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Nipple Experience @ Kingpin Studios

t had been about nine months since my last piercings (long enough to have a baby!), so when Earth's Edge added a store in Greensboro, NC, called Kingpin Studios, I knew it was time. Now it's been two whole weeks! The trouble was, I had no idea what to do.

I already have a fourchette and a navel, and I had a vertical spinal that rejected (the piercer used a straight barbell...not a great choice). I have a friend who works at Kingpin, O., and I pestered him constantly about what piercing I should go for. Considering my tendency to wear super-tight t-shirts, O. recommended I get my nipples done.

The funny thing is, I really hate my breasts. In a super push-up bra, they're fine, but on their own, I find them saggy, boring, and upsetting. And I always wear those t's because I got in the habit when I weighed 20 lbs less and felt okay about my body and now I just can't change my taste. Perhaps I should - I would look less unseemly.

But I really couldn't stand my breasts, and never have, so it didn't make sense. But something in me kept wanting them, and so one Saturday, I went for it with two 12ga, 5/8" barbells.

The experience itself sucked ass. Byron Weeks, the super awesome piercer, did a fantastic job placing, so they tilt slightly toward my navel, and he was fun and professional and helpful, but it HURT. More than any other I've had, partly because the pain didn't stop for quite a while, even after the jewelry was in, and it stayed just as intense as the piercing itself for about 30 minutes. Whoa! I hardly made a noise, but it was intense. And all of a sudden, I realized I LOVED the piercings.

I had been worried for two reasons about doing my nipples: breast-feeding and that BIG UGLY NIPPLE THING. Good news in both categories: whenever I choose to have kids, I will be able to breast-feed. There are 12-15 ducts in the nipple, and piercing takes out only about 3-5. But don't wear captive bead rings while breast-feeding: the ring will choke and possibly kill your child. No kidding. Also, since my nipples were always on the petite side, they are now are slightly smaller than the unpierced-erect size. Considering the photos I saw here on BME, I was worried that my nipples would suddenly become gargantuan, taking over my entire chest!!!!! But because of my personal shape, I didn't have to worry. They are still fairly petite but somehow look fuller. Pics to follow soon, don't worry.

The nipple piercings have really changed my relationship to my breasts. I feel more feminine now, more wily, and more seductive. I have actually begun to flirt more with strangers in public. And when wearing those tight t's I hope strangers see three bumps instead of one! I feel racy! And I want to go topless all the time!

I am not ashamed of my breasts now. The piercings are healing incredibly well, and they show off my breasts to their fullest! Even though my breasts are still saggy, and I feel sort of silly about that, I will now flaunt my naked breasts (with fabulous piercings) to ANYONE who asks......

Piercing can really make you learn more and enjoy more about your body!



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 Nov. 1997
in Nipple Piercing

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