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Nipple piercings from RI

ple piercings from RI

Matt Kane

The first time I saw a nipple ring on a guy was in a Bugle Boy commercial. I believe the point of this commercial was to show a large number of different looking guys all wearing Bugle Boy clothes, and at one point they showed a close up of a nipple ring. At this time, I was about nine or ten, so I thought that anything more than an earring was gross. (I was even one of those little kids who thought if who pierce your right ear, you're gay)

Throughout middle school, my parents were very down on piercing. My aunt's stepson had a nostril ring, and my mother and her mother constantly told me how stupid it looked. By this time, I was in ninth grade and I didn't agree. The next year, while I was sixteen, some friends and I went to Boston for a day trip. By now, I had remembered the Bugle Boy commercial as "cool" rather than "gross"

Unfortunately, I went into an anime store and blew all my available cash. I doubt I would have been able to get them done anyway, since I was only 16 and my parents would never have let me.

Two years later, I went away to college. Not far away, but enough that I couldn't live with parents. The first thing I wanted to do was get my nipples pierced, which had been growing on my mind ever so slowly. They day before classes began, I drove up to Providence with some friends to Luna Sea, on Thayer St. Luna Sea is a snowboarding store that for some reason has two resident piercers, Chantale and Joe Y., and their assistant, who was also named Joe.

I walked inside and asked the woman at the counter how much it would cost. I was expecting to pay about seventy dollars, based on hearsay. I was told "Thirty-five for the piercing, plus jewelry." I then walked over to the jewelry display and chose two 14-gauge CBR's with a diameter of about half an inch. Chantale came over to the counter, and after taking the jewelry with her to be sanitized, said it would be about a ten minute wait, so I sat on one of the couches in the store.

Unfortunately, I realized I had to pee.

Looking around the store, I did not see a bathroom. I figured that I should go now, because I was afraid to lose control and piss all over everything when I got pierced. I was about to ask when Chantale ushered me into the piercing room. Guess I would just have to hold it.

Chantale introduced me to her assistant, Joe., and then told me what the procedure was to be. After I removed my shirt, she began cleaning my nipples with Q-tips, first with Betadine, then with Bactine. Next she marked where the holes would be. Then she had me lie down on the bench/couch/whatever you call the thing that you sit on. She asked me if I had any questions, and I said no. However this what not the case, as I continued to talk throughout the piercing.

I tried as hard as possible to stare at the ceiling because I HATE needles, oddly enough, so I didn't pay attention to what she was doing with the tools. The first time I noticed anything was when she started to work, putting the clamp on my left nipple. She wiggled it around, making sure it was in the right place, I suppose, and then told me what has going on. "I'm placing the cork agianst your skin, I'm placing the needle against the side. Now, take a deep breath... Now, exhale!"


Well, I didn't scream. The releasing the deep breath bit helped a lot. I merely grunted, and my breath got a little shallow. Chantale asked me if I still wanted the other one, and I replied, "Yes".

So the same thing happened with the other side. I hope it was a different needle, but I was staring at the ceiling again. The second nipple hurt more, but I think it was because I was a little more tense. Joe apparently noticed this and said "It hurts more if you clench," so I relaxed. Chantale then handed me an aftercare sheet, gave me my instructions, and I was on my way.

The next morning in the shower, I cleaned my nipples as the aftercare sheet said. At first, I was squeamish about touching them, and they were still tender. But I persevered and the left one ended up looing fine.

Unfortunately, one morning while taking my shirt off, I caught the right one and then decided to take it out. Maybe that was overreacting, but I had never been pierced there before, and I didn't want to take any chances.

About four months later, right aftr Christmas break, I decided to try again. I went to the same place on a Thursday evening, only to find out that Chantale had gone home, so I made an appointment for the following Saturday.

On Saturday, I walked in and introduced myself, and was asked to have a seat on one of the couches in the store. The door to the piercing room opened, and out came....somebody who was not Chantale! I was surprised and a little disappointed, too, because I had been very comfortable with Chantale's style. This new piercer was the aforementioned Joe Y.

I walked in and sat down, signed the release form, and lay down on the couch. Joe told me to stand up while he cleaned and disinfected my nipples. I noticed that several things were different. There was a paper cover on the couch that wasn't there before. This time, I paid attention to what Joe was doing.

He and the other Joe (from here on, he will be Joe A) put on two pairs of latex gloves, and Joe Y. began opening up tool packages. After he opened and unwrapped everything, he discarded his old gloves and put on some new ones. Apparently, Joe Y and Chantale have their idiosyncracies dealing with packing things, since Joe was complaining that Chantale's way of packaging always ended up with him dropping things on the floor.

I asked fewer questions this time, since I knew exactly how much it would hurt. Joe Y. went through the same procedure as Chantale did, only much faster. It hurt less, too.

The aftercare instructions are the same, and since I'm writing this three days after the Joe Y. experience, I have to stop here unless you want me to start making thigs up, which you don't, so I won't.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Feb. 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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