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My piercing journey

My piercing journey

The first time i saw a body piercing it intrigued me. Something about it being outside of the mainstream, and then again something about it that i can't explain. So after a couple of years, and seeing an occasional nipple piercing at the gym, I decided that i'd like to get one. I took my time getting around to doing it, having to deal with a spouse who isn't into that kind of thing at all !! I brought the subject up in a conversation, and it didn't get shot out of the water, but she dropped it pretty quick. Anyway, i made the decision that now was the time to get it done. I had talked to the guy who was going to do my piercing a couple of times over the previous year, just getting general information about what the experience was like ( yeah, i know that for most of you reading this it sounds like i was too apprehensive, but that's just the way it is).

When I decided to do it, I went to the studio mid-day on a Saturday, but they were a bit busy, so rather than wait, I left. Later that night, I went back about 30 minutes before closing time. There was nobody else there, so I paid , picked out my CBR, and went back with the guy who would do it to get it done. I can remember a lot of emotions and feelings from that night.....fear, maybe, but more likely apprehension, just wondering what it would be like ! Would it hurt a lot ?? A friend had just had his done a week before, and he said it hurt like hell,not only when he had it done, but for 3 days after !! Needless to say, this was in my mind as i pulled off my shirt and got up on the table. The guy piercing me prepped the area, marked where it would go, told me how to breathe. Even though it was early January, and the room was cold, i was roasting !! Amazing what elevated blood pressure will do for you !! Ian had everything prepped, told me to take a very deep breath, then the moment i started breathing out, the needle went through. Wow, i'd never felt such an intense pain !! But before i even had time to really think about it , it was gone, and i looked down and the ring was in place ! I looked in the mirror, and did it ever look great !! I felt like i was walking on air as i left the studio. As soon as i got on the road back home,i called a friend and told him about it. He couldn't believe it, and then got his done a week later.

Healing went really well.....I followed the instructions, washing it several times a day with saline solution, and every night with Neutragena soap. My piercer recommended agains using anti-bacterial soap, as it can kill healthy growing skin cells as well as bacteria. I followed this pretty religously, and had great results ! Only one minor infection, and that cleared up real fast with just a bit of Neosporin applied twice. After 6 months, when i was sure it had healed good, i replaced the 14g CBR with a 12g, and have since bought a couple of different barbells to wear. The barbells look really cool in there !!

Another year later, and i decide it's time for something else. Something more personal. So one Saturday night out of the clear blue, i decide it's time, go by the studio and tell them i want a hafada. It's a pretty quiet night, so they can take me right in. Wow, just the anticipation of having somebody pierce me "down there" is amazing !! We go back to the room, everything is very clean and sterile as the last time. The guy piercing me is very meticulous in keeping everything sterile. I drop my pants, lay back on the table and get ready for the process. I tell him i want the pierce in the center of my scrotum, just below the base of my penis. After several marks, i look at the placement and it looks just right. Lay back again, deep breaths, and just after a very minor sting, it's done !! I look down at something i can't believe has just happened......my first genital piercing !! The barbell looks great in there !

No bleeding at all, no pain at all........I couldn't have asked for a better job !! After care is pretty simple, the usual cleanings and washings in the shower. Two weeks later, one ball comes off the end of the bent barbell I had in the pierce. Luckily i find the barbell just after it's come out, although it's another 4 days before i find the ball ! I quickly got extra 12g 1/2" barbell that i had ( glad i had it with me ! ), went to the office bathroom, and got it inserted. I like the 12g much better than the 14g that i had in there. It's been 5 weeks now, and healing is progressing very nice! No problems at all !

Just a quick note here....the guys at ICON in Nashville have been the greatest ! You won't be sorry that you go to a real professional to get it done ! Next on the agenda for me, a Prince Albert ! I can't wait !


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Feb. 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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