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Tongue & Self done nipple and ear.

ell, lets start out with the formalities. My name is Richard Powell, most people call me Rick or Pooh Bear--I have no preferance. I am 20 years old and I live in a small town in southern Virginia. I have been into tattoos and piercings for about a year now, and have no regrets what so ever.

I got my first tattoo on an impulse, and it started from there. I was on

my way to the mall and passed by the tattoo shop. I thought abought stopping there on the way back the whole time I was shopping. I got in my car and headed home. At the last minute I slammed on the breaks and practically slid into the parking lot. I went in and looked around and spoke to the guys that worked there. They were really nice and encouraged me to pick out a design that I liked, and not something that was popular or what someone else wanted. I looked through hundreds of designs and decided on a heart with a music note through it and a rose wrapped around it. It fit me well cause I like music and play guitar.

Well to be perfectly honest, I never really liked piercings. Well the

guy that did my tattoo was named Marty and was hevily pierced. Marty was really nice and didn't mind me asking a million questions. Well I guess I had always stereotyped people that were pierced, wich was a very bad thing to do. I realized after talking to Marty that people that were pierced were no differant than anyone else. After the tattoo and talking, I became interested in piercings. I started looking up stuff on the web, and hanging out at the shop, getting info everywhere I could. Well I got another tattoo and got up enough nerve to have my first piercing(other than ear) done. I decided to get my tongue done, for various reasons. #1 I thought that it was a really neat piercing. #2 I thought I could hide it from my parents(BIG mistake!). #3 I thought it would fit me better than any thing else at the time.

The time came for it to be done. I told Marty that I would let him

decide what gauge to use and placement. We talked about everything that was going to happen. The rinsing, the checking, the placement, the drooling. Everything you could imagine was covered. Well, I had rinsed for 2 or 3 minutes with listerene, and the dot had been marked. Now it was time for the clamp. I had read that this was the worst part of the whole deal--I disagree--but thats my opinion. The clamp was in place and being held by an assistant. Marty took the needle out of the package and placed a cork underside my tongue. He told me I would feel some pressure, and to just let the drool flow. Well pressure was right. I thought it hurt like hell, but everyone is differant. The needle went through, followed by the 3/4 inch 14 gauge barbell.--After the ball was screwed on, I had to rinse with more piss--uh I mean Listerene--I looked in the mirror and instantly loved it.

It took me several days to talk right after that. I wasnt really all

that sore. What soreness I had was my fault. I was a cook at a steak house at the time, and could not quit eating every five minutes--I would go through a bottle of listeren a night.--After I forced myself to change my food habits for a few days it wasnt sore, and it healed up nicely. I have'nt had any trouble with it what so ever. I recently gauged to a 12 gauge 7/16 barbell.

I was very happy with my piercing regardless of what other people said.

I got the urge for something more. I wanted my nipple done. I was afraid to do so at first because of fear of it being ripped out. I am a fireman, and when I am suited up to fight fire, a strap from the air paks we where comes righ across my nipples. The packs weigh about 35 pounds and are constantly being knocked around. I searched BME for info about that, and found some pics of deep nipple piercings.

I had been wanting to get into doing piercings for a while, so I decided

it was time. I went to the shop I had my tongue done at and got a 14gauge CBR from Marty. I went home to my sisters house that night, and debated on to do it or not. I knew I wanted it, but didn't know if I could do it or not. I got a 14 gauge i.v. needle from the hospital. The thing about the i.v. needle was it had a cath on it. Wich is a clear sheath over the needle that stays in the i.v. site and the needle is removed. I got in front of the mirror and found the spot i wanted to stick. I cleaned the area thoroughly with alcohol and clamped the end of my nipple. I pulled my nipple out away from my body a bit and eased the needle in. I went slowly instead of all at once. The pain was not that bad. I have had titty twisters that hurt a hundred times worse. I got the needle through. The most painfull part was the end of the cath coming through. I removed the needle leaving the cath in place. I stared in the mirror at it in disbelief. I couldn't belive I had just done that, and it was perfectly straight and even! I took the CBR and fed it into the cath and slid them both through. I put the ball in and cleaned up. I wasn't even sore the first night. The next week it was o little tender--nothing that bad. It hasn't given me any problems at all, and has healed up well. I now have a 14 gauge purple niobium CBR in it with a little sterling silver alien head ball.

That was only my begining with piercing. I ordered some piercing jewelry

and supplies from Thibault jewelry, and started piercing my friends. I have done multiple cartalidge piercings--some very interesting ones at that. I also got to do a navel for my girlfriend at the time. She wanted two of them-each one off to the side a little bit--but she only got one so it looks like its offcenter--but it is where it was suppose to be. I also did my own ear--I have three 14 gauge 3/8 CBR's in my left ear. I am planning on adding a few more and maybe an industrial.--As far as other body piercings go--I want my bridge done and possibley a labret--but I gotta wait till I move first. But right now, besides my killer back piece tattoo I am working on, I am planning to get a P. A.--I am going to do my P.A. myself--12 gauge or maybe a 10 circular barbell--I figure if i can pierce my own nipple--I can pierce my own schlong.

I'll keep yall up to date on my new items and how they are coming.

Anyone wishing to contact me feel free to do so--I always respond, and I do not mind ansewring any questions. E-mail me at taz74569@halifax.com . Check out my page at www.angelfire.com/va/rickzpage please sign the guestbook--and check out Marty's page while your at it www.angelfire.com/va/inkden --If your in Va--stop by Marty's Ink Den on highway 58 at the caution lights in Ringold.

Hope I helped somehow--and hope to hear from you--happy piercing!

Rick Powell


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Jan. 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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