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Male nipple piercing experience

ike many men, I've been around piercing since I was a kid. My sister received her ear lobe "gun" holes in the early 1960's. My foster-brother "needled" his ear lobe in the early 1970's, long before it was common for a man to be pierced. Even at this early age, about 12 years old, I was asked if I wanted to jump in. I declined for many reasons.

In the 1980's piercing accelerated to the point in which most of my friends had a least one lobe done. I attribute this to the influence of Heavy Metal music and Miami Vice, at least in my circle of friends. Now in the 1990's, piercing and body modification as whole has exploded. A few years ago I bet a friend of mine that, "People are going to start cutting off the ear lobes or something because we've already ready done the clothes and hair thing. There's nothing left to separate the alternative from the mainstream. Hell, we've got 50 year olds going to Green Day shows!"

Susan, the love of my life, had multiple ear piercings when I met her a few years ago. About a year ago she said she wanted to experience a little more "non-traditional" piercings. She showed me what this meant by pointing our web browser to various sites with photos of these alternative piercings. I was at the time fascinated, in awe and a little unnerved. None the less, I'll support her in whatever she wants to do (well, within reason!), and I gave her my positive go-a-head.

After she had a few accessories done she kept mentioning that I would look good with this, bad with that. You know, hinting around for me to experience it with her. At least give it try. I just couldn't see myself pierced. She looked great, but still, I wasn't really warming up to her new additions yet much less the thought of my own.

After she healed and our lives returned to normal her new additions took on a whole new meaning. You see, she had a few of her private parts done. Truthfully, they were a little disconcerting at first but after I got more comfortable with them I really started to appreciate their artistic and erotic attributes. Especially her tongue piercing,. I'll say no more on this other than to state the obvious. She must really, really, really... really, love me to go through that procedure for (mostly) one reason, and one reason only. Am I lucky? Let me count the piercings...I mean ways!

Susan has been experiencing something which I didn't understand. This whole "piercing thing" made no sense to me. Kind of like, "Why jump out of a perfectly good airplane?" But I could tell, see it on her face, something was up with this piercing stuff. That look in her eyes sealed my fate. I had to know where she was looking and what she was seeing.

After much reflection I found myself thinking about her piercing experiences more and more. There was something here that she couldn't verbalize for me. Something special which one would have to experience first-hand to get a true representation of. "OK, so I think I'll do it, but what to get?"

Because of the business I'm in it would have to be hidden during my day activities. That cut out ears, nose, face, etc. Susan said I'd probably be better off to not go for a penis accessory first time out. "Well, if nipple piercings are good enough for Drew Carey, damn it, they're good enough for me!"

On the way down to Mastodon (Susan's favorite studio) to see Gadhi (Susan's favorite piercer) , Susan convinced me that barbells would be best for an active lifestyle. I wasn't at all apprehensive because I just told myself that I was going to the doctors for a little needle work. No biggie. After we arrived I filled out the paper work, choose the gauge, and I awaited my turn in the chair.

Gadhi-called me in for the initial alignment procedure. Now I was getting a little pumped up! As I laid back on the table I was excited and intent on going through with it. Gadhi told me to relax, to put myself in a quiet place. I envisioned myself under the water, swimming with nature. As he adjusted the clamp on my right nipple he told me to breathe evenly, and to relax.

In short order he told me to take a deep breath in and then let it out. On the exhale he pushed the needle through and to my surprise it hurt very little. No searing pain. No hot metal poker my friends warned me about. He then pushed the barbell through and, that's it!

Next he positioned himself on my left side and we went through the same ritual. This time however, it was a little different. The clamp seemed to hurt a bit, not too bad but I experienced some discomfort. Upon my exhale and his thrust I felt that searing pain I had mentally set myself up for (and privately hoped for?). The pain rushed up from my left nipple, to my neck, through my face and into my brain. As quickly as it started it was over. I can't even remember when he put the barbell in.

Gadhi and his assistant tightened the balls on the shafts and that was it. As I opened my eyes and sat up I experienced something like a hyperventilation head rush. It wasn't so intense that I was going to pass out but it was an amazing feeling. I had the immediate feeling that something had just entered my soul, my core. Woke it up, if that makes sense? All the way home I had this unnerving feeling that I still can't place.

My after-care is going very well. Only hours later and I was virtually pain free. Days later and everything's going very well. I think this is more a testament to Gadhi's expertise and Susan's guiding light than to anything I've done.

I now have an understanding of "What's in it for me?" There is something dormant in all of us. A hidden little part of our primitive selves that need only a vehicle to wake itself up. For some it may not take the act of piercing to awaken this shadowed piece of ourselves. For others, piercing and the other body modification disciplines may be just what the doctor ordered.

Pierced? Yeah! You got a problem with that?

Mark Center enzoab@ix.netcom.com


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 Nov. 1997
in Nipple Piercing

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