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You're Never Really Naked When Yer Nipples Are Pierced

You're Never Really Naked When Yer Nipples Are Pierced

first of all, i'd like to say that it was only after i read nearly all of the nipple piercing accounts on the BME that i was convinced that the procedure wouldn't kill me. so thanks, guys, for sharing (and HI CHRIS!). i guess i'll do my part now.

i go to college in iowa, but i get pierced at home in wichita (i feel like i'm the only person who waits until she goes home from college to get pierced). all of my holes (6) have been done by Schane at Holier Than Thou-- she rocks. i started getting pierced after i graduated from high school: right nostril...18ga CBR...valedictorian...who'da thunk it?. at my first spring break, the tongue followed. two years into my undergraduate career
saw me hankerin' for some nipple rings.....i love the look of embellished nipples and i think my breasts are pretty fab, so why not guild the lily? i made an appointment over the phone in the middle of finals week. talk about incentive.

the night before my appointment, i broke the news to my mom. "mom," i said, "you remember how i was going to start my ear projects this break? (she nodded) well, i decided to get my nipples pierced instead." (about my parents: aging hippies. schoolteachers. supportive of my choices. know about all my piercings.) this time she made a funny face, said she wasn't going to tell my dad, and that she didn't understand why. i told her that it was my responsibility to tell my dad anyway, and that i didn't expect her to understand my choices, but only to respect that it is something that i do with and not to my body. she said she didn't want to see them. i said okay.

the next day, i slept in late--the luxury of breaks. my appointment was at 2:00. when i showed up, i met the new girl working desk and ogled jewelry for a while. there was no one in the place. Schane came out, asked me how school was and if my hair was still cracking and falling out (it's a little over-processed...), and apologized for the fact that the heater wasn't working. it was pretty chilly; this, i thought, will be interesting. i picked out a pair of plain-jane SS CBRs, 14ga. after my last pierce (last summer: ear lobes, pierced @ 10ga and initially stretched to 6, now sitting comfy at 4) Schane said she'd do my next for the price of jewelry only, and waive the piercing fee; total cost to me, then, was 35 smackers.

we went back into one of the rooms (this was my first time at her new studio-- it's rad; much more spacious than her last, just off downtown, easy access...) and i removed my shirt. the place is always spotless, with plenty of autoclaved supplies, latex gloves, biohazard boxes for needle disposal, and the like. she has my complete confidence (and my loyalty). Schane swabbed the area with the orange stuff, and then with the clear stuff. and it was cold. it was very cold. i think, though, that might have made it easier to mark and clamp my nipples. she said that she wanted to pierce the left one deeper than the right, to account for the fact that my right nipple sticks out more than my left (it's been an embarrassment to me my whole life-- oh, the angst!). i approved the marks, and we went ahead. i chose to sit up, and on my third deep breath out, the needle went through my left nipple.

it hurt.

i'm not going to sugar coat it. but i happen to be one of those people who likes the sensation of the piercing itself, so the local heat and pressure after, as well as the slight swimming head, was nice. i rested for about 3 minutes, and then Schane pierced my right nipple.

it hurt more.

not only did i know what to expect, but i was out of those nice swimmy head endorphins and she had to pierce it more slowly to line the marks up right (i believe i said "fucker"). but the pierce pain didn't last long. what did last was a low throb in every muscle of my torso--my back, my shoulders, my stomach--i must have tensed at some point. i put my bra clumsily back on (with gauze over my nipples--the right one, i discovered later, bled) and did my best, also clumsily, not to smack my breasts with my coat or bag on the way out (it wasn't easy--they're not small and i have one of those automatic seat belts in my car--sheesh!). i said thanks. Schane said "see you later." and she will--in a month and a half, over spring break.

i did the usual cleaning drill: anti-bio soap, sea salt soaks (i didn't put too much faith in these before, but i sure do now), sleeping with a bra on (annoying--as a long-time stomach sleeper, though, i was already pretty inconvenienced). as far as pain goes, the first four days were the worst, with soreness and having to watch clothing, cleaning, etc. to keep from snagging the rings wrong. after the first week, they stopped aching all of the time, and hurt only when i rotated the jewelry to clean the piercing.

it's been, oh, 7-8 weeks or something by now. my nipple rings are gorgeous.
they are perfectly horizontal and nearly identical to each other. there is no pain whatsoever, and if they've moved a single millimeter from where they were originally placed, i haven't noticed. i can go braless without the weight of my breasts making the piercings painful. slight tugs are pretty fab, as is the friction of a shirt or my fingertips. and i can sleep on my stomach again.

i figure i'll probably end up in circular barbells, or those fancy-shmancy riddler rings that Good-Art makes--they sure are gorgeous--possibly as large as 10ga. i will most likely switch to plain ol'barbells next spring, as i will be doing fieldwork in australia, and i don't want to be catching them on any endangered foliage and what not......

so that's my story. feel free to mail me with questions, comments, and such.

eat yer heart out.     .robin. kimball@ac.grin.edu


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Feb. 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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