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Nipple Piercing

have had a hate and love relationship with my breasts. I said that because when I was in my early teens, I was one of the first to develop. It was no fun as my friends and other girls tease me. I used to say as a 14 years old, I wanted them smaller. I grew up reading about breast reduction and all. I was a size 34C when I was 16. Its in the genes and I can't help it. My mum was fairly average in size but my grandma had large boobs for her generation. However something happened then, I was spotted in a shopping mall and I got some modelling jobs. I am fairly tall and OK looking I guess. With that the teasing stopped and guys were calling me up. I realise they were more curious about my chest than anything.

I grew rather large(tits wise and not waist wise) at about the time I was in college and modelling jobs got fewer but then I went to further my studies. I have gotten used to the attention on my chest and am quite comfortable.

In university you get to see lots of piercings and at first I was rather mortified by them. I used to say, eeekk, eyebrow, navel and etc. Then as I saw it more and more, I thought hey, navel is nice. Last year my little sister who is quite a big girl now and is in college, came to me with a navel ring and I like it. Later that day, I looked into the mirror at my breast , I thought it would be a perfect gift to myself and my bosom buddies if I capped it with nice nipple rings. It was a thought only. It was a year ago. Then recently, I decided for my birthday I will do it, I am not about to open my shirt up to someone I don't know so decided to do it myself. I told my boyfriend who agreed to be a part of the act by helping me.

I got my sister to buy me a pair of rings and she got a couple of 10 gauge rings. Told my boyfriend to get some large needles but he got instead some knitting needles and has gotten them sharpened in his workshop. What the heck I said, I am going to do it that night so lets do it.

We got a nipple sucker, those to make inverted nipples come out and made my nipple erect. Then came the most excrutiating pain of my life. When the needle penetrated my nipple, it was very painful but making its way through my nipple was a nightmare, next as the larger part of the needle passed, I was crying but I made my boyfriend continue. It was a little bloody when the needle was withdrawn but I was pleased with the result when the ring was put on.

Rested for an hour and decided to go with my left nipple but my boyfriend was so petrified with the first that he said I should get it done professionally. I told him if he wasn't going to do it I will do it myself and told him to go home if he can't bear the sight of it. Bad move. I got the needle in like half way and it was so painful that I just couldn't push further. I knew it was then or never so I steeled myself and pushed but before the needle came out, I just don't have the strength anymore so had to rest. Took me almost an hour to do it but I got it through. It is a proud achievement that I did it myself and I would do it again if I have to. As for my healing, well, what I did was to wear loose fitting clothes and wash the area 3-4 times a day with salt water. After washing, I apply some antiseptic cream. Initially it bleed for 2-3 days and after, it was ocassionally caked with crusts but washing usually clears it off effectively. As for pain, it was swollen for about 1-2 weeks.

It has been 4 months now and it has healed very well. They are very sensitive and I love it. I guess it is the ideal reward for my bosom buddies. Next I would like to pierce my labia and I have seen a couple of pictures of O-pearl and her labia and nipple piercings are so, so , nice. I hope to get something like hers. As for my nipples I want to work on them to get them to a larger gauge once my nipples are completely healled.

Although I was previously not a piercing fan but I have to say my inclination towards piercing has changed completely. I guess it is addictive as well but I am feeling so great now that I can only think of new places to pierce and maybe to stretch my nipples. I do put some weights on them now and the dangling gives my nipples a tingling sensation not to mention my nipples are erect half the time and if I am not wrong larger as well. Although I had thought of areola piercing, Shannon of BME has said that it is not advisable so next in my plans would be my labia. Inner and/or outer.

Although I am a big girl now, my sister squeal the event to my mother a week ago and she freaked out temporarily. Me the sane one in the family doing this. She had given my sister a hard time with her navel piercing but with me she was said, she can't believe it and asked me how in the world am I to breast feed. I told her it is still possible and showed it to her and she said it must have hurt. I think she told dad because he was looking at me funnily when I went home a few days back.

I think we must live life the way we want to and not be bothered by others too much.

Ally Alliiy@yahoo.com


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 March 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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