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The smart guy gets pierced

I am probably the last person anyone would expect to like body piercing, never mind actually get my nipples pierced. I’m only 17 (fairly young for nipple piercing), a straight A student (possibly Valedictorian), rarely curse, and a proud and active member in my Orthodox faith. Most people don't even realize that I have two earrings in my left ear.

Yet, for almost five years, I've been fascinated by body

piercing. Back in '93, I convinced my parents to let me have my first earring, so that I (and my parents) could get introduced into piercing. In '95, I got my second earring, but my parents were much more reluctant. There was no way I could reveal to them my grandiose piercing plans.

So, by the time we reach the end of 1998, I'm dying for

another pierce, and I want it to be something more than another earring. I did a lot of research on BME; I can't thank you guys enough! I finally decided that I would ask if I could get my tongue pierced as a Christmas present. The idea didn't fly with my parents. They worried about all of the risks involved. So, I struck a compromise. I asked if they would let me get my nipples pierced in lieu of a tongue ring. In less than thirty seconds, they agreed to it. I still can't believe it.

Three days after Christmas, my mom and I went over to

Pleasurable Piercings in Hawthorne, NJ. The guy at the front desk helped me choose a pair of 12ga 5/8" Circular Barbells for my nips. After a short wait, I was introduced to John, my piercer. He showed me to a small room where the piercing would be done. My mom was curious to see how this would be done, so I had no complaints about letting her watch. Hey, she's letting me do this, she can see all that she wants to. I sat down and took off my shirt, quite aware of the routine. John made casual conversation with us as he got the materials ready. In a couple of moments, he had disinfected my nipples and clamped my left nipple. The clamp does not hurt. It may be a little uncomfortable, but it is nothing in comparison to the needle.
John directed me in a little breathing exercise as the needle moved through. I won't lie. There was pain, but I've felt worse, and it only lasted a few seconds.

Now, the attention was turned to my still innocent right

nipple. It was again clamped, and I started my breathing. This one hurt. I don't know why I felt so much more pain, but it was there. However, in less than ten seconds, it was over, and I was the owner of two freshly pierced nipples. We talked a little about aftercare, and I got a bottle of Provon, some sort of medicated lotion soap that I should clean my nipples twice a day with it. I thanked the man, paid, and that was it!

For the rest of the day, I kept my shirt off so that I could

admire my new additions. They're sore, and I can feel that they're there, but there's no real discomfort, just sensation.
They look great, they feel great, now I just have to keep them healthy. Cleaning with the Porvon was simple. Just lather up and wash. I also turned the rings so that it would get into the piercings.

Day 2

I slept well, only a matter of thinking before I move.  I

woke up, though, to find my nips pretty sore, but by midday and their first cleaning, they were fine. I've noticed that when I rotate my rings while cleaning with the Provon they move smoothly, but anytime else, they require some coaxing to get started.

Days 3 and up

Everything's going well.  No signs of infection, and I've

started to gently play with them. It feels so good. The rings are also moving through my nipples much easier now. The worst healing stages are almost over.

One Week

I just have to include this because this is my first day of

school back from Christmas break. I hadn't told anyone, since no one would've believed me without proof. It's so funny to see the expressions on people's faces when they hear that I got my nipples pierced (the guy I go to for help in Calculus and Physics is pierced?). I got the whole gambit of responses from “Ew! Gross!" to “Oh! Wow!". Everyone, of course, had to see them, so I had to lift my shirt a couple of times, and I got all of the questions and shock any pierced person can expect. It's my own fifteen minutes of fame type of thing.

Just to conclude, I want to say to anyone out there that if

you want to get you nips pierced, do it! It's well worth the pain and cleaning is very simple. As for myself, my 18th birthday is less than three months away, and I'm planning a couple more pierces. I want an industrial, I still want my tongue pierced, and maybe even I'll get my nipples pierced vertically, too. I also want to look into stretching my nips to 10ga and adding weights.

Pleasurable Piercings' motto doesn't lie!  "A moment of pain

for a lifetime of pleasure."

Any questions or need help convincing your parents to let

you get pierced? E-mail me, and I'll try to help.

Chris AirCB@aol.com


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Jan. 1999
in Nipple Piercing

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010 @8:39 p.m.
Hi, I wrote this over 11 years ago. I still have my nipples pierced. They're now 10ga. If you'd like to ask questions, you can now contact me at AirCB328@hotmail.com

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