier. The funny thing was, this time my nipple pushed the pin all the way through on the exit side! Jay laughed, and told me that that was the first time that had ever happened to him. He turned to grab the 14 ga ring, and when he looked back the taper pin had shot right out towards him. Once again, he pushed the pin through a second time (much more easily since it had been stretched already), inserted the jewelry and I was a new man.

My nipples were tender for a while afterwards, and now a week later they feel almost as good as new again. But they look great, i like the new jewelry 100% better, and I am already looking forward to the next stretch-- My new jewelry just came in, a couple of 12 ga black niobium 7/16" captive bead rings. I love that thick gauge but tiny diameter look. So basically, the moral of the story is: 1) go to Experience the Beauty if getting pierced in Winnipeg, 2) don't be surprised when it hurts to get one of the most sensitive parts of your body stretched beyond its natural capacity (although I'm sure i'm the only one that would be).


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 Nov. 1997
in Nipple Piercing

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