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lover and I had discussed for some time the possibility of having our nipples pierced (his left one, my right one). On the night before my birthday he picked me up from work and, as a surprise, took me to the local piercing parlor where he had made reservations for each of us to be pierced.

The arrangements at the parlor were a little uncomfortable. The actual piercings took place behind a screen, with both of us present. The autoclave was there in the room with us, so that we could see that the needles were in fact sterile. The uncomfortable part was that the piercer's daughter, aged perhaps 12, was also present to watch! The piercer told us that she witnessed "all" of his piercings. I was quite uncomfortable to have a female child present, but we went ahead anyway.

My lover went first. He removed his shirt, laid on the stretcher the piercer used, forceps were attached and the nipple was pierced in less than five minutes. He flinched significantly at the moment of piercing, but there was no blood or other apparent trauma. However, his apparent discomfort at the process left me somewhat uncertain -- although he told me later that he was surprised at how little it hurt.

By this time, I didn't really want to proceed, but felt obligated since he had already had his done and, after all, it was my birthday surprise. I removed my shirt, laid on the stretcher and felt the forceps applied to my right nipple. There was only moderate discomfort so far since I was not unaccustomed (ahem) to things being attached to my nipples. The forceps in fact appeared to have a numbing effect, as there was very little sensation when the actual piercing was done. When the needle was inserted -- which was done with a very rapid penetration rather than the slower process I had expected -- I felt a dull ache rather than a sharp pain. The forceps were removed, then the ring was attached and the ball inserted. Again, less than five minutes elapsed and the whole thing was done; there was no apparent trauma and only an ache, somewhat less than a toothache.

We went out to dinner that night, slightly euphoric from finally having this done. The piercing ached somewhat during dinner, but that was all.

Follow-up care also proceeded routinely. We both used bacitracin ointment and rotated the rings twice daily for two weeks. There was some swelling initially, but no bleeding or discharge from the piercings. After about three weeks the piercings were more or less healed and required only routine mainenance. Eventually I tired of the routine care and removed mine altogether. The piercing has closed with not even a scar remaining.

Despite my hesitations during the process, I was satisfied with the procedure. The piercing was fun to have while I kept it. I might even have it re-done at some point although it was both less erotic and more difficult to care for than I had expected.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 Nov. 1997
in Nipple Piercing

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